Evolving Our Perceptions and Interpretations of Frequencies – New Moon, New Realities

Last weekend’s workshop ‘OF BITS & BYTES – Plugging into a New Matrix came with astounding galactic intelligence and energy codes, all of which were transmitted and explained elegantly by the overarching energy known as Col-Lee-She’a, my guide from the Arcturus Star Council. As their messenger and energy decoder, the entrainment experience with the 7th dimensional world of the Arcturians has been HUGE for me and I believe, for many of the participants too.

Participant, Sian Jewell, described graphically her experience during the energy transmissions (thanks, Sian, for your sharing these beautiful insights):

Suspended in the Universe …O My, the vastness (It was like what you see in Star Wars or Star Trek……sheer darkness yet not…stars …planets within…without…and there was our Merkabah in the centre of the Stillness……and I felt lines of energy/information flowing from the other Galaxies towards us as to was Arcturus.

The microcrystals around the Pineal gland being tuned up….made me smile as I was not sure if it was me adding more or they just surrounded it…the more the merrier 😊

The Arcturian presence felt sooooooo TALL …

I felt like sketching….as most things came through as “Feelings” yet somehow, I can interpret them (drawings below)

I feel soooo Deeeeply nourished and excited…WOW to what you and your Team offered us today.



Among the key concepts expounded were that of Mind and Reality.

  • Mind – Vessel with dimensional encodings for perceiving and interpreting vibrational frequencies with which it interacts
  • Reality – Projection, representation and reflection of the vibrational frequencies being processed by the Mind

The human mind, as a vessel originally programmed with 3rd dimensional encodings, tends to interpret, project and depict energy frequencies as lower-order realities of mirroring fear and lack. However, when subject to sufficient and effective vibratory entrainment (upgrade), the encodings of the mind can be expanded to:

  1. offer us wider interpretations and more evolved perceptions of our current realities
  2. bring about a greater resonance with higher frequencies and thus, only higher-order realities that reflects our love essence as divine beings.

The following technique, gifted by the Arcturus Star Council, was designed based on the above principle.

This practice is also available in audio (live recording from workshop):

Go to blog if audio link does not appear on your email.

Priming the Body

For a deeper entrainment with the 7D platinum frequency used in the practice and especially, if you have not worked with the Arcturus frequencies previously, I recommend listening to the following energy attunement first to prime your energy body (recording from 2018 Alchemy of Horus workshop).


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Warping Through Space to Meet your Galactic Self – Full Moon Meditation

A dear friend of ours, Amika Choi (Louise), is extremely talented in channeling coded geometric patterns for use as powerful meditation and energy activation tools. Upon my request, Amika recently channeled a few codes as the energy keys for accessing, expanding and balancing the different vibrational aspects of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings.

If you are keen to experiment with a new meditation on this full moon, consider the following practices that was channeled (by me) based on Amika’s codes. Perform Part 1 and 2 sequentially for a more grounded and integrative experience.


Part 1. AS BELOWMeditation Overlit by Ascended Masters Yeshua & Mary Magdalene

Intention: Integrating the polarity of masculinity and femininity of ourselves as the seed of creation

Image A
  1. Look and feel into the code above (image A)
  2. Place the left hand on the heart chakra (femininity) and the right on the solar plexus (masculinity)
  3. As you continue to meditate on the code, either with your eyes closed or open, breath mindfully into these two chakras to allow the healing vibrations from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene to dissolve away any unloving memories, expectations and judgements that your body may be holding onto
  4. Sense the energies moving smoothly between the heart chakra and the solar plexus until a new vibrational rhythm, signifying their harmonization as one combined chakra, is felt     

Part 2. SO ABOVEMeditation Gifted by the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light

Intention: Traverse space to connect current consciousness with pre-incarnational soul essence and galactic lineages

