Remembering The Keys To Ascension, 20 May 2012, Singapore

Channeled Teachings by Thoth

Transition to the 5th dimensional reality necessarily entails a totally new understanding of Time.

On the coming New Moon in Gemini (also Solar Eclipse), I will connect with the great Master Thoth – author of the Emerald Tablet – to decode the Key of Time and the following prophesies related to the dimensional shift soon to be experienced by Earth and humanity:

  • Rise of Atlantis
  • Victory of Horus over Seth (Egyptian)
  • Return of the Goddess Wisdom (Pagan)

Important Energy Activations and Initiation

Thoth has incarnated three times on Earth as King Priest of Atlantis: Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites; scribe of Ancient Egypt: Thoth (Djehuti) and Greek metaphysical teacher and philosopher: Hermes Trismegistus.  While in Atlantis and Egypt, he initiated many priests and priestesses into the path of planetary service and taught them the keys to ascension.  Thoth revealed that many of us Lightworkers hold memories of his teachings and that NOW is the time for us to retrieve these past life knowledge to support ourselves and the people of Earth through the dimensional shift and ascension process.

For this reason, at the New Moon event, Thoth will gift us the energy activations for awakening our lineage with the Atlantean and Egyptian Mystery Schools to expedite our soul remembrance. A new ascension technique will also be taught by Thoth. We will connect with the Hall of Records and Halls of Amenti of the Great Pyramid to receive these energy transmissions and be initiated by Thoth onto what he terms as The Path of Ascension Through New Creation Light.

“Thoth: Children of the Sun, may you heed the calling of your soul to step forward to receive this gift of ascension” –  Channeled by Ann 22 April 12


Date:  20 May 12 (Sun)

Time:  11am to 1pm

Venue:  Wabi Sabi Yoga, 54C South Bridge Road. Locality may at

Fees:  $30 per person

Please register with Ann at

….Man is only what he believeth,
a brother of darkness or a child of the Light.
Come though into the Light my Children.
Walk in the pathway that leads to the Sun.

…Hark ye now, and list to the wisdom.
Use thou the word I have given unto thee.
Use it and surely though shalt find power and wisdom
and Light to walk in the way.
Seek thee and find the key I have given
and ever shalt thou be a Child of the Light.

The Emerald Tablet of Thoth, Tablet 10, The Key of Time, translated by Dr Doreal

2 thoughts on “Remembering The Keys To Ascension, 20 May 2012, Singapore”

  1. I wish I could be there but I am on the other side of the Earth. I will be there in spirit. Many blessings, much Love and Gratitude.

  2. I wish I am in Singapore! I will be there as spirit 🙂
    Sounds wonderful!

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