Re-balancing Emotions through the Lymphatic System – Full Moon Healing Tip

For sometime now, I was told, and have also personally experienced, the intimate connection between the state of our emotional body and the water we consume. For example, if our body is not sufficiently hydrated or the fluids we consume are overly acidic, there is a higher chance of attracting lower vibrational emotions and experiencing them for a longer period of time. Rationale: (1) Water in the body is the primary medium for transporting, processing and interpreting our emotions through the nervous system and (2) Acidic contents attract and trap lower frequency emotions, such as anger, jealousy, bitterness, grief, etc.

Interestingly, during a healing performed for a client recently, the guides shed new light on the impact of emotional body on the lymphatic drainage system – a potential health concern which, perhaps, not many of us are aware of.

The lymphatic system functions as a significant part of our immune system by helping the body get rid of toxins, wastes and harmful materials. It comprises a large network of tissues, organs and vessels, carrying the clear fluid lymph which, in turn, is made up of infection-fighting white blood cells.

Given that water is integral to the lymphatic system (as its transportation medium and one of its core contents) and that water is also the conduit for our emotions, therefore, we can easily imagine the impact of our regular emotional patterns on the lymphatic system / immunity and vice versa.

Healing Technique – Re-balance Emotional Body and Strengthen Lymphatic System

Here’s the healing technique channeled for my client which will support the release of emotional debris and blockages from the lymph, thereby harmonizing the emotional body as well as strengthening the lymphatic system.

  1. Print a diagram of the lymphatic drainage system and through your intention, use it as a proxy for your body. See Diagram A for an example.
  2. Superimpose the diagram with the Flower of Life symbols, especially on the major lymph nodes and glands. Refer to Diagram B. (Flower of Life is the sacred geometry awakening universal consciousness and in the case of the human body divine blueprint, also its inherent life force)
  3. Tone the sacred sound ‘AH’ repeatedly and project the sound vibrations on the picture, i.e., Diagram B (‘AH’ resonates with the heart chakra)
  4. Complete the healing practice by bringing through positive emotions of your choice, such as gratitude, peace and serenity.


The healing practices and techniques published on our blog, including but not limited to those shared in this article, are not intended for diagnosing or treating any medical illness, dis-ease or symptom, nor are they meant to replace any medical advice, prescription and treatment you are/will be receiving. When in doubt, please consult your doctor, physician or medical practitioner before applying the healing information shared. 



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Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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Enabling the natural ability of channeling through the crystalline matrix – New Moon Energy Gift from Thoth

The debut session of SoulTalk last weekend unfolded as a deeply enriching ‘Channeling 101’ learning experience for me and, I believe, for the participants too.

Lady Master Nada and Cosmic Master Thoth transmitted the course based on their teaching philosophy of Root to Rise; i.e., for channeling and other higher abilities to be awakened in us effortlessly, we simply need to (i) Focus on protecting and strengthening the core energy constituents we are endowed with, and (ii) Maintain the vibrational alignment of ourselves as energy beings with the pulsating rhythm of the larger universe. With these fundamental practices in place and coupled with a strong intention to expand as a consciousness, our ‘stellar’ qualities and abilities will naturally materialize. 

These principles also hold true for the speaking and interpretation of the Language of Light which, according to Thoth, can be considered as the default communication medium for an enlivened fifth dimensional consciousness. In other words, the remembrance of Language of Light will occur naturally when our fifth dimensional light body has been activated sufficiently.   

“Channeling is simply inter-dimensional vibrational communication”

– Lady Nada


Applying principles (i) and (ii) specifically to the skillful practice of channeling:

a) The essential energy component to be purified and strengthened is the crystalline frequency which feeds off Earth’s crystalline matrix and underpins a healthy human’s chakra system. It is also a frequency which has the property of integrating and harmonizing the different energy bodies we operate with, thus enabling a stable and safe expansion of our higher dimensional vessels

b) Maintaining the vibrational alignment of our inner micro-vortices (especially the third eye chakra) with the external macro-vortices, namely the galactic core (as above) and the Atlantis crystal grid (so below).