Image B
  1. Ask to unlock the galactic vibrational programs embedded in the code above (image B)
  2. Ingest these frequencies through your third eye chakra
  3. Visualize the red ‘propellers’ beginning to spin in clockwise direction and gathering rotational speed steadily
  4. Sense or visualize the code transformed into a merkabah, i.e. light travel vehicle, that is specifically calibrated for your unique frequency
  5. Whenever ready, see yourself being transported by the merkabah and warping through space until you arrive at your galactic home(s)    
  6. Spend as much time as you desire in communion with your soul family(ies)
  7. Use the same merkabah to warp back to the physical realm and your body by commanding the propellers to spin in the anti-clockwise direction
  8. Rest to allow the body and mind to integrate the experience

Variation to Part 2 Meditation

If you are relatively new to working with galactic frequencies, and/or are desiring to experience a focused and uni-galactic, i.e. rather than a  totally vast, sparse or multi-galactic energy entrainment meditation, consider using Image C to construct  the merkabah instead.

Image C


Contact Amika to know more about her channeled codes 

New workshop led by Arcturus Star Council, 10.10 & 11.10

Workshop divinely timed on both the macro and micro levels:

  1. The current energy environment that humanity is dwelling in has triggered the internal shift for many and to a degree that facilitates more regular and intensive downloads of higher intelligence from the stellar worlds
  2. 10.10 and 11.10, comprising the symbols 0 and 1, are powerful gateways for accessing the potentiality of the void (0) to encode the mind with new and elevated vibrational patterns of the galactic unity consciousness (1).

Read program, schedule and registration info

Email info@acast.me to register/enquire

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Equinox Blessings from Avalon Priestess

Two years ago, I connected with an Avalon priestess, Coleentina, just before our Scotland Sacred Tour. See below for her message to our group.

Her ‘re-appearance’ today is truly a pleasant surprise when she invited me to channel and share a blessing of Peace, Love and Divine Knowing (transmitted through Language of Light) to honour this Equinox.

If the sound track does not appear on your email, go to blog post.

Message from Avalon Priestess Coleentina, 2017

Dear Ones

I speak to you through the invisible veil of dimensions. You may not see me in form but I am sure if you were to still your heart, you will feel me. I was of Avalon descendancy when in physical embodiment thousands of Earth-years ago. I was a priestess then, trained in magic, oracle and mediumship. It is with this soul experience as an inter-dimensional channel that I can remain able to communicate with beings from Earth.

The Celtic eras which prevailed a significant part of the United Kingdom history were, in fact, extensions and variations of the Avalon ages. The Avalon culture which was so integrally connected with Nature and her elements remains deeply imprinted in the memory grids of Earth.

When you visit the Pitlochry Highlands this Autumn, it will be a great pleasure for us, the Avalon priestesshood, to guide you through the inner Earth portal in search of your own magic and powers.

I am Priestess Coleentina. May your heart always be filled with the purity of the elements.”

Channeled by Amara Tia Ann

Messages channeled for Scotland Sacred Tour 2017 at On A Lighter Note

Announcement: Workshop hosted by Arcturus Star Council, 10.10 & 11.10

Read program and registration info

Email info@acast.me to register/enquire

Equinox Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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Plugging into the Matrix of our Galactic Heritage – Online Workshop, 10.10 & 11.10.2020

Often, we are reminded that we are much more than our physical body, that we are an extension and aspect of an infinite and eternally loving intelligence which some call God or Cosmic Consciousness. Just as all roads lead to Rome, through the numerous teachings I have transmitted on behalf of my Guides, I learnt that there are, indeed, multiple ways of en-training the human vibratory bodies and re-training the human psyche, so that we can begin to express and BE our God aspect naturally.

Led by the Arcturus Star Council, the upcoming workshop – OF BITS & BYTES: Plugging into the New Matrix – is intended as another possible pathway for actualizing our God potentiality in an accelerated manner, specifically, through strengthening our celestial bondage with our galactic family.

The workshop is divinely timed to occur on 10.10 and 11.10, so we may tap into the vibratory richness of the symbols of ‘1’ and ‘0’ and their composite effect as the essential code for accessing new possibilities previously not seen by the mind. When embraced as a unit, ’10’ unlocks our cosmic intelligence (‘1’) and sustains its expansion with love (‘0’).

  • Workshop Timing: 2pm to 4:15pm Singapore time (GMT+8) on both days
  • Email info@acast.me for enquiries.

