Harnessing the Potency of this New Moon Solar Eclipse – Private Consultations available for booking

“Energetically speaking, the Sun affects our mental structure whereas the Moon has deep effects on our emotions. A Solar Eclipse – during which the Sun is perceived by us as being blocked by the Moon – is a great opportunity for transcending and releasing limiting beliefs, values and other mental patterns embedded in our psyche. Metaphysically, ‘the Sun being hidden or darkened’ represents the mental body being ready for re-patterning and re-programming.

A New Moon presents us with a hidden moon. Again, symbolizing a time to sow seeds of new ideas, hopes and wishes…”

excerpted from post: Transcending Outdated Mental Patterns on this New Moon Solar Eclipse, 31 Aug 2016



For optimizing the transformational energies of the new moon solar eclipses on 2 July, consultations with Amara Tia Ann will be available from 28 June to 3 July. Details at:


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Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Elohim Ascension Temple – Full Moon Attunement

Vibrationally, the Elohim guides represent the ultimate Over-Soul of all embodiment, images and extensions of the God Consciousness which pre-existed creation.

The following meditation, “Journey to the Elohim Ascension Temple”, was transmitted at the “The Adam Kadmon Recoded”, Singapore workshop (April 2019) as an energy attunement for the participants.  I am being asked to share it now as a full moon gift with the intention of connecting you with the Elohim for re-igniting the creation power seeded in you.

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Upcoming event in August/September

SoulTalk is an intensive channeling course led by Thoth and Lady Nada, powered by the Atlantis crystal grid. It is an opportunity to begin to awaken to your soul abilities, including remembering the Language of Light.

Read course program HERE.

  • Singapore session 24 & 25 August: 2 seats left. Email Amara Tia Ann at anntay@acast.me
  • Hong Kong Equinox session 21 & 22 September. Email Jenny at pith.decentre@gmail.com


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann. 

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Destiny of the Adam Kadmon – to Spiritualise Every Human Act

The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshop series was concluded in Manila last weekend. If I were to summarise all the salient teachings from the Elohim into one sentence, it would undoubtedly be this: the destiny of the Adam Kadmon race is to spiritualise every possible human action.

Defining Adam Kadmon as ‘the race of man created in the likeness of God’, the Elohim further explained fulfilling this destiny is akin to “folding up the Tree of Life, such that Keter (i.e. Spirit, shown at the top of tree) becomes one with Malkuth (physical world, at the bottom)”.

Kabbalah Tree of Life

Energy attunement in support of AK destiny

One effective way to recode the Adam Kadmon (AK) divine blueprint, that is, turn on the evolutionary programs imprinted in our genetic potential, is to be energetically attuned to a higher-order civilization, such as the Orion Star Nation of the 8th dimensional frequency. For this reason, I am asked to share the Orion attunement transmitted at the workshops.

Attunement to Orion, Manila workshop, 25 May 2019 (5 min)

If the sound track doesn’t appear on your email, go to blog page at https://wp.me/p22lmc-3gG.


  1. Refer to diagram below for the Dodecahedron Merkabah used during the attunement. This sacred geometry, which comprises 12 pentagons, best supports the intention of unifying Keter (represented by Spirit on the pentagon) and Malkuth (represented by Air, Water, Earth and Fire elements).
  2. If you wish to also attune your crystal or other healing tool of your choice, hold the object in your left hand during the attunement.
  3. You may listen to the attunement track as often as you like.

About Orion…

Channeled for Adam Kadmon Recoded workshops, Mar to May 2019

Words of Gratitude

My deepest gratitude to our participants in Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila for your enthusiasm, authenticity and great faith in walking the Adam Kadmon Recoded path with Andy and me!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Illuminating the Human Vessel – A Vesak Full Moon Sharing

The word, hu-man, can be interpreted as light or consciousness (“hu”) embedded in an earth-vessel (“man”).

