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ACAST is managed as a virtual office at the moment. Please email or if that should account should fail, try

a) for any enquiries or feedback on our services and programmes;

b) if you wish to register for our events;

c) you are keen to host our events at your country;

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Thank you and we look forward to connecting with you through ACAST events.

With Metta

Ann, Andy

6 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Dear Ann, Is it possible to have an activation / energy transmission to help call our twin flame to us?I read your nice article about twin flames and would like to ask you to share with us such activation. Many blessings. Thank you. T

    • Dewar Teresa, I’m glad you’re finding the resources available on the ACAST website helpful. The energy transmissions channeled by me were not of my asking. They came at a timing determined by the guides. So we shall see if one for twin flame reunion will be gifted in time to come. Blessings, Ann.

  2. pleiadeanmarylou said:

    Hi Ann! this is Marylou, we met in one of your classes in Singapore. Since I am here in Manila I would like to know more about your workshop that will be done on the 21st of July. Thank you.

  3. Hello, Mrs. Ann..
    With love,
    I’m a 20years old spiritualist indigo, I can’t find who could help my improvement. Could you help me that isn’t apart of you, to be brighter light for others in my country?

    Warm regards from Indonesia,
    Leopratama Limas

    • Hi Leopratama, I apologise I am not offering 1-1 consultations at the moment if that’s what you are requesting. May I suggest you set the intent for Spirit to send you a healer or spiritual teacher who can guide you closely? Blessings, Ann.

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