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Twinkle, the Cosmic Star

 P.S. In case you’re wondering, we are not phasing out this blog! In fact, it will remain as ACAST core communication and sharing platform. Go to Pearls of Wisdom to access archived channeled materials and stay tuned for new posts on (approx) every new moon and full moon.

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being – a fable on Doing vs Being

Hello! Andy here! Been a while since I last submitted little stories on our blog! Let’s see if I can rekindle some interest and keep up the momentum!

All the best! Andy

Following a long and happy retirement, Everest drew his last breath. He was greeted by a fairy as he felt himself exiting from his physical body, who asked him if there was anything else he wished to do before he moved on.

“Well, I have done plenty,” Everest reminisced, “I have to wonder, though, what they are saying about me on my headstone!”

Before he even finished his sentence, he found himself standing next to his own tombstone in the cemetery. “This astral travel is really handy!” exclaimed Everest.

Slowly and deliberately, he cast his eyes onto the gray slab in front of and slightly below him. He immediately noticed that it looked cleaner and less damaged than how one would typically imagine a gravestone. He figured that made sense, considering it’s freshly installed! His gaze gradually rested on the main inscription, and he snapped his head back in fits of laughter.

May he Ever Rest

“What is funny?”

Startled by the unexpected voice, Everest stopped laughing, turned around abruptly and saw his fairy friend. “Oh, it’s you!” he resumed chuckling. “It’s a good one! Wish I had thought of it myself!”

“Is that all you got from that?” said the fairy, quizzically.

Responding to the earnestness in the fairy’s voice, he read those four simple words again with new appreciation.

“It’s true,” said Everest, somewhat more solemnly, “I was always busy doing something, even in retirement. I would feel all irritated and restless at the end of the day, if I didn’t feel I had done enough for the day. I guess it was more apparent to others than I thought!”

“So, what do you want to do next?” said the fairy, prompting Everest, who had appeared lost in his own thoughts.

Looking up at the fairy and with a sly smile, Everest proclaimed, “I want to become a mountain, ‘cos then I’ll be doing nothing for a change and I’ll last a long time!”

The fairy was not smiling.

A massive volcano erupted somewhere on the ocean floor on Earth, the seismic activities could be felt for miles around, the water in the immediate vicinity started to boil as it was doing its best to cool the tons of magma spewing from the Earth’s core. Before long, the landscape in the area was changed forever as Mother Nature facilitated the birthing of a mountain, towering above the waterline. It’s not the largest or tallest by any means, but nevertheless impressive, commanding and for some time to come, still hot to the touch as the migrating lava gradually found its rightful place to settle down and take in its new environment.

Along with the physical structure, a new consciousness was also born.

“Hey hi, you’re the new guy,” said the Ocean, flatly.

“Yes,” the Mountain replied, with comparable enthusiasm.

“So, what is it that you do?” the Ocean’s tone piqued a little.

“I am just a Mountain, I don’t do anything.”

It would have been quite easy for the Ocean to take offence at the off-handedness, but she had seen enough over the eons to be bothered by such immature antics.

“Sure, no problem,” the Ocean maintained her friendly approach, “and is it okay if I bring some friends who might need a home or some rest?”

“I guess.”

Before long, life was teeming along the waterline at the foot of the mountain as algae and moss began colouring the bare rocks, different species of crustaceans started anchoring themselves on the surface or roaming nearby, adding dynamism to the otherwise static display.

The Mountain felt something on his face, it was irritating at first, but he soon got used to it.

“Hello, sorry I haven’t introduced myself properly, you didn’t seem very approachable before,” said the Wind.

“Oh? And what made you think I am approachable now?” the Mountain retorted.

“I didn’t,” asserted the Wind, “but since we’ve met so many times, it’s only good manners that one of us reaches out!”

“Okay, so who are you and what do you do?”

“I am the Wind, I go everywhere, it’s great!”

“Well congratulations, I am the Mountain and I don’t do anything.”

“Oh, okay.”

The Wind was somewhat disappointed that his friendly efforts weren’t reciprocated, but he pressed on nevertheless, “If you are going to be so grumpy, why are you here?”

