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I used to know and describe myself only in terms of my earthly role and work. I believe that’s how most people see themselves too. As I grow into my spirituality, I now have a vastly more expanded idea of who I am.

I believe I am a self-contained aspect of Spirit, the Infinite Wisdom and Love which is the source of all creations. Others describe this mysterious and omni present force as God, The Universe, The Mighty I Am Presence or simply the Indescribable.

As an off-spring of Spirit, besides inheriting it’s many divine qualities, I have been granted the free will to part-take in its evolutionary plans in the manner my soul – the transcendental and eternal part of me – deems most appropriate. It is with this free will that my soul has chosen to incarnate on Earth to express and experience divinity on a 3rd dimensional plane, so that I may, at the predestined time, serve as a catalyst for Earth’s transformation into a 5th dimensional consciousness where the Unity, Love, Harmony and Peace qualities of Spirit will be fully expressed by humans.

I believe the time to stimulate such evolutionary change on Earth and in the human race is NOW! It is with this intent that Andy and I have created ACAST – Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation – as a platform and a channel for materialising this growth aspiration of mankind. (Info about ACAST, click HERE)

New Work, New Passion

A decade ago, as I started exploring my spirituality more seriously through energy work, my past life gifts became awakened along the way. It then became quite a natural decision for me to quit my corporate job as a financial specialist to become a full time energy therapist and intuitive counsellor. As I discovered more of my spiritual inclinations, I began facilitating meditation classes and teaching metaphysical and healing courses as well. To-date, I have been blessed with many opportunities of bringing my work across Asia, Australia and New Zealand (More about Ann’s services,, click HERE)

As the world ushers in a new evolutionary cycle in 2012, spurring on the vast expansion of human consciousness, I too feel an expansion of my role as a Light Worker. My new passion lies in spiritual teaching and organising group events to assist others in re-defining their life purpose as they come to understand and embrace the new vibrations that have dawned on Earth.

If you are similarly passionate about such work either as a fellow Light Worker, event participant or a co-organiser, ACAST welcomes you on board.

February 2012

Story of My Spiritual Awakening – A Process of Rebirth and Remembering

My spiritual reawakening took place in late July 2004 when a series of synchronistic events brought me to a 3-day healing workshop called ‘Recoding the 12-Strand DNA’ facilitated by internationally renowned healer and spiritual teacher, Judy Satori. At that time, I was working as a professional accountant and project manager in an established financial institution and did not have much knowledge about energy healing except for Reiki. Neither was I into meditations or any religious or spiritual practice. For no logical reason, I felt very drawn to attending this intensive workshop.

During the second day of the workshop, as Judy was leading us into a meditation after the attunements, I began having vivid recollections of my past life connections with my Dad, my ‘time’ spent in the angelic realms and also premonition of what could happen on earth’s ascension day, 21st December 2012. I felt my heart overwhelmed with blissful love and at the same time, there was this inner knowing that I am Home. When I came out of that meditative state, I frantically asked Judy to check if those visions were truly from my soul memories to which she responded, ‘Yes’. So that was how I became spiritually awakened.

That night when I came home from the workshop, I became aware of visitations by three star beings. I found myself able to communicate with them telepathically using my heart. They said they have waited for a long time for me to remember them. The elderly one is named “Co Le Shee Ya” and his energy masculine. When morning finally arrived, I rang up Judy to ask if I have gone nuts. She explained those star beings are my family members from the Arcturus star system. Apparently I am genetically related to the Arcturians, enlightened beings from the 7th dimension. Co Lee Shee Ya has since been my close friend and healing guide. I like to call upon him whenever I need some powerful healings for myself or others.

On our last day of the workshop, I was given a message that I would meet a lady soon who would provide me with a new means of making a living, and thereafter many new doors would open for me. True enough, by the end of August 2004, I found myself attending the Isis Lotus Healing workshop conducted by Elizabeth Jensen, learning to be a healing practitioner. During the energy attunements, I felt very welcomed and at home with by the Egyptian deities and masters.

3 months later, I quit my job and started my healing career. That was on 1 December 2004. I remain an enthusiastic energy worker and spiritual practitioner until today and feel extremely excited about the co-creating the New Earth with fellow Light Workers.

Since the fateful workshop in July 2004, I truly believe I have come back Home to where it all began. I am back Home with the eternal soul memory that I am and have always been in union with Spirit. May you also be guided by your Soul to find your way back to Source!

Feb 2012

1 thought on “Amara Tia Ann”

  1. Jan Shapiro said:

    Your work is truly divine. Thank you .You have helped myself and family when we needed it. I am very grateful.

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