Mastering Creation Through DNA Recoding, 31st August, Singapore

Post-event Update : The audio-visual production of this event is available for purchase at $30 per copy, comprising a set of the presentation slides used during the session and an hour audio recording. Go to sample movie to download a short sample clip. Please email to order.

Emerald Tablet 10 – The Key of Time

Third-Dimensional World of Linear Time and Space

The human consciousness and the expression of it on Earth has long been constrained by linear time and physical space, both of which are the characteristics of a 3rd dimensional world of matter. Our 3D experiences are very much a result of us expressing our beingness as energy waves traversing through linear time.

Hence our incarnations on Earth and life events within an incarnation were experienced and perceived by the human mind as separate occurrences known as the past, present and future. Due to this linear-time perception, a human thought literally takes time to be manifested. Additionally, the physical nature of the 3rd dimensional Earth reinforces the illusion of the human connections and experiences as ‘solidly’ separated from one another.

Returning to the VOID through the Fifth-Dimensional Gateway

The 5th dimensional vibration of Light which the Earth is transiting to is a plane of Non-Linear Time and Non-Physical Space. Unlike the 3rd dimensional reality which has been the human experience so far, materialisation of THOUGHT is immediate in the 5th dimensional plane of Light. This will be made possible as we unlock and realise the quantum or multi-dimensional nature of ourselves as light beings.

As our consciousness expands and we evolve to become expressions of quantum light (as opposed to experiencing ourselves as only linear waves of energy), we will create our experiences from a space of ONENESS, referred to in the Emerald Tablet as the VOID. A purposeful thought generated from this vortex of pure potentiality can thus become an immediate reality. Such is the beauty and power of 5th dimensional living.

Creation in Cosmic Time and Space of 5th Dimension

Omni-Present Expressions of Quantum Energy

Full Moon Teachings and Energy Activations from Thoth

On the full moon in Pisces of 31st August 2012, the Cosmic Master Thoth will decode the hidden messages of Emerald Tablet 10: The Key of Time and share his wisdom on mastering creation through transcending linear time and physical space.

Energy activations will be gifted to speed up the awakening of the 5th-strand DNA in our divine blueprint for bringing forth the 5D experience of Purposeful Creation. Thoth emphasises that all 12 sub-strands within each DNA strand have to be fully recoded and reactivated in order that the human energy system can hold and anchor the 5D vibrational frequency properly.

This is the true value and importance of the energy work he will be gifting us.


Channeled Teachings:

  • Emerald Tablet 10: The Key of Time as the secret to entering the VOID of pure potentiality
  • Application of Cosmic Time (or non-linear time of higher dimensions) for 5D creation
  • Importance of recoding and operationalising the 5th-strand DNA for 5D living and being
  • Science of thinking and believing: How limiting mental patterns and belief systems negate manifestation of thoughts

Energy Activations:

  • Increase our Light quotient through the sound of ‘ZIN-URU’ (Emerald Tablet 10)
  • Release low-vibrational mental patterns limiting manifestation of thoughts
  • Recode and actualise the 5th strand DNA potential of our divine blueprint, working at the sub-strand level

Date:               31st August 2012 (Friday)

Time:               7:30pm to 9pm

Venue:             SCWO Center, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore

Fees:                S$30 per person

Register:          with Ann via email

Thoth is a cosmic master who incarnated on Earth three times in ancient Egypt, Greece and Atlantis. He is known as the Mood God of Spiritual Science and Magic; the Time Lord and the scribe who wrote The Emerald Tablets.

I have had the privilege of working with Thoth for several years to transmit and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of the human ascension journey. The following is a list of teachings and energy transmissions gifted by Thoth in 2012 available on the ACAST web site:

Emerald Tablet 10 – The Key of Time :

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