The great teacher of spiritual science and magic, Thoth (also known as Lord Hermes) guided me to the ACAST logo. In Dec 2011, I was reading the book Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot when I became attracted to the 22nd and last major Acana of the deck, The Universe card.  Aleister Crowley explained this card represents the marriage of eternal circle of heaven (spirituality) to the terrestrial square of Earth (materiality). This is exactly the aspiration of ACAST : to be a portal, platform and medium for grounding and expressing the spiritual energies of 5th dimension into new ways of physical living and being.

With this idea, I then designed the logo based on the geometrical theme of Squaring the Circle.

Interpretation of logo and matching to business name:

(1) The Circles => like the number 0, means unlimited potential, infinity [ALEPH]
(2)  The Squares => materialisation or physical expression of spiritual energy; also refers to Earth plane
(3) The Pyramid from top-view => Great Pyramid of Giza, a focal point, vortex and reservoir of spiritual energies and initiation to higher spiritual learning [CENTRE]
(4) 5 circles => 5 elements of a Spiritualised Man: Spirit (inner and larger circle) infiltrating the 4 elements of the physical body (4 outer circles); number ‘5’ also means rapid change  [ACCELERATED SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION
(5) 4 squares => number ‘4’ means building new foundation and structures, execution of Divine plan on earth plane
(6) Violet colour for circles => man, comprising the 5 elements, is part of Spirit
(7) Brown colour for squares => earth and nature, grounding, anchoring
(8) Golden background => 12th ray of christ/buddhic consciousness, Golden Age of Oneness
(9) Blue colour for wordings => Air element meaning knowledge, intellect ; also the colour of throat chakra; overall meaning, to teach and disseminate new spiritual knowledge and learning

1 thought on “ACAST Logo”

  1. Wow, This is wonderful…. I so relate to this symbol. I feel fortunate and happy to have found you. Blessings. Will be following your site and breathing in love and breathing out the ability to change with flow and love.

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