“I made a joke about being a mountain, I didn’t know I was going to end up as one!”

The Wind did his best to hold back sniggering, “We’ll meet again for sure, and just to let you know, sometimes my friends like to ride along with me and they might need your help too, is that okay with you?”

“Yeah, heard that before,” grunted the Mountain.

As time passed, the Wind brought with him thousands of species of seeds, insects and other more exotic companions such as seagulls, migrating birds and majestic eagles, all began thriving on the richness of the Mountain. The Wind also brought gallons of water vapour, some settled to nourish the plants and animals, others climbed to higher altitude with help from the Mountain and became clouds.

With no one celebrating his birthdays and losing count of the mundane perpetuality of the Sun rising and setting, the Mountain had no idea just how much time had passed, so he didn’t know whether to be excited or angry at this particular visitor. He chose the latter.

“Took you long enough! Get me the hell out of here!”

“Hell? Is that where you think you are?” said the same fairy who granted his wish.

“I haven’t done anything here, I am still not doing anything, and I am not about to get up and do something, am I?” said the Mountain, freely letting rip.

“You want to do something?” the fairy teased, “let’s go! Let me show you something.”

Before the Mountain could say another word, he found himself hanging next to the fairy, starring at a huge mountain in front of him. He was immediately reminded of the astral travel experience when he went visiting his own tombstone.

“Whoa, is that me?” the Mountain exclaimed. “Actually, looks quite majestic from this vantage point!”

The sound of ocean waves drew his attention to the foot of the mountain, as he re-focused, his field of vision was filled with the scene from just below the waterline. Schools of exotic looking fish were swarming around, darting in and out of the equally attractive coral reefs; nearby colonies of crustaceans supported the scene with a more static background display, some with their flailing flagella floundering against the gentle current.

“That’s beautiful! I never knew…” muttered the Mountain, quietly to himself.

The focus of the scene in front began shifting in an upward direction, as if they were following the contour made by the barnacles and the surface on which they were attached.

The imagery panned further upwards, until the sky was visible from the top of the Mountain. Then it zoomed into a pair of seagulls, one older and the other much younger, standing atop the Mountain at the brink of dusk, evidently pining at the flock of their migrating companions further ahead towards the horizon, in an elegant formation against the progressively crimson canvas painted by the sunset. The Mountain could see that although the pair were both bidding their companions farewell, one was filled with pride and nostalgia, the other was with hopes and aspirations.

“That’s me there! I am part of all this!” said the Mountain, turning excitedly towards the impassionate fairy.

Taking his own initiative now, he looked a little beyond the physical confines of the mountain and saw a nearby village; as he focused on it, he immediately found himself hovering above one of their simple dwellings, overhearing the conversations.

“We didn’t use to go to school in our generation, you know… when the mountain came, it started to bring us rain regularly, so we could plant our crops, it also brought us much better fishing…”

“You young people are inheriting a much richer village than we ever had, the miraculous mountain changed everything for us!”

The Mountain felt a pang of humility and gratitude that he had never felt before, not even when he was a busy and successful corporate executive, not even when he was a busy and contented retiree.

“So, Mr Mountain,” said the fairy, “what is it you do again?”

“Nothing,” the Mountain replied, “I don’t do anything.” This time, though, he was beaming a big smile.

“What Mr Mountain? My name is Everest!” said the Mountain, bantering with the fairy.

”Sorry…” reciprocated the fairy, “that name’s been taken already!”

New Evolution is about Unifying Game Masters of the Love Reality: A Full Moon Sharing

Read preceding post for background: A Light Touch to Evolution


When the student is ready, the assignment gets started! 😊

After waiting out for countless moon cycles, we are finally placing A.C.A.S.T. on social media to enable more of us to connect with and benefit from the eternally generous and loving vibrations of our guides.

Why ‘Avatars of New Evolution’? @avatarsofnewevolution 

When this account name was dropped into my head 3 weeks ago, I didn’t question why … it simply resonated. Even the slogan ‘Be in the League of the Game Masters’ sounded really cool!