LISTEN TO MEDITATION AND ENERGY ACTIVATION GIFTED BY THOTH: click Strengthen Crystalline Body-Align to Atlantis Crystal Grid

(if audio link does not appear, go to

Visual aid used in meditation:



  • SoulTalk – A Channeling Course led by Thoth and Lady Nada and Powered by Atlantis Crystal Grid will be repeated in Hong Kong over the Equinox weekend, 21 – 22 September 2019. Details HERE. Email Jenny Kam at for registration and enquiries.


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New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Befriend An Arcturian – New Moon Attunement

My first conscious connection with the star system of Arcturus was a rather special and memorable one. Read more at Story of my spiritual awakening.

I have since worked with the Arcturian guides on several occasions but it wasn’t until last year’s Alchemy of Horus: A Healing Course Powered by Arcturus did I have the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of the Arcturian frequency at a deep level.

Who are the Arcturian Beings?

Imagine the different layers of galactic consciousness we’re interconnected to are segmented and distinguishable by their respective dimensional frequencies, then, the Arcturus system is the 7th dimensional star frequency.

For me, the Arcturian guides are first-class healing technologists (and I say this with total respect to all other star frequencies which I’m also well connected with 😃). The quality of the Arcturian frequency is similar to that of the Platinum Ray – pristine, refined and sharp as a laser beam when channeled for psychic surgeries or intensive light body reconfiguration work. The healing methodologies of the Arcturus are simple in application yet sophisticated and advanced in their design theories.

Be Attuned to Arcturus Star System on this New Moon

If you wish to experience the Arcturus frequency for yourself, whether it is for self-healing or expanding your connection with the star guides, you may access an attunement recording previously shared on this blog. Go to Attunement to Lord of Arcturus.

Why the need for an energy attunement when theoretically, aren’t we already connected with each and all aspects of the cosmos? Read explanation of attunement HERE.

Receive Arcturus Energy Transmissions Regularly

Subsequent to the attunement, you may practise the following invocation protocol to enable a quicker and more effective transmission each time you wish to run the Arcturian frequency.

Invocation Steps

  1. Place right hand above left hand at Heart Chakra
    (symbolizing Milky Way disc of light – refer to diagram A) and breathe in deeply. 
  2. Reverse position of hands and breathe out
  3. Stretch arms out sideways to expand aura
  4. Visualise yourself being encased in a Diamond Body (diagram B) to stimulate awakening of your higher mind
  5. Say mantra “Col-Lee-She’a” 3 X (visualize platinum colour if you prefer)
  6. Allow the Diamond Body to spin until it stops automatically
  7. Ground the Arcturus transmissions through your Earth Star Chakra (diagram C)


Recommended Read – getting to know Arcturus star civilisation

  • “Sunshine Before The Dawn” by Judy Satori
  • “Songs of the Arcturians: The Arcturian Star Chronicles” by Patricia Pereira


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Awakening Seed of Life in Cellular Memory – New Moon Solar Eclipse Activations

Similar to the lunar phases, eclipses are mirrors of the prompts and impulses for inner transformation, programmed along the cycles of Earth time.

The following meditation, activation and healing practice were transmitted at the recent Solstice event, Beyond Light and Sound’, hosted by Archangel Michael and six other Archangels: Metatron, Raphael, Gabriel, Haniel, Uriel and Zadkiel. If they resonate, you’re welcomed to use these transmissions as the agenda for optimizing and grounding today’s new moon solar eclipse catalytic effects.