In this sense, an awakened hu-man is a vessel that is activated to enable consciousness to express itself freely in the world of physicality and by so doing, consciousness evolves and expands to a higher level of self-awareness. As the vessel has originated from consciousness itself, it too will evolve.

What then brings about an activation or awakening of the human vessel?

The insights I channeled from our guides in recent years seem to point towards a common response – by supporting both the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ development of the vessel, metaphorically speaking.

The ‘hardware’ enhancements refer to building our light bodies through DNA recoding, aligning our different light matrices with the Galactic Centre and beyond, anchoring new ascension programs onto the Chakra system, purifying our lower bodies (i.e. physical, double etheric, emotional and lower mental) and other such ‘technical’ light reconfiguration work typically involving the entrainment and infusion of high frequencies into the subtle bodies.

The ‘software’ development can be described as powering up the soul-engine which drives the light bodies. In the words of the Ascended Masters, this process refers to the cultivation of the human spirit to realize our inherent Godly virtues. Specifically, one path towards attaining our soul potentiality is by mastering the divine qualities of the respective personality ray(s) which we were reincarnated with.

Under the auspices of today’s Vesak full moon, may your soul and light bodies be illuminated with the golden blessings of Lord Gautama Buddha, respectably known as the Lord of the World on the Spiritual Hierarchy.


References on Personality Rays and Ray Masters

  • Lords of the Seven Rays, by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  • Seven Ray Affirmations, by I Am University
  • The Rainbow Audio Booklet, a Seven-Rays guided meditation channeled by Amara Tia Ann, 2012. Total 9 tracks. Vesak special price S$8. Audio contents and order information at Products



  • Beyond Light & SoundSolstice Meditation led by Archangel Michael, 21 June, Singapore. Program available HERE. Admission by donations. Register with Amara Tia at anntay@acast.me
  • Channeling Course led by Cosmic Master Thoth and Lady Master Nada. Singapore: 24 & 25 August. Hong Kong: 21 & 22 September. Program details available in June. Stay tuned!

Vesak Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Restoring Balance in the Nervous System – Full Moon Healing Tips

At last weekend’s The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshop in Singapore, the Orion guides came through to explain in great details the workings of the nervous system as the doorway to re-programming the mental body. A healthy nervous system enables higher dimensional frequencies, such as those emanated from the galactic center, to be anchored in the physical body safely, so we can eventually embody (i.e. become) these higher intelligence. Therefore, it is critical to pay attention to our nervous health for both the ascension of our body and evolution of our mind.

Due to the rapidly rising galactic frequencies infiltrating Earth as well as the intensified mental stress prevailing in today’s physical world, the nervous system is subject to more tension and carries a faster-pulsating energy traffic. These factors can increase the risk of a nervous disorder occurring if the excessive tension is not released regularly and if the quickened energy impulses, transported and processed by the spine and the brain, are not grounded efficiently.

At the New Human Body Workshops (2015), cosmic master Thoth offered his insights on the metaphysical causes of certain common nervous disorders and the appropriate healing methods. Refer to Tables below.

Perhaps it is timely to consider adding some of these healing techniques, whichever resonate(s), to your nervous-health maintenance program?

Disclaimer: For users of this information who are currently receiving medical treatments for the above-listed nervous or related symptoms AND are new to energy work and alternative therapies, it is recommended that you consult your doctor or a certified medical practitioner if you are uncertain as to the appropriateness of the healing suggestions for your specific condition.


