Embodying Your Soul For Greater Ease and Flow: New Moon Inspiration

Two days ago, a dear friend Cecilia shared,”…I believe that during the past few months in particular, something has changed within me so profoundly and permanently. I can now face anything with confidence and a sense of self-worth. And when contrast occurs, it is actually for the better.”

Cecilia nicely summed up what my guides have long hinted as the beautiful outcome of the soul-personality integration that many of us will experience in this life.

From memory, this was what the Spiritual Hierarchy has ‘forewarned’ me several years ago:

  • The stepped-up energy frequencies, both within ourselves and on planet Earth, will be experienced by more people as frequent intervals of ‘ups and downs’, ‘elevating and depressive’ and other similar highly-contrasting experiences and vibrations
  • The faster pulsating energies held within and around our body cells enable a wider array of vibrational experiences to be manifested as our outer realities, thus, the rapidly-alternating periods of ‘highs and lows’. This being the consequence of the natural as well as catalysed awakening of our spiritual DNA 
  • Not only are these periods of undulating experiences consequential to our spiritual awakening, they are necessary for cultivating the awareness and practice of non-attachment to all external phenomena, including what may be judged as undesirable emotions, thoughts and behaviours; in short, the current times we live in is the opportune time to mold our personality (ego/mind) into a judgement-free and fear-less instrument for creation     
  • the more we, the incarnated personalities, are able to trust and surrender to the guidance of our soul (i.e. the more receptive our mind becomes), the more beauty, ease and flow there can be in our physical living and being   
  • The integration of personality and soul eventually brings about a profound and permanent lightness of being and hence, effortless doing



  • lightness of being, resulting in effortless doing’ is one of the key topics for workshop series “Self-Mastery of Human Emotions’  sponsored by the Sirius High Council and Mother Gaia. Having a greater awareness of the true purpose of our emotional body and learning the art of engaging our emotions masterfully is integral to living the divine feminine principle and our soul essence of ‘lightness of being’. Workshops available in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong from Oct to Dec (click HERE for details) and Dubai on 23 &24 Nov.



New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Embracing your emotions with the Sirius blue light – Full Moon Meditation

The gift of the human emotions is priceless. Not only do emotions enrich our lives, they also serve as the voice for the human collective soul, hence our ability to empathize. While demonstrating care and love through empathy is a gratifying act in itself (as well as other feel-good gestures we may engage in), the essential question to ask ourselves is whether our body has become addicted to the need and desire to feel only positive emotions as ‘evidence’ of our spiritual awakening. The true indicator of an awakened soul is embodying the awareness that human emotions are only agents for navigating our spiritual path towards non-attachment to forms, and that even the most uplifting and elevating emotions the human body is capable of generating are merely expressions or patterned vibrations of our soul.

This was one of the many powerful insights shared by the Sirius High Council at our recent retreat workshop in Byron Bay, “Self-Mastery of Human Emotions.”

If you have been shunning, ignoring or suppressing certain recurring emotions you consider draining or unworthy of experiencing, the High Council also advised the first and most critical step towards re-balancing them (i.e. neutralizing their energetic imprints on your nervous system and subconscious mind) is to OWN and EMBRACE these memories without judgement. The following full moon meditation is suggested as a mindfulness training cum self-healing technique:

  1. Visualise yourself enclosed in an Icosehedron (geometric shape below), the platonic solid symbolising the water element as the natural conduit for our emotions

2. Placing your awareness in the body, recite the following mantra aloud to invoke your Higher Self from the 6th-dimensional world of Sirius:

Yeh Tu Ye La

translated as “God’s Love Flow to You” (“you” referring to recipient of the Sirius balancing force)

(mantra channeled at retreat workshop on New Moon Solar Eclipse 11 Aug)

3. Continue the recitation gently and slowly until you become aware of the emotions emerging; regardless of their nature, simply notice their existence but do not judge or label them

4. Thereafter, with each subsequent mantra recitation, visualize or sense these emotional energies being neutralized or restored to pure white light (symbolizing un-patterned or non-programmed vibrations) filling up the infinite sacred spaces in your body

5. Complete the meditation by grounding your awareness at the root chakra and exhaling deeply.


‘Self-Mastery of Human Emotions’ Workshop available from Oct to Dec 2018

I have been asked to expand and extend the teachings and energy transmissions of the Sirius High Council to more spiritual groups before the close of 2018. Presently, the workshop has been planned for Singapore, Hong Kong and Manila.

