Master Teaching Classes

We’ll love to have you at our monthly spiritual teaching classes. If you can’t be with us in person and would like to listen to the free audio recordings (usually includes Light Language energy transmissions from Spirit), please follow our blog or drop us an email at if you wish to receive updates on the latest audio releases. Blessings! 

If you are keen to host Ann’s spiritual teaching programmes in your community, you are welcome to write to


Ann  conducts group teaching sessions usually on full moons and/or new moons as a way of bringing Light Workers together for mutual learning and sharing and for reinforcing the message that We are One Divine Family.

The healing energies made available to Earth are especially potent during these phases of the moon cycle. This is another reason for organising the group meditations on these dates.

Each teaching class typically includes the following segments:

  • Teachings of a particular topic, as advised by Ann’s spirit guides
  • Energy healings and activations for the group
  • Planetary healing
  • Group sharing (if time permits)

The spiritual energies whom Ann works with for constructing the Master Teaching Classes include: The Elohim, Galactic Councils of Light, Ascended Masters, Christed Exterterrestrial Races, Angels, Archangels and Mother Gaia.

Look under the respective months’ events for a list of the Master Teaching Classes held.

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