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Consultations on Skype

Reading and/or healing consultations with Amara Tia Ann are available over the next two weeks. Please go to Consultations for booking schedule and logistics.

Face to Face Consultations – available in Hong Kong

In conjunction with the inaugural session of new workshop series – THE ADAM KADMON RECODED – in Hong Kong, Amara Tia Ann will be offering personal consultations on 18 and 19 March. Contact Goretti of “InnSaei” through WhatsApp: (852) 91087223 or Email: Few slots left.

Be Your Joyful Expression – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Gift from the Elohim

According to the Elohim guides, the vibrational essence of 2019 is particularly potent for enabling our divine qualities of joy and innocence to be fully expressed and integrated into our 3rd dimensional being. They describe this growth potential in us as the ability to create only illuminated thoughts through the Eye of God. That is to say…

All creations begin with an idea, a thought.

However, due to the inherent polarity of the human brain, the thoughts it generates will reflect the same polarity when manifested in the physical reality, resulting in what is often experienced as fluctuating vibrational states and expressions of positivity and negativity. Conversely, an illuminated thought created through a higher dimensional space (“Eye of God”) and with the consciousness of compassionate wisdom (complete awareness and acceptance of the limitations of the human brain) will transcend the dual-effects of the human thought.

In other words, when human thoughts are made divine, the only expression possible is JOY OF A DIVINE CHILD.

Energy gift on Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – To get started on re-calibrating your (routine) thinking process to bring about more joyous experiences, you may wish to listen to this short discourse from the Elohim. Placing both hands on your heart chakra while listening to the light language transmission will enhance your body’s receptivity and your soul connection with the Elohim: Elohim Full Moon Transmission (2 min).

If the above MP3 link doesn’t appear on your email, go to ACAST home page at (scroll down till you see this article).


Event Announcements

  • The Elohim and Christed star beings from the Orion System will be sharing more teachings and dispensing energy activations to vibrationally upgrade our mental processes for achieving non-dual expressions (and more) at the new workshop series, THE ADAM KADMON RECODED. Read introduction of these guides and the workshop program HERE.

  • QUEST TO ETERNITY – Egypt Sacred Tour led by the Elohim and Galactic Councils. 1 to 12 Nov. A warm welcome and heart-felt gratitude for all participants who have registered early. Only 2 seats left! Read Tour Introduction, Itinerary and Offer/Terms & Conditions. Email Andy at for enquiries and registration.

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann. 

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Morph into Your Highest Expression, Under the Wings of the Angels

For me, an important highlight of the Solstice Meditation META-MORHPHOSIS would be the following message shared by Archangel Metatron:

“The cosmos is constantly and permanently evolving. So are we as individual sparks of light temporarily descended from the cosmic sky.  The transformation occurring in our cellular body and soul memory may not be apparent to us all the time but like a pupa breaking out of its cocoon, our grander expression will emerge with divine time and order. In particular, the year 2019 has the potentiality of enabling a higher expression of our divinity as the elements constituting our human body (Earth, Fire, Water and Air) are spiritualized to a greater degree through the awakening of the divine child in us.”   

One way to vibrationally heighten our elements is by activating or spinning the sacred geometry Metatron’s Cube embedded in our higher dimensional body, and that was exactly what Archangel Metatron offered to the group as one of the Solstice gifts, along with other energy transmissions:

  • Re-balance the chakra body (for health and better integration with higher frequencies)
  • Purify the emotional body
  • Align chakra body to energy grids of Earth – Crystalline, Christ Consciousness and Buddhic Consciousness grids (gifted by the Ascended Masters)
  • Solstice blessings from other angelic guides 

Image result for 5 pointed star elements

Listen to the above energy transmissions (16 min):

Music credit: The Angels of Venice – A Time for Dreams

2019 workshops & retreat will be announced in January. Watch this space!

Under the auspice of this final full moon of 2018, may you be lovingly guided to harvest your soul merits in fully becoming the Divine Child.

