Achieving Soul Ascension Through Compassion, 9 December 2012 (Singapore) 大师班:从慈悲出发至灵性扬升之道, 2012年12月9日 (新加坡)


(please scroll down for Chinese-translated program)

Overshadowed by the Ascended Masters Kuan Yin, Green Tara, Gautama Buddha and Medicine Buddha, this program focuses on expanding our understanding of the purpose and process of soul ascension on the new 5th dimensional Earth.  Ann will channel the Masters’ teachings which cover a wide range of topics but inter-woven by the central theme of achieving enlightenment of the mind through the science of compassion. Their insights and wisdom will prepare us for an empowering journey in 2013.

Teaching Topics

  • True purpose of the human experience on Earth
  • Understanding karma from the perspective of soul evolution
  • Completing karma in this life time – personal will or God’s will?
  • Inter-connection between Earth’s ascension to 5th Dimension and the human evolutionary journey
  • Vibratory theme for 2013 for the Earth
  • Role of Singapore in the ascension plan for Earth
  • Meaning and purpose for soul ascension
  • Compassion as the path to soul ascension

Energy Activations and Blessings

The Masters will also offer energy healings and activations for promoting our spiritual wellness and enable our light body to hold more Light:

  • Release karmic memories deterring soul evolution
  • Tuning up and aligning crystalline body with Earth’s crystal core
  • Reconfiguring light body through DNA recoding
  • Opening the lotus heart with Compassion
  • Special initiation by Medicine Buddha and Green Tara : Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Class will be conducted in English with Mandarin interpretation.

Registration Details

Date:  9 December 2012 (Sunday)

Time:  10am to 5pm

Venue:  Self Awareness Society, 320C King George’s Avenue, King George’s Building, Singapore 208564

Fees:  SGD 220 per person

Language:  English with Mandarin interpretation

Translator: Ms Tung Ya-Ning

Register/Enquiries: Email Ya-Ning at



在观音、绿度母、释迦摩尼佛和药师佛等诸位扬升上师的庇荫下,这个课程专注於了解并开展个人在第5次元地球的灵性扬升包括目的和过程。Ann 会传达诸位上师众多课题的指导,而这些课题都有一个共同的主题:就是如何通过慈悲心的科学,达到心智的觉醒。2013年我们将有一股强大力量给加持,上师的洞见和智慧会为我们这趟的旅程做好准备。


  • 人类在地球的真正目的
  • 以灵性进化的角度来了解业力
  • 完成今世业力是个人意愿还是上天意愿?
  • 地球扬升至第5次元和人类进化之旅的相互关系
  • 2013年地球的波动主题
  • 新加坡在地球扬升计划扮演的角色
  • 灵性扬升的意义和目的
  • 通过慈悲至灵性扬升的途径


  • 解除灵性进化的业力障碍
  • 强化个人水晶体并校准它和地球水晶核心的频率
  • 通过重编细胞序码来重组光体
  • 以慈悲来开绽心中莲花
  • 来自药师佛和绿度母的启发: 健全心智和健全身体


日期:  2012年12月9日(星期日)

时间:   上午10点 -下午5点

地点:   Self Awareness Society, 320C King George’s Avenue, King George’s Building, Singapore 208564

费用:    $220

语言:  英语辅以中文翻译

翻译员: 董亚宁

报名及查询请联络 :

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