It was not until very recently that the guides revealed their intention:

  • New Evolution: an era where the essence of spirituality – unity, love, mutual respect – is infused into everyday living for the wellness of All
  • Avatars: those of us ready to share our unique and varied talents with the world in the name of unity, love and mutual respect

In essence, we hope for our Instagram account to serve as a platform for collaboration and celebration of ‘unity consciousness in diversity’, in addition to providing regular snippets of LIGHT-hearted wisdom from the Divine.

As Game Masters, we can choose to seed a new era and actively co-create a new common reality with the higher vibrations of unity, love and mutual respect.

Our nature is cosmic consciousness, so is everything that interfaces, permeates and surrounds us.

Our calling is to evolve, expand and awaken, so we may understand and realise our unlimited cosmic potentiality..

Extracted from initiatory poem “Who Are We?”. Full poem at @avatarsofnewevolution

INAUGURAL COLLABORATION – Crystals for En-lightening Negative Mental Attitudes

Kicking off our Avatars-in-Collaboration series on Instagram is crystal therapy for re-programming mental attitudes – a collaboration between myself and one of our dear friends, Ah Dow, a crystal enthusiast and initiate of cosmic master Thoth. Check it out…

Follow our spirit guides on Instagram!

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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A Light Touch to Evolution – Insights from the Ascended Masters

Viewing human evolution as a game that we have signed-up for to expand our soul experience – such a perspective not only cultivates a mindset of non-attachment to external realities, it will also bring about a greater sense of self- empowerment. This was the key insight transmitted by the Ascended Masters at meditation event organized by the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) Organisation.

To support us in completing the evolution game with greater ease, the Masters presented a roadmap and shared insights on how best to accomplish it. Golden blessings were also transmitted for purifying soul memories and lighten our etheric body, so we may receive divine messages and healing more efficiently.

  • Watch full video BE-coming A Greater Consciousness (run time: 44 min) – teachings, meditation practice and energy healing
  • Segment on meditation practice: scroll to 21 to 35th min of video
  • Segment on blessings for karmic release: 35 – 40th min of video

Video also available at ACAST blog – resources.


My gratitude to Navneet and PSSM for the opportunity to bring through the great wisdom and love of our guides.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Action-ing Your Passion – Goddess Sekhmet

If you have been feeling sluggish, lethargic or been hit by deep inertia since late June, these experiences could have been consequential to the body going through a period of deep healing and vibrational upgrade catalyzed by the tremendous downpour of galactic frequencies, especially during April to June – an insight shared by Galactic Master Isis.

Against this backdrop, not only were the fiery transmissions from Goddess Sekhmet at the 8.8 Meditation ‘Serpents of Light’ timely, they were immensely invigorating. One of her important reminders being “passion and vitality need to go hand-in-hand, so you may action your passion”.   

Sekhmet led the group through a practice which she called ‘Raising the Djed’, essentially meaning to awaken the Kundalini (Hindu tradition) or the Sekhem life force (Egyptian tradition) to:

  • ignite alchemy of the mind i.e. heightened perception of dimensional realities and enhanced intuitive knowing of our passion
  • bring about greater vitality and improved regenerative power of the body

If you feel ready to power up your hopes, visions, and dreams on this new moon, why not treat yourself with these energy gifts bestowed by the mighty Sekhmet?

Audio 1: ‘Raising the Djed’ energy activation (8min)

Audio 2: Healing Practice – Awaken Serpent of Light (3min) [also refer to terminologies and healing steps below]


Digital Meditation Summit|22 August 2020|9:00am to 7:30pm (GMT+8)

At this upcoming Summit organised by Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) Organisation, I will be channeling the Ascended Masters during my the talk on “BE-coming A Greater Consciousnessengaging in the game of evolution with greater ease and grace” (10:00am to 10:40am, GMT+8). You can catch this event live on Zoom or YouTube. Admission is Free!

Read program and panel of speakers.

Register HERE. The Zoom meeting link will be provided after registration. Email Navneet Kaur at breathenergyworks@gmail.com for enquiries.

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Your Soul as your Default Counsel – Full Moon Gifts from Lady Nada

Lady Nada is one of the Ascended Masters whom I work with regularly. As a member of the Karmic Board of the Spiritual Hierarchy, she has supported me greatly in expanding my knowledge about karma and the clearing and transcendence of negative karmic imprints as integral to the ascension process.