  • Consultations available in April are fully booked. Email Amara Tia Ann at anntay@acast.me if you wish to be placed on waiting list
  • The final session of workshop The Adam Kadmon Recoded will be held in Manila 25 & 26 May. Email Maura at maura_fran@yahoo.com for enquiries and registration

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Navigating the Reality of our Mind: New Moon Sharing

The effects of the Elohim’s teachings, transmitted during the recent inaugural session of THE ADAM KADMON RECODED – Living Beyond Duality, were certainly impactful and profound, at least for me. Post-workshop, I found myself pondering over these questions as if wanting to extend my learning with the guides: Am I real? Am I my reality and vice versa? Can consciousness evolve only through the realities it creates? Is there one common reality that all consciousness is evolving into? Though I may not have channeled all the answers, ironically, I did find myself becoming more OK about being ‘kept in the dark’. Perhaps, the ability to practise non-attachment more skillfully is the ultimate gift of the workshop? 🙂

The Elohim’s core delivery at the workshop was on reality creation, its true nature and purpose, and the role of the human mind as a navigation and self-correcting tool for awakening our inherent God consciousness. Here are a couple of colourful metaphors which I just channeled as their key insights:

  • an uncultivated mind which remains deeply imprinted in negative ego is almost always fooled by the very fear-based vibrations and realities it is enmeshed with, as if “the director has become one with the avatar he has scripted.”
  • a mind, risen from the ego it was once entangled with, will fully embrace the ego for its nature and the various roles it is being cast in, as if “the director is watching and appreciating, with compassionate awareness, the roles scripted for and being played out by his avatar.”

Besides augmenting the teachings of the Elohim, the energy activations gifted by the Orion Star Council also facilitated the hard-wiring of these energy keys into our neurological system for transforming the mind beyond polarised thoughts and perception.

Other Workshop-Related Messages

Workshop Announcement

The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshop will be repeated in April and May:

  • Singapore session – 13 & 14 April.
  • Manila session – 25 & 26 May

Go to Schedules for program and registration details.



New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Invigorate Your New Moon Intentions

Among the many Egyptian deities and spirit guides whom I work with, Goddess Sekhmet is often the one I approach for instant invigoration of my body and strengthening of my will. To me, her energy signature symbolizes and amplifies these qualities in ourselves: vitality, natural healer, courage and resolute.

(Above: Me receiving an initiation in Sekhmet Chapel, Cairo, Nov 2008)
(Orbs seen in Sekhmet Chapel, photo taken 2008)

This morning, Goddess Sekhmet shared the following meditation for en-livening our new moon intentions and as a self-healing technique. She explained an effective way to invigorate the body and the mind is by consciously generating high-vibrational feelings.

  1. In a meditative state, ask for your physical, emotional and mental body to be connected with the Lioness Goddess, Sekhmet
  2. Have your awareness on your crown chakra and heart chakra during the inhalation and exhalation cycles explained in steps #3 and #4
  3. As you inhale light through the crown chakra, expand your chest and fill it with the specific positive emotions you’re desiring to experience and embody in this new lunar cycle (e.g. excitement, appreciation, inspiration, passion, confidence, joy, serenity, purposeful, rejoiced, dignity etc)
  4. When you exhale through your heart chakra and hollow-out the chest, use the out-breath as the force to create mental images of the targeted outcome, goal or achievement which could bring about these desired feelings
  5. Repeat steps #3 and #4 as many times as you feel drawn, either to reinforce the same set of desired feelings and goals or to create new ones, in each breathing cycle 
  6. Give thanks to Sekhmet for her blessings and protection


Attunement to Goddess Sekhmet and other Egyptian divinities at EGYPT SACRED TOUR, NOV 2019

Hosted by the Elohim and overlit by the Galactic Star Councils, this sacred journey to the Home of the Creator Gods will include energy attunements and meditations at the ancient temples of Goddess Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Horus and Osiris and will conclude with an extraordinary initiation to the Great White Brotherhood in the Great Pyramid on 11.11.2019! 

Read full itinerary and registration details HERE.

Only 2 seats left. Register or enquire with Andy at andy@acast.me. Registration closes on 1st July. 


Other Event Announcement

The Singapore session of THE ADAM KADMON RECODED workshop has been rescheduled to 13 & 14 April. 

Workshop also available in Hong Kong on 16 & 17 March (inaugural Equinox session) and Manila 25 & 26 May. 

Program available HERE and booking details HERE.