Read workshop intention, contents and country-specific schedule HERE.  

Drawn to bringing this workshop to your location? Please email info@acast.me


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Reconnecting with Sirian star lineage through the oceans of Byron Bay, New Moon Solar Eclipse 11 August

Byron Bay Logo 4

Like our retreat participants, I am SO looking forward to be near the oceans of Byron Bay – most eastern part of Australia – at the coming New Moon Solar Eclipse. Besides being a powerful conduit to our emotions, the water element also catalyses our soul remembrance and connection with Sirius. I was told the first Sirian being on Earth was birthed through the seas of Gaia.


The Sirius Blue Constellation 

Sirius is a 6th dimensional star system of the Milky Way galaxy. Her 3rd dimensional aspect appears as the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky in the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. 

On an intuitive level, Sirius is regarded as “home”, and the Command Centre, to many Light Warriors who have journeyed to Earth to serve humanity during critical transitory times, such as Golden Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.


I welcome you to connect with the spiritual hosts of our retreat – the Sirius High Council and Mother Gaia – if the idea resonates. In the morning of 11 Aug or approx 10 Aug GMT 2300, visualise yourself in an icosahedron Merkabah (platonic solid representing consciousness of water element) and set the clear intention to receive telepathically the energy gifts, initiations and activations I’ll be transmitting during the retreat workshop ‘Self-Mastery of the Human Emotions’.



  • Read retreat objectives HERE
  • Workshop outline can be found on page 3 of itinerary HERE


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Blessings from the Oceans, Amara Tia Ann. 

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Awakening from the Game of Duality : Full Moon Eclipse Message from Thoth

“The light reflected by the moon has deep transformational effect on the human emotions and psyche. From this perspective, instead of dreading full moons as the unavoidable occasions of emotional purging and detoxification which some of you may be feeling right now, a more enlightened attitude and response would be to open your heart to welcome these monthly opportunities to uncover the hidden gifts and wisdom of your emotional and mental bodies. 

Eclipses are by no means coincidental or random astronomical events. Just as the human experiences are seeded, occur and assimilated through cycles of time, eclipses are sync up with your evolutionary cycles to provide further thrust and momentum to the anticipated awakening of the human race.

Through your reincarnations, many of you have played the game of duality on Earth for numerous cycles to live out the illusion of the absence of light. With your freewill and focused intent, you can choose to wake up from this illusory dream of separation, lack and fear by in-gathering light to your conscious awareness. This full moon lunar eclipse can be the doorway to such an initiatory process, if you so desire. 

I Am Thoth.”

Channeled 26th July 2018, Singapore.


Elaborations by Amara Tia Ann:

  1. ‘In-gathering light to your conscious awareness’ can be interpreted as building and expanding your subtle bodies to quicken the awakening of your spiritual DNA. The intended effect is for you to begin creating your physical realities consciously and effectively by engaging the awareness (awakened wisdom) of your nature as a light being.
  2. In relation to point #1, the energy transmissions for DNA Recoding and the accompanying meditations are available at previous post Be Peace and Surrender to Divine Will – 12th July 2018.

Full Moon Blessings. 

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Be Peace and Surrender to Divine Will – New Moon Eclipse Messages from Thoth

I have not felt the presence of Cosmic Master Thoth for a while now. It was a welcoming surprise when Thoth came into my psychic awareness today with these new moon messages:

  • the new moon cum solar eclipse on July 13 shall open new celestial doors for many
  • those who are ready to be their higher expressions and walk their soul journey will be guided to connect with these portals energetically for intuitive insights 
  • the three eclipses of July 13, July 27-28 and August 11, together, present a rare 4-week window for deep soul healing and awakening to occur 
  • the celestial energies flooding the planet in the coming weeks will be received by and wired-into the neurology of every human body to trigger subtle DNA-activation and deep cellular changes; however, consciously maintaining a state of peace and total surrender will enable a smoother and quicker integration {read interpretation below #}
  • these celestial energies from the angelic realm and many star nations are accessible to humanity during the July-August eclipse season due to a special star-gate alignment in the higher heavens relative to your solar system
  • your intuitive connection with the angels and christed star beings is being heightened during this time; feeling, expressing and sharing uplifting emotions among yourselves will be ideal for attracting these higher beings to your awareness


# Message Interpretation:

Intuitively, I would interpret Thoth’s advice “however, consciously maintaining a state of peace and total surrender will enable a smoother and quicker integration” as: our body will be able to bring through the incoming ascension energies naturally without the need for an active intervention by ourselves. Nevertheless, the integration outcome will differ for individuals, depending on the extent to which we are able to think, feel, and act from a space of peace, surrender and inner knowing throughout this eclipse season.

