Introductory Talk : Entering A Galactic Age, 17 August, Hong Kong

Entering A Galactic Age – Understand The Impending Changes To Your Realities

You Are From The Stars…

Ever looked at the shiny stars in the night sky and felt particularly close to them as if you were one of these brilliant sparks of light? Indeed you are.

We are all beings of light originated from various star systems within or outside the Milky Way Galaxy. Some of us, desiring to experience a denser form of reality for faster soul evolvement, had chosen to incarnate on Earth as a human. As we descended from the higher planes of light where we were first created (our home planets), we lost conscious memory of our stellar origin, gifts and abilities and most important, of the truth that we are Children of the Stars created in the perfect image of God which is Love, Peace and Oneness. We became so deeply entrained in the third dimensional reality of Earth that we believed we were from and of this world of matter.

As the Earth, the Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy approach the completion of the current evolutionary cycle of 26,000 years (known as the Great Age) by December 2012, we are being propelled towards a full awakening of our stellar nature and to reconnect with our home planets. As Earth ascends to become a more evolved planet of the fifth dimension, you too shall rise to your greater soul light. Your understanding and beliefs of Who You Are and Your Purpose on Earth will be greatly expanded, along with the experiences and realities you shall create on the New Earth.

To Learn More…

Join us at this FREE evening talk to receive channeled teachings from Mother Gaia, Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Galactic Council of Light on the ascension path of the Milky Way Galaxy and the implications on the ongoing  consciousness expansion of Earth and her people. You will also receive energy healings and activations to quicken your re-connection with your stellar origin.

Find out how the programs ‘Becoming A Master of The New World Order’ (19 August) and ‘Rebirthing The Lemurian Race For The New Earth’ (18 August) are designed to support and prepare you for the ongoing planetary shift and galactic evolution.

You are star beings who have chosen to have an experience on Earth. No matter how challenging your Earthly experiences may become, we wish for you to remember that you are not these experiences but the conduit to purify them into Harmony, Beauty and Perfection. You are from the stars and to the stars you shall return.’

– A Message from Spiritual Hierarchy, Venus in Transit 6 June 2012


Registration Details

Date:               17 August 2012 (Friday)

Time:               7:30pm to 9pm

Venue:             Karma Consultants, 11/F., Willie Building (偉利大廈), 222-224, Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong,

Fees:               By donation

Registration/Enquiry:     Email Jenny Kam at

* Please go to Private Consultation Schedule if you are interested in booking a private session with Ann.

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