Online Programs

The current ‘downtime’ and downturn in the external world, as currently experienced by many, has opened up a golden opportunity for journeying inward to begin cultivating an authentic and conscious relationship with our soul, mind and body. On a collective basis, humanity is being urged and nudged – possibly, more than ever – to evolve into and demonstrate Oneness through collaborative efforts and loving intentions.

To support ACAST family of friends in reaping the most growth benefits out of this ‘crisis’, Andy and I have organised and will continue to organise group meditations and such activities online. Follow our blog to receive the event announcements promptly.

OCTOBER: Workshop – Of Bits & Bytes (completed)

An intensive energy workshop hosted by the Arcturus Star Council and designed with a two-pronged objective:

  • Serving oneself: to catalyze our remembrance and be-coming the Galactic Human of our genetic blueprint
  • Serving All: to enhance our capacity and efficiency as a transmitter of refined stellar frequencies

Go to Program and Registration Details

Schedule: 10 & 11 Oct 2020. 2pm to 4:15pm Singapore time (GMT+8)

Email to register or enquire.

SEPTEMBER: Healing Course – Sirius Star Rising (completed)

A 2-day intensive course (online), led by Egyptian deities Isis and Hathor and the Sirius star beings. Read Program.

19 & 20 September 2020. 10am to 5pm Singapore time (GMT+8)

2 seats left. Email for fee info and to register/enquire.


AUGUST: Talk – BEcoming A Greater Consciousness (completed)

Organised by Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) organisation.

Watch video (40min): BE-coming A Greater Consciousness. Transmitted by the Ascended Masters.


AUGUST: Meditation – Serpents of Light (completed)

Hosted by Orion Star Council and Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet

8th August 2020. 10am to 11:15am (GMT+8)

Read Program and Registration


JULY: Healing Workshop – Living Your Star Light (repeat session)

A 2-Part intensive healing workshop led by the Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus star frequencies.

5th and 12th July (Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse)

Read full Program and Registration Info.

Email to register/enquire.


MAY: Masterclass Series – Understanding Consciousness, From Inside Out

A 3-Part Online Masterclass Hosted by Thoth and other Enlightened Beings

16th, 23rd and 30th May 2020

Read Program and registration details.

Email to register before 15 May.


MAY: Full Moon Meditation – Song of the Sacred Elements led by the Lemurian Elders. 6th May, 7 pm GMT+8

Come this full moon, join us for a communion called by the Lemurian Elders of inner earth.

Read Program.

Email to join


APRIL: World Healing Meditation – Love in Action


Read post-event synopsis and listen to meditation recordings.

MARCH: Equinox Planetary Healing Led by Ascended Master Sanat Kumara – Threefold Flame of Shamballa

“As humanity unites to surmount the viral pandemic, this is the opportune time for the 144,000 soul incarnates and all light workers to collectively re-energize and re-activate the Threefold Flame of Shamballa – the same of which is mirrored in our etheric heart – with zest, might and hope. May the Flame shine its brightest to touch the heart, calm the mind and heal the body of every man!”

Read post-event review and listen to meditation recording HERE.