Merry X’mas and Happy Holidays!

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann & Andy

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Attunement to Sirius Blue Light on final New Moon of 2018

Related image

The Sirius blue star, the brightest star visible from Earth, is the physical aspect of the Sirius system contained within the Milky Way galaxy. As a ‘stand-alone’ star system and also the portal to the galactic center, I am told Sirius vibrates at 5th/6th dimensional frequency.

I started working with the Sirian light beings in 2004, through a spirit guide commonly known to us as Goddess Isis, or Auset (her Egyptian name). Besides their prowess and mastery in healing arts, I have found the Sirians among the most remarkable spiritual teachers I have had the honour to channel and be trained under. For me, and many of our workshop participants, the Sirians’ teaching style easily comes across as the perfect exemplification of balance and harmony: complex and sophisticated cosmo-metric concepts are always explained through simple, inter-connected and clear illustrations applicable to modern day living.  For example, attuning our chakra body to a new energy frequency is akin to downloading a new app on our mobile phones to expand our human experiences, made possible by the internet which mirrors the inter-connectivity of cosmic intelligence.

Receive Sirius Attunement Remotely on 8th December

The final session of the Self-Mastery of Human Emotions workshop series will be held in Hong Kong over the weekend of 8-9 December. The program involves attuning the group to the Sirius High Council by aligning our chakra and light bodies vibrationally to the Sirius 6th dimensional energy frequency. This process can be explained, in esoteric terms, as initiating ourselves to a Sirian guide.   

The following procedure allows you to receive the attunement remotely, if it resonates:

  1. Command your mind to activate your personal Star Tetrahedron Merkabah, followed by visualising a 3-dimensional Icosahedron pattern descending from your crown chakra and encasing your body. Refer to diagram below.

2. Listen to the Sirius High Council invocation recording (6 min) and set the intention to receive the attunement by connecting with the Hong Kong group:

3. Special transmission to activate throat chakra for truthful expression and be entrained to the teaching gift of Sirius (4 min):



  • The above meditation can be performed at anytime on 8th December.
  • Both recordings were the transmissions received on 11 August 2018 (New Moon Solar Eclipse) at the Byron Bay Retreat
  • Background music for invocation recording: “Feather” – Forrest Gump’s theme song


Join us at Solstice Meditation!

Solstice Meditation: “Meta-morphosis” led by Archangel Meta-tron will be held on 21st Dec 2018, Singapore. Admission by donation. Program available HERE.


May you enjoy these New Moon gifts from Sirius! 

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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Perceive Your Relationships Through The Lens of NOW – New Moon Message from Mother Gaia

The following brief message, expanded for sharing on this new moon, was channeled recently for the Self-Mastery of Human Emotions Workshop, Manila session:

Give Love like there is no tomorrow,

Receive Love like there is no yesterday.

As long as Love is flowing through you freely as your essence,

You will remain in the Now.

Being in the Now allows you to see clearly

your dominant emotions and thus, the higher purpose of your relationships.

 – Gaia, Oct 2018


Elaboration: If we learn to strip off the memories (past judgement of non-love) and fantasies (future expectations of love forever) from our relationships and simply focus on the emotions presently experienced, we will come to understand and accept the recurring emotional pattern, reflected through our relationships, as our attempts to be our highest love expressions.

From this new moon, may we honour all our key relationships as divine connections birthed from and for love.



Blessings, Amara Tia Ann. 

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You Are Not Your Emotions – New Moon, New Perspective

It is perhaps common knowledge that words are powerful in shaping our thoughts and that they impact deeply the actions we take towards external conditions. The intermediary physiological process between a thought pattern and a habitual action is our emotions. While we can view both thoughts and emotions as the cause of our actions, the latter tend to be more visible and leave a deeper imprint in our memory for contemplation and self-examination purposes.

