Recode Atlantis Matrix, Recalibrate with Andromeda, Recharge with Mother Earth – Bali Retreat 8 to 12 September 2022

Happy Solstice!

UNDAL – Building New Atlantis is about recoding the ancient Atlantis memory grids with the presence of the Andromeda guides (star nation of 9-10th dimensional frequency), so they can become the new template for materializing New Atlantis cities of light (“Undal”) for the 5th dimensional Earth. As we participate in this initiative, not only will we serve as conduits and light-bringers for the New Atlantis, equally, our spiritual DNA and gifts endowed by Andromeda will be activated.  

If you’re looking for an opportunity to unwind and recharge in the embrace of mother nature while continuing to expand your service to humanity and activate your light bodies under the watchful eyes of our galactic guides, this retreat along the beautiful coast of east Bali could be the perfect choice!

Meditations | Energy Activations | Communion with Galaxy and Lightworkers | Balinese Blessings | Purification at Water Temple | Sunrise along Indian Ocean | Space and Silence.

  • Register using Booking Form. Deposit required to secure seat.
  • Limited places. Registration closes on 12 July or when fully booked
  • Email or for enquiries

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

Nurturing Self-Love on this Supermoon / Solstice Event Announcement

Full Moon nudges us to unwind, reflect and let go of experiences and the underlying frequencies which no longer serve us in our greatest light. From this state of regained ‘lightness’, we can then ground new and elevating frequencies into ourselves which, in good time, shall manifest as the sweet harvest we desire.

A supermoon – when the full moon appears particularly large and near –  brings with it doubly potent healing frequencies. To optimize tomorrow’s supermoon for resetting and raising our energy frequencies, we can engage the benevolent forces from the higher worlds to guide and support us.

Accordingly, I’ve been asked to share an invocation meditation channeled recently at the Cocooned workshop (Manila). Let us be nestled in self-love under the loving embrace of the Archangels and the Cosmic Mother on this supermoon!

Listen to meditation recording (runtime 7min).

Song credit: Ong Namo by Ajeet Kaur

Suggestions for enhancing benefits of meditation:

  1. Visualize and connect with your community(ies) during the meditation to amplify the Presence of the Angels and Divine Mother
  2. Hold a healing crystal of your liking on the left hand for it to attuned with the benevolent and loving energies invoked. You can revisit these frequencies subsequently with your intention and by holding the same crystal.

Solstice Meditation (online): A DREAM FORGOTTEN. 21st June, 7:30pm GMT+8

I have long been told that the Equinox and Solstice seasons are ideal windows for re-membering the various spiritual lineages that humanity is connected with, vibrationally speaking. From this place of soul remembrance and in-gathering of ‘lost’ frequencies, we can then envision the expanded realities we shall co-create with these alternative worlds and civilizations dwelling in the same universe as ourselves.

Upcoming Solstice session ‘A DREAM FORGOTTEN : Conversations with the Inner Earth People’ is aligned with the above purpose.

Program intro

Registration details

Registration closes 19th June.


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Time to be COCOONED in Your Pleiadian Light Garment – Workshop Videos and Audios Now Available

With the participants’ keen attention and coherent intention, workshop series COCOONED unfolded as the following time-critical and multi-tiered deliverables:

  1. Awakening Crown chakra fully as the bridge between our 3rd dimensional (3D) physical body and 4th dimensional (4D) Pleiadian light body in order to protect, recalibrate and cocoon the human nervous system within a 4D exo-light vehicle during these times of unprecedented inner transformation and external planetary shifts
  2. Entraining (i.e., cocoon) every other chakra of the etheric body with the wisdom of the Crown chakra to minimize the attraction and manifestation of negativity and life draining experiences
  3. Invoking the Cosmic Mother – divine feminine principle of Creation – to awaken the gift of claircognizance as a navigational tool during the current cocooned phase when our Pleiadean blueprint is fast being materialized        

Watch workshop synopsis video excerpt: materializing the 3D/4D DNA double helix

Read related posts and accompanying energy activations:

Workshop Recordings Available for Purchase

Each set consists of

  • videos from online session held in April; Part 1 and Part 2 videos with total runtime of 4 hours
  • audios of meditations and energy activations from all three sessions conducted in Singapore, Manila and online; see listing of 20 MP3 tracks

Songs/music credit:

  • Ong Namo by Ajeet Kaur
  • Ra Ma Da Sa Healing by Ajeet Kaur
  • Rue des trois freres by Fabrizio Paternlini

Price and Payment Options

  • Singapore Dollars SGD 44 per set, PayPal charges apply
  • Payable upon ordering
  • 50% price discount for workshop participants
  • Singapore-based users: PayNow SGD44 to UEN T11LL2214A
  • Overseas users: Send SGD 46.64 (inclusive of 6% PayPal charges) via PayPal to

To order

Email with caption ‘Order Cocooned Product’ and attach payment details

  • Singapore-based users: attach PayNow receipt
  • Overseas users : attach PayPal payment transaction; or if you prefer, request for a PayPal invoice in your order email

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Crown Chakra Activation – Special Transmission for this Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse and Wesak Festival

At the finale session of the Cocooned Workshop series held in Manila today, Lord Maitreya came through with the golden blessings of the Wesak Festival to reinforce and augment the transmissions specially calibrated for activating the crown chakra – our gateway to the spiritual realms and the seat of our divine knowing (i.e. gift of claircognizance).

Expanding your crown chakra to deepen and neurally ‘hardwire’ your connection with the Divine may be a meditation worth practicing on this blood moon graced with the Wesak blessings.

  • Listen to transmission:

Crown Chakra Activation (runtime 9min)


Explanations accompanying the recorded meditation:

  1. Moonstone plates

Moonstone is the crystal recommended for holding the Cocooned transmissions largely meant for awakening the crown chakra potentialty

2. OM Symbol


Wesak Full Moon Blessings to One and All!

Amara Tia Ann.

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Connecting with the Shakti Flame for Expansion unto the Suns – New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation

At the recently concluded ‘Cocooned’ workshops, not only were we immersed in the great wisdom of the Cosmic Mother, we also rode high on her fiery re-creative energy (“Shakti”) to spur the body’s transformation during this time of rapid soul awakening.

As the dynamic and invigorating aspect of the Divine Mother, the Shakti can be channeled towards our physical healing, psychic expansion and the remembrance of our galactic heritage through the Suns.

Towards this end, I’ve been asked to share The Shakti Invocation meditation (channeled at workshop) as a gift from the Cosmic Mother and a tool for optimizing tomorrow’s new moon solar eclipse expansionary window.


  • Meditation audio also available from ACAST website. Runtime 10min
  • Song credit: Ra Ma Da Sa Healing by Ajeet Kaur

The invocation included the following prayer as a tribute to the Divine Feminine within and around us.

More about the Shakti – the cosmic sacred force that regulates the dynamism of the universe (as above) and is commonly personified as the supreme goddesses, deities, and lady masters who nurture the soul and heal the body of humanity (as below) – extracted from article ‘8’ is Balanced Power, 2 Feb 2022.


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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A Gentle Touch of Joy – Full Moon Gift from the Pleiades

For me, yesterday’s inaugural session of COCOONED in Singapore was comforting and re-assuring.

Emerging from the workshop with a deeper appreciation of the grand purpose behind the massive shifts re-shaping our realities was comforting. Been equipped now with the energy tools and practical tips to better navigate these internal and external changes was re-assuring.

The different layers of meanings configured in the title ‘COCOONED’ were revealed by the Cosmic Mother skillfully, including the fast materialization of our 4th-dimensional Pleiadian Self which has, until recent decades, been cocooned in our collective future reality.

Speaking of the Pleiadians, I am reminded of the full moon meditation ‘A Gentle Touch of Magic’ hosted by our stellar guides last May.

“The Pleiades Sisterhood – Realm of Timeless Magic

The Pleiadeans – dwellers of the 4th dimensional world – express their divine creative potential and evolve their consciousness through the experience of space and collectivity of the heart (i.e., one heart, many minds). Unlike Earth dwellers, however, they do not operate with, nor are they constrained in their creations by linear time. These characteristics of their world and being-ness not only enable immediate manifestations of thoughts as ‘physical’ experiences in space, but also render the seeding of negative karma impossible in their realm (since all thoughts and desires stem from the collective heart of love frequency). 

In this sense, we can regard the Pleiades world as of one of timeless magic.”