Track 1. Invocation of the Archangels Meditation (7 min)

Track 2. Message from Archangel Michael – what is protection and why the greater need for protection during current transitory time (4 min)

Track 3. Energy Activations (5 min)

a) Awaken Seed of Life encoded in cellular memory – the geometric pattern embedded with the divine purpose for Creation i.e. to seek, know and realize thyself as God consciousness

b) Align personal crystalline and other light bodies with galactic matrix

Track 4. Healing Practice – Transmute lower order thought patterns with vibrational sounds and angelic light (6 min)


If the above audio links do not appear on your email, access them on the blog post at or Pearls of Wisdom Journal.  



New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Harnessing the Potency of this New Moon Solar Eclipse – Private Consultations available for booking

“Energetically speaking, the Sun affects our mental structure whereas the Moon has deep effects on our emotions. A Solar Eclipse – during which the Sun is perceived by us as being blocked by the Moon – is a great opportunity for transcending and releasing limiting beliefs, values and other mental patterns embedded in our psyche. Metaphysically, ‘the Sun being hidden or darkened’ represents the mental body being ready for re-patterning and re-programming.

A New Moon presents us with a hidden moon. Again, symbolizing a time to sow seeds of new ideas, hopes and wishes…”

excerpted from post: Transcending Outdated Mental Patterns on this New Moon Solar Eclipse, 31 Aug 2016



For optimizing the transformational energies of the new moon solar eclipses on 2 July, consultations with Amara Tia Ann will be available from 28 June to 3 July. Details at:


Read Posts on New Moon Solar Eclipses, 2016-2018:


Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Elohim Ascension Temple – Full Moon Attunement

Vibrationally, the Elohim guides represent the ultimate Over-Soul of all embodiment, images and extensions of the God Consciousness which pre-existed creation.

The following meditation, “Journey to the Elohim Ascension Temple”, was transmitted at the “The Adam Kadmon Recoded”, Singapore workshop (April 2019) as an energy attunement for the participants.  I am being asked to share it now as a full moon gift with the intention of connecting you with the Elohim for re-igniting the creation power seeded in you.

Other posts from “The Adam Kadmon Recoded” workshop series:


Upcoming event in August/September

SoulTalk is an intensive channeling course led by Thoth and Lady Nada, powered by the Atlantis crystal grid. It is an opportunity to begin to awaken to your soul abilities, including remembering the Language of Light.

Read course program HERE.

  • Singapore session 24 & 25 August: 2 seats left. Email Amara Tia Ann at
  • Hong Kong Equinox session 21 & 22 September. Email Jenny at


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann. 

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Destiny of the Adam Kadmon – to Spiritualise Every Human Act

The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshop series was concluded in Manila last weekend. If I were to summarise all the salient teachings from the Elohim into one sentence, it would undoubtedly be this: the destiny of the Adam Kadmon race is to spiritualise every possible human action.

Defining Adam Kadmon as ‘the race of man created in the likeness of God’, the Elohim further explained fulfilling this destiny is akin to “folding up the Tree of Life, such that Keter (i.e. Spirit, shown at the top of tree) becomes one with Malkuth (physical world, at the bottom)”.

Kabbalah Tree of Life

Energy attunement in support of AK destiny

One effective way to recode the Adam Kadmon (AK) divine blueprint, that is, turn on the evolutionary programs imprinted in our genetic potential, is to be energetically attuned to a higher-order civilization, such as the Orion Star Nation of the 8th dimensional frequency. For this reason, I am asked to share the Orion attunement transmitted at the workshops.

Attunement to Orion, Manila workshop, 25 May 2019 (5 min)

If the sound track doesn’t appear on your email, go to blog page at


  1. Refer to diagram below for the Dodecahedron Merkabah used during the attunement. This sacred geometry, which comprises 12 pentagons, best supports the intention of unifying Keter (represented by Spirit on the pentagon) and Malkuth (represented by Air, Water, Earth and Fire elements).
  2. If you wish to also attune your crystal or other healing tool of your choice, hold the object in your left hand during the attunement.
  3. You may listen to the attunement track as often as you like.