If we can master the vibrational quality of our frequently-expressed emotions, we will be able to control the types of bodily responses (speech and behavioural tendencies) we express to the outside world, especially in our most intimate relationships. A consciously-chosen action, as opposed to a neutrally-triggered one, will only elicit and attract equally self-aware behaviours from others. This could be the most critical step towards building a 5th-dimensional world on planet Earth, that is, by first paying close attention to the quality of our personal relationships.

Self-mastery of our emotions begins with self-awareness of what is and what is not. Here’s a suggested first step: the next time you notice a strong negative emotion brewing in you, be it anger, rage, resentful, jealousy, grief, regret or others, step away from the trigger-situation and recite the mantra ‘I AM not my emotions; I AM merely experiencing these emotions’

New perspectives, when sufficiently anchored in the mind through deliberate self-talk, will naturally lead to new and elevated expressions of your God Self.




New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Introducing Light Bodies Reconfiguration 1-on-1 Sessions


Metatron’s Cube

The larger consciousness we are being influenced by, and which we are casting our influence upon with our thoughts and intentions, is constantly evolving and unfolding its plans. Whether you think of it at the cosmic, universal, galactic, solar or planetary level, such divine intelligence is forever expanding and decoding itself…with ease and harmony.

An intimate and conscious connection with our soul serves to align us to the cosmic growth trajectory, so that our Earth lessons and experiences can unfold with the same ease and grace that prevails the cosmic sky. This process and goal of becoming an awakened soul-embodiment is the common purpose binding humanity.

All the workshops and retreats I have been guided to facilitate were intended to support us in achieving this ultimate goal. If you have not been able to participate in these events to benefit from the teachings, practices and energy transmissions catalysing your soul remembrance, you may welcome the opportunity of working with Archangel Metatron through a new series of 1-1 sessions specifically designed for re-configuring your subtle bodies towards an accelerated soul expansion.

Read HERE for session description and booking details.



Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Embodying Your Soul For Greater Ease and Flow: New Moon Inspiration

Two days ago, a dear friend Cecilia shared,”…I believe that during the past few months in particular, something has changed within me so profoundly and permanently. I can now face anything with confidence and a sense of self-worth. And when contrast occurs, it is actually for the better.”

Cecilia nicely summed up what my guides have long hinted as the beautiful outcome of the soul-personality integration that many of us will experience in this life.

From memory, this was what the Spiritual Hierarchy has ‘forewarned’ me several years ago:

  • The stepped-up energy frequencies, both within ourselves and on planet Earth, will be experienced by more people as frequent intervals of ‘ups and downs’, ‘elevating and depressive’ and other similar highly-contrasting experiences and vibrations
  • The faster pulsating energies held within and around our body cells enable a wider array of vibrational experiences to be manifested as our outer realities, thus, the rapidly-alternating periods of ‘highs and lows’. This being the consequence of the natural as well as catalysed awakening of our spiritual DNA 
  • Not only are these periods of undulating experiences consequential to our spiritual awakening, they are necessary for cultivating the awareness and practice of non-attachment to all external phenomena, including what may be judged as undesirable emotions, thoughts and behaviours; in short, the current times we live in is the opportune time to mold our personality (ego/mind) into a judgement-free and fear-less instrument for creation     
  • the more we, the incarnated personalities, are able to trust and surrender to the guidance of our soul (i.e. the more receptive our mind becomes), the more beauty, ease and flow there can be in our physical living and being   
  • The integration of personality and soul eventually brings about a profound and permanent lightness of being and hence, effortless doing



  • lightness of being, resulting in effortless doing’ is one of the key topics for workshop series “Self-Mastery of Human Emotions’  sponsored by the Sirius High Council and Mother Gaia. Having a greater awareness of the true purpose of our emotional body and learning the art of engaging our emotions masterfully is integral to living the divine feminine principle and our soul essence of ‘lightness of being’. Workshops available in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong from Oct to Dec (click HERE for details) and Dubai on 23 &24 Nov.



New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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