‘A Gentle Touch of Magic‘ Meditation Introduction

If you’re looking at lightening up this full moon with their joyous presence, and also be entrained to the world of Pleiades to quicken your expansion into a 4th-dimensional being, the following energy attunement transmitted during “A Gentle Touch of Magic” could be a valuable resource at this time.

or access the attunement recording (runtime 10min) from ACAST blog

🌹 🌹 🌹

COCOONED – Online Session. 23 and 24 April, 2pm to 4:30pm GMT+8

Hosted by the Cosmic Mother as an embrace-and-unfold-in-Divine Knowing growth experience for All, the workshop will be available online at the coming weekend.


Logistics and Registration Info 

Email for enquiries and to register

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

‘COCOONED’ Workshop Logistics and Registration – Weblink Restored

Reference post: Sail the seas of change with Divine Knowing – announcing new workshop hosted by the Cosmic Mother

Link to the workshop registration page is now restored 🤞

Information also available below…

Singapore Session (onsite)

Date:   16th April 2022 (Sat). Full Moon

Time:   10am to 4:30pm (1-hr lunch break)

Venue: SCWO. 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967. Training Room 1.

Seating capacity: 16 pax

Fees:    S$220 per person. Payable upon registration. PayNow to UEN: T11LL2214A

Register: Email with subject title ‘Join Cocooned Workshop (Singapore), ’ and attach payment receipt.

Registration closes 13 April.

Prevailing Covid-19 safety measures apply:

  • Non-vaccinated participants to perform PET for entry into SCWO building
  • Safe entry through TraceTogether App
  • Seats are at least 1-m apart
  • Mask wearing is mandatory throughout workshop

Online Session

Dates: Part 1 – 23rd April 2022 (Sat). Part 2 – 24th April 2022

Time:   2pm to 4:30pm Singapore time GMT+8 for Part 1 and 2. Check time conversion

Platform: Zoom video conferencing

Fees:    S$220 per person. Payable upon registration

Payment options:

  • Participants from Singapore – PayNow to UEN T11LL2214A
  • Participants based outside Singapore – PayPal invoice will be issued upon registration. PayPal charges apply.

Register: email with subject title ‘Join Cocooned Workshop (Online)’ and for Singapore participants, attach payment receipt.

Registration closes 20 April.

Sail the seas of change with Divine Knowing – new workshop hosted by the Cosmic Mother

After patiently waiting for a few months, my guides finally revealed their debut workshop for 2022.

To me, the title COCOONED speaks elegantly of the workshop intention i.e. to awaken the divine wisdom cocooned within the human’s higher consciousness as a critical agent and resource during these phenomenal times of soul expansion and planetary shifts.

Read program and workshop logistics and registration details

  • Inaugural and full moon session in Singapore (onsite): 16th April.
  • Online session: 23 April (Part 1) and 24 April (Part 2)

Email for enquiries and registration.

As we cocoon ourselves in the womb of the Cosmic Mother, we will be guided and equipped to ride these transformational journeys with empowering subtlety i.e., through the art of becoming more with doing less.

Workshop Intention

Healing Gifts from the Avalon Priestesses – A Full Moon Sharing

Preamble: “…2022 would present a valuable window to initiate ourselves to the core fire of the Divine Mother and specifically, the aspect of the primordial creative force that births and sustains physical life…It is an ideal time to honor, celebrate, cultivate, and embody the Shakti…” Read full article of 2 Feb 2022.  

As if tapping on this planetary theme of heal thy body at its core, during a recent healing session for a client, the fairies of the elemental world and priestesses of the Avalon mythical realm came through with lesser-known insights on the intimate connection between the elements and human physiology. They also transmitted healing frequencies of the elements for strengthening my client’s body inside out –  from detoxifying the blood to maintaining a sturdy bodily structure via the cell membranes.

My client has kindly consented to sharing selected recordings (personal details removed) as a new healing resource for our readers.

  1. Intro: Why invoke the elements for strengthening the building blocks of physical body?


  1. Water element and blood detoxification

a) Insights


b) Healing


  1. Air element and nervous system/sleep patterns

a) Insights


b) Healing 


  1. Fire element and digestion/excretion

a) Insights


b) Healing


  1. Earth element and cellular structure/overall health

a) Insights


b) Healing


🌟 Also read message from Priestess Coleentina of Avalon: Revisiting Avalon Magic, 2017

🌟 ANNOUNCEMENT: Consultations with Amara Tia Ann (online) available: Healing, Reading, Light Bodies Reconfiguration and Space Clearing 

Email for available slots in February and March. 


Full Moon Blessings. Amara Tia Ann.

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