That said, if you are keen to actively ground the angelic and stellar energies ‘coming our way’, I suggest getting the support from our Arcturus guides (leading healing technologists of our galaxy) on the three eclipse-days using the following recorded meditations and in the order given:

  1.  Invoke Lord of Arcturus (9 min)
  2. DNA Recoding and Reprogramming Mental Body (9 min)
  3. Ground and vitalise physical body through Earth Star chakra


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Gift of Goddess Love on this Full Moon

The goddesses came through this morning with a crystal-clear message: ‘in stillness, love fuses time and space, birthing the NOW’ 

To infuse the essence of their message into our being, I was asked to re-post the article cum meditation recording ‘Love Aplenty on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse’ (Sept 2015) gifted by these goddesses: Aphrodite, Isis, Hathor, Lady Nada, Kuan Yin and Mary Magdalene.

On this full moon, may we open our hearts to Be Love & Be Loved!

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Solstice Energy Gifts from Arcturus

About solstices and equinoxes: “…they are potent opportunities for energizing the Oneness and Harmony frequencies. The guides explained that by having us focus on honoring and celebrating our connection with our one-Moon, One-Sun and one-Earth on these occasions, we naturally reinforce the collective intention for unity to prevail in our physical realities.” Source:  ‘Be One with Mother Earth on this Equinox‘ posted 21 Sept 2017.


Recounting Rhythm Masterclass experience:

As both the channel and a participant, my experience at Saturday’s Rhythm Masterclass could be described as intensely still and deeply penetrating into my core.

It was love at first hearing when my Arcturian guides decided to name the workshop Rhythm. I was immensely impressed when they subsequently revealed that Rhythm, chosen as the title, referred to both the vibratory sound patterns of the 7th dimensional Arcturus system (As Above) and the pulse of the human meridian lines (So Below), and their harmonious integration.

Spiritual host Lord of Arcturus, a member of Arcturus High Council, further expanded on the workshop intention and deliverables (see chart below):


Solstice gift:  I am asked to share the following three essential Light Language transmissions channeled at Rhythm as a special gift from Arcturus to enable the continuous actualization of your stellar abilities and expression of your I AM spirit. 




Pointers for using the above recorded meditations/transmissions :

  1. For optimal results, please listen to the audio recordings in the order provided
  2. Morphogenetic field – the force field within Earth’s consciousness where divine blueprint of the star-human was first imprinted in order to create the first man; space of zero magnetic, esoterically known as the Halls of Amenti (explanation transmitted by Lord of Arcturus at Rhythm)
  3. Crystalline grid in human body – energy quality found in the human’s subtle body for maintaining connectivity with Earth and locking-in new and higher vibratory memory patterns to the human nervous system (info transmitted by Mother Gaia at Rhythm)
  4. Core Star Chakra – one of the higher chakras residing on our 5th dimensional energy field; more explanation available at Core Star Chakra : The ‘I AM Presence’ Energy Vortex posted Sep 2012
  5. Nature and purpose of Light Language explained at  How Does Light Language Work As A Powerful Healing Medium? – Thoth posted Feb 2012 and New Atlantis Programs posted June 2016


Read recent years’ Solstice messages and energy transmissions:

To read all Solstice- or Equinox-related articles shared since 2012, search under ‘Solstice’ on home page http://www.acast.me


Supporting spiritual communities through co-creation: Through my several years of working with Spirit, I have come to believe my contribution to the ongoing planetary shift and human consciousness awakening process lies possibly in decoding, grounding and disseminating advanced intelligence transmitted by resonating star systems within and beyond Milky Way. If you feel drawn to host workshops and retreats with ACAST to support the spiritual growth and expansion of your community, Andy and I would love to hear from you! Email with subject title “Love Collaboration” to info@acast.me. 