On another level of consciousness, I connect with Lady Nada in her (soul) capacity as a High Priestess of ancient Atlantis and the patroness of the Temple of Love. In fact, as recent as in 2019, Lady Nada hosted the workshop SoulTalk’, with the intention of enhancing our channeling ability, in order that we can access our soul wisdom more proficiently for navigating the current turbulent times with greater ease and confidence.

Full Moon Energy Gifts

May the following energy gifts from Lady Nada (transmitted at SoulTalk and as language of light encodements) serve to bring about a quickened remembrance of your soul abilities and wisdom!

Slides below provide the background reference to these energy transmissions.


Listen to these transmissions sequentially:

  1. Initiation to Lady Nada at Temple of Love (7 min)
  2. Activation of Higher Senses of Perception (3 min)

Access recordings from ACAST blog if they do not appear on your email.





Happening on 8.8. 2020, SERPENTS OF LIGHT – Igniting Your Divine Creative Fire is an online meditation commissioned by the Star Council of Orion and the Goddess Sekhmet of Egyptian lineage. 

Fully booked. However, you are welcome to connect with the group energetically between 2pm to 3pm Singapore time (GMT+8) to benefit from the empowering presence of these Guides. 


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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Blessing the Emotional Body on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

July marks the new year for the ancient Egyptians. Although different sources quoted slightly different dates as the exact New Year’s Day, almost all agree it falls in the month of July which coincides with the annual flooding of the Nile and the helical rising of the Sirius blue star. The archaeo-astronomer, E.C. Krupp, has shared, “After disappearing from the night sky for 70 days, Sirius eventually reappears in the dawn, before the Sun comes up. The first time this occurs each year is called the star’s helical rising, and on this day Sirius remains visible for only a short time before the sky gets too bright to see it. In ancient Egypt, this annual reappearance of Sirius fell close to the summer solstice and coincided with the time of the Nile’s inundation.” Metaphorically, Sirius was regarded as having revived the Nile and given birth to the new year.

As a highly evolved star civilization, Sirius serves as the gateway to the heart of our galaxy and plays a significant role in supporting the evolution of mankind.


While cruising along the Nile last November with a group of earth angels, Lady Master/Goddess Isis – known to the ancient Egyptians as the Divine Mother and Goddess of 10,000 Names – came through with the following transmissions:

Background to Track 2: Our group received an initiation at the Philae temple of Goddess Isis located in the city of Aswan. Thereafter, water from the Nile that surrounds the Philae temple was infused with Isis blessings and shared among the tour participants for cleansing the body of distorted frequencies and memory imprints.


Ascension Codes from Sirius High Council 

To optimize today’s full moon eclipse energies which are particularly potent and in resonance with the feminine principles of receptivity and healing, I have been asked to share a light language transmission gifted by the Sirius High Council and Goddess Isis. Other intentions coded in the transmission are:

  • In tribute to the Nile – as a key symbolism of our celestial connection with Sirius anchored during the times of the Pharaohs
  • To honour the water element of our metaphysical self
  • To purify the emotional body

Suggested meditation steps:

  1. Hold a glass of drinking water in both hands at the level of your heart chakra
  2. Tune in to the energy of the Nile using video below (footage from ACAST Egypt Sacred Tour November 2019)
  3. Listen to Light Language transmission (Track 3 below)
  4. Drink the ‘blessed’ water mindfully
  5. Bring about the emotion of gratitude through your heart

Access audio tracks from blog page if the links do not work on your email.



Led by Goddess Isis (of Sirius origin) and Hathor (Pleiades), this course was designed as a timely resource for enhancing our self-healing ability and awakening our galactic light bodies.

Read Program.

Update on session dates:

  • Singapore 18 and 19 July – Registration closes on 10th July. Arrangements for conducting a live and in-person session are being finalised.
  • Hong Kong, Manila and Penang sessions – please contact the respective country co-ordinates for the latest dates/arrangements.
  • Email info@acast.me for general enquiries


Full Moon Eclipse Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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