Becoming A Master Of The New World Order, 19 August, Hong Kong


– A Master Teaching Class To Initiate You To Your Galactic Lineage


As the Earth, Sun and Solar System complete the current evolutionary cycle of 26000 years by the end of 2012, they are being re-aligned with the Galactic equator once again. This re-alignment provides a gateway for a phenomenal expansion of the human consciousness to a level that’s never been realized in the history of humankind. The current influx of Galactic Intelligence into the Earth’s atmosphere is fast awakening the dormant DNA potential in humans, preparing us to realize our lineage as a Galactic being, contributing to the materialization of the New Earth of 5th dimension.

Overshadowed by the Galactic Council of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy, this 4-hour intensive Master Spiritual Teaching Class is about preparing you for a greater role in shaping the New Earth. The latest ascension teachings and powerful energy activations transmitted from the Galactic Core will catalyse your transformation into a fully awakened star human.


Channeled Teachings:

  • Understanding your origin as a Star Seed
  • Reclaiming your lineage as a Soul-ar and Galactic Being
  • Understanding the divine plan for New Earth from the perspective of Galactic expansion
  • Your role and abilities in creating and fulfilling the New World Order
  • Stepping into soul mastery through spiritual tests and initiations

Energy Activations:

  • Rebalancing karmic and miasmic imprints which are deterring your growth and expansion
  • Awakening your dormant DNA potential by tuning up your crystalline body
  • Reconfiguring your light body to unleash your Galactic gifts and abilities
  • Initiation into the Order of New World Servers – A gift from the Galactic Council of Light


Date:          19 August 2012 (Sunday)

Time:          9am to 1pm

Venue:         Karma Consultants, 11/F., Willie Building (偉利大廈), 222-224, Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong,

Fees:          HKD840 per person, chargeable in SGD through Paypal. Full payment required upon registration.

Please email Andy at for enquiries and registration.

* Please go to Private Consultation Schedule if you are interested in booking a private session with Ann.

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