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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Decoding Duality – A Full Moon Sharing

While preparing for the new workshop ‘THE ADAM KADMON RECODED – Living Beyond Duality’, the following insights channeled from the Elohim guides on the inter-connection between duality and creation were, to me, both profound and humbling:

  • Duality is integral to creation or manifestation, since the very act of creation inevitably results in a field of polarity consisting of the creator and creation, potential and form, stillness and flow, infinite and finite, thinker and thought and other similar representations of duality
  • Within the field of polarity lies the seed of awakening to the truth that the creator is found in every creation
  • Discovering and nurturing this seed of awakening is the evolutionary path for humanity (termed as the Adam Kadmon Race by the Elohim). Thus, self-transcendence is the ascension goal for every human
  • It is only through understanding and embracing duality in its true nature and purpose (as outlined above) can the human mind eventually transcend the field of polarity to be one with the universal mind


As we look upon this supermoon, let us be reminded that as luminous and glorious as the full moon may be,  it is but the reflection of our inner light in its awakened form…yet another phenomenon of the seer and the seen playing out the dual aspects of Oneness, through the game of creation.


Workshop News

Hosted by the Elohim, Powered by the Orion Star System

A new body of work for:

  • transcending mind limitations of projecting duality in the world of matter
  • evolving beyond illusory perception of fear and scarcity
  • manifesting effectively with non-dual thoughts

Full program for The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshop, including the teaching contents and energy activations intended to be transmitted, is available HERE.

Inaugural pre-Equinox session in Hong Kong on 16 & 17 March. Workshop will also be presented in Singapore 23 & 24 March, United Kingdom 11 & 12 May and Manila 25 & 26 May. Go to Schedules for logistics and registration info.

Email Andy at andy@acast.me for workshop collaboration suggestions and requests. 


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Grounding our understanding of ‘frequencies-grounding’

In one of my recent reading sessions, a client shared how he has noticed his manifestation becoming more effective after having grounded himself more regularly. On this, his guides queried, “what did you actually do to ground yourself ?” and to which my client replied, “I am exercising more.”

His guides – a group of galactic masters – then offered their insights on the meaning and purpose of grounding and also suggested a few grounding methods.

Physical reality is constructed by metaphysical elements and patterned by crystalline light

The Earth’s vibrational components consist of:

  • 1st dimensional – metaphysical elements, namely, air, water, earth and fire
  • 2nd dimensional – crystalline light  
  • 3rd dimensional – minerals and other forms of matter  

As a vessel for creating experiences in the 3rd dimensional realm for the soul’s learning, the human body is constituted the same way as the Earth. So, ‘grounding’ means to bring about a vibrational harmonisation between our physical body (3D) and its lower dimensional constituents i.e. crystalline light (2D) and elements (1D); and to align ourselves vibrationally with Earth.

Grounding Methods

Wherever our attention goes, energy follows.

Grounding happens every time we pay close and deliberate attention to the vibrational state of our body, such as being aware of the ‘chi’ or ‘qi’ moving through the chakras and meridian lines.

Depending on whether sufficient attention is given to the breathing rhythm, doing physical exercises alone may or may not provide effective grounding.

The following creative ideas were channeled from my client’s guides for grounding excessively-high frequencies as and when needed, so you can feel more Present and in harmony with Earth. As I understand, these grounding methods also offer some level of health benefits.

  1.  Get a red or maroon cushion cover for your seated meditations
    • Rationale: red colour resonates with the root chakra whilst maroon boosts the sense of belonging and connection with humanity
  2. In a standing position, have your awareness on both feet and sense if your body weight is being distributed equally on both feet as well as on the toes, ball and heel of each foot
  3. Meditate on (printed) foot reflexology charts
    • Rationale: the brain energizes what the eyes see, thus causing the body to experience the vibrational effects of the external vision

ANNOUNCEMENT: Private Consultations Extended to End-Feb

To cater to additional requests, bookings for reading/healing sessions over Skype will be extended for another week till 27th Feb. Please visit Consultations page for booking details.


Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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