Go to 2018 Events and Past Events for programs previously commissioned by Spirit and led by Amara Tia Ann.


Solstice Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Attunement to Arcturus

At the healing course Alchemy of Horus (March to May 2018), the practitioners were introduced and attuned to a 7th-dimensional Arcturian light being known as Col-Lee-She’a. We were told that Col-Lee-She’a is a member of the Arcturus Star Council and has been the over-arching energy facilitating the transmissions of the teachings and energy keys.

If the vibrational sound of “Col-Lee-She’a” resonates and you’re eager to start connecting with the Arcturus star system (i.e. your 7th-dimensional aspect) for further expansion and actualisation of your stellar gifts, I welcome you to utilise the following attunement recording as a possible catalyst.

To listen “Arcturus Attunement” (9 min): 


You can also access the audio track from ACAST blog at http://www.acast.me. Scroll down home page till you see this article.

NoteGroup Merkabah mentioned in attunement recording has this geometrical pattern –

Octahedron Group Merkabah

Grace & Gratitude – My deepest gratitude to all participants whose light, love and humor have enabled me to present the course series with immense joy. Thank you all for having shone and shared your soul light so willingly! 



…Embodying the Galactic Rhythm of Light for

Sustainable Expansion


A Masterclass led by Lord of Arcturus Col-Lee-She’a to disseminate new information and advanced activation codes to support Lightworkers towards experiencing a well-integrated, harmonised and sustainable awakening of their physical and light bodies.

If the above intention speaks to your heart, join us at this special gathering to serve as a conduit to anchor the Solstice new creation light coming through from the Ashtar Command. Embody the pulsating light and vibratory rhythm of your Galactic-Self! 

Go to RHYTHM for Masterclass details. Email Ann at anntay@acast.me to register.


Many Blessings. Amara Tia Ann.

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Physiological Significance of Re-aligning Your Body’s Magnetic Field To Earth’s – Goddess Isis

At the recent Alchemy of Horus Healing Course, Goddess Isis shared an important message on the key physiological implication of the ongoing vibrational shifts.

Such energy shifts are being triggered internally and externally, that is, through the natural awakening of our spiritual DNA and the influx of stellar energy frequencies emitted by the Galactic Center (made possible through thinning of the inter-dimensional veils). The latter, in particular, can cause the human energy field to become more electrical which, in turn, can disrupt the natural electro-magnetic balance found in our energy system and consequently, adversely impact the body’s physiology.

As a natural response to her unfolding her 5th dimensional aspect, the Earth’s celestial poles have been undergoing minute shifts. This phenomenon triggers a gradual weakening of the magnetic connection between Earth and the human chakra body (directly affects the endocrine system) which, too, can bring about physiological challenges including irregular sleep patterns, skin irritation, unusual hormonal fluctuations and disrupted metabolism.

Like the Earth, every cell in the human body possesses a North and South Pole (hence, the magnetic field surrounding and permeating the cells). Goddess Isis advised that conscious re-alignment of the body’s magnetic poles to the Earth’s gradual-shifting celestial poles is key to maintaining the equilibrium of the body’s EMF and retaining the magnetic connection with Earth. In fact, this is the fundamental principle for enabling the body to adapt to the prevalent vibratory environment with less physiological complications.

Meditation Gifted by Goddess Isis

  1. Identify the North and South direction using a compass
  2. Lie down along the N/S axis (refer to diagram below)
  3. Use middle and index fingers on right hand to connect energetically with Third Eye Chakra and thus, pineal gland in the brain center (proximity: place fingers on area in the middle of eye brows)
  4. Give intention for body’s magnetic field to be aligned with and reconnected with Earth’s magnetism
  5. Inhale and exhale deeply for several times to seal the intention into cellular memory of the body
  6. Express gratitude and appreciation for Mother Earth with your own prayer
  7. Emerge from meditation

Goddess Isis recommended performing the above meditation as regularly as your inner guidance suggests and especially on these energetically-potent days: Solstices, Equinoxes, 10.10 (10th October), 11.11 (11th November) and 12.12 (12th December) of every year.

North South Alignment

Event updateAlong with other guides from Sirius Star System, Goddess Isis will be speaking at the retreat workshop ‘Self-Mastery of the Human Emotions’ in Byron Bay. Check out An Ocean of Blessings Retreat 9 -14 August HERE.  Only 1 place left!

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New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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