About Orion…

Channeled for Adam Kadmon Recoded workshops, Mar to May 2019

Words of Gratitude

My deepest gratitude to our participants in Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila for your enthusiasm, authenticity and great faith in walking the Adam Kadmon Recoded path with Andy and me!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Illuminating the Human Vessel – A Vesak Full Moon Sharing

The word, hu-man, can be interpreted as light or consciousness (“hu”) embedded in an earth-vessel (“man”).

In this sense, an awakened hu-man is a vessel that is activated to enable consciousness to express itself freely in the world of physicality and by so doing, consciousness evolves and expands to a higher level of self-awareness. As the vessel has originated from consciousness itself, it too will evolve.

What then brings about an activation or awakening of the human vessel?

The insights I channeled from our guides in recent years seem to point towards a common response – by supporting both the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ development of the vessel, metaphorically speaking.

The ‘hardware’ enhancements refer to building our light bodies through DNA recoding, aligning our different light matrices with the Galactic Centre and beyond, anchoring new ascension programs onto the Chakra system, purifying our lower bodies (i.e. physical, double etheric, emotional and lower mental) and other such ‘technical’ light reconfiguration work typically involving the entrainment and infusion of high frequencies into the subtle bodies.

The ‘software’ development can be described as powering up the soul-engine which drives the light bodies. In the words of the Ascended Masters, this process refers to the cultivation of the human spirit to realize our inherent Godly virtues. Specifically, one path towards attaining our soul potentiality is by mastering the divine qualities of the respective personality ray(s) which we were reincarnated with.

Under the auspices of today’s Vesak full moon, may your soul and light bodies be illuminated with the golden blessings of Lord Gautama Buddha, respectably known as the Lord of the World on the Spiritual Hierarchy.


References on Personality Rays and Ray Masters

  • Lords of the Seven Rays, by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  • Seven Ray Affirmations, by I Am University
  • The Rainbow Audio Booklet, a Seven-Rays guided meditation channeled by Amara Tia Ann, 2012. Total 9 tracks. Vesak special price S$8. Audio contents and order information at Products



  • Beyond Light & SoundSolstice Meditation led by Archangel Michael, 21 June, Singapore. Program available HERE. Admission by donations. Register with Amara Tia at
  • Channeling Course led by Cosmic Master Thoth and Lady Master Nada. Singapore: 24 & 25 August. Hong Kong: 21 & 22 September. Program details available in June. Stay tuned!

Vesak Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Restoring Balance in the Nervous System – Full Moon Healing Tips

At last weekend’s The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshop in Singapore, the Orion guides came through to explain in great details the workings of the nervous system as the doorway to re-programming the mental body. A healthy nervous system enables higher dimensional frequencies, such as those emanated from the galactic center, to be anchored in the physical body safely, so we can eventually embody (i.e. become) these higher intelligence. Therefore, it is critical to pay attention to our nervous health for both the ascension of our body and evolution of our mind.

Due to the rapidly rising galactic frequencies infiltrating Earth as well as the intensified mental stress prevailing in today’s physical world, the nervous system is subject to more tension and carries a faster-pulsating energy traffic. These factors can increase the risk of a nervous disorder occurring if the excessive tension is not released regularly and if the quickened energy impulses, transported and processed by the spine and the brain, are not grounded efficiently.

At the New Human Body Workshops (2015), cosmic master Thoth offered his insights on the metaphysical causes of certain common nervous disorders and the appropriate healing methods. Refer to Tables below.

Perhaps it is timely to consider adding some of these healing techniques, whichever resonate(s), to your nervous-health maintenance program?

Disclaimer: For users of this information who are currently receiving medical treatments for the above-listed nervous or related symptoms AND are new to energy work and alternative therapies, it is recommended that you consult your doctor or a certified medical practitioner if you are uncertain as to the appropriateness of the healing suggestions for your specific condition.


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  • The final session of workshop The Adam Kadmon Recoded will be held in Manila 25 & 26 May. Email Maura at for enquiries and registration

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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