A Night With Aphrodite, In Celebration of the Venus Transit, 6 June 2012, Singapore

Following the annular solar eclipse on May 20th, another super gateway to Enlightenment awaits us on June 6th via the Venus Transit.  The planet Venus is most often associated with the Love vibration; in astrology, Venus represents Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, grace, beauty and sexuality. When Venus aligns herself between the Sun and the Earth in a transit (also called a passage),  it catalyses the awakening of our essence which is Love.

A Rare Occurrence

A Venus Transit occurs when we can see Venus passing directly in front of the Sun. This is similar to when the Moon passes in front of the Sun on a solar eclipse. We are in the midst of completing the first Venus Transit of this millennium. The Venus Transit presently upon us comes in a pair, with each transit in the pair spaced eight years apart. The most recent transit occurred on June 8, 2004 to be paired off with the next one on June 6, 2012. In one 243-year Venus Transit cycle there are two pair spaced 121.5 ±8 years apart. The last Venus Transit (pair) occurred 129.5 years ago in 1874 and 1882. The next pair will occur 113.5 years from this one, in 2117 and 2125.

A Love Affair

Intent creates. Action, following intent, creates magically! Intending to be and share greater love, Andy and I are hosting a Love event on June 6th to celebrate the completion of the first Venus Transit pair of this millennium, especially when it is occurring in 2012!


  • A Love Story – How My Spiritual Awakening Journey Started In The Last Venus Transit June 2004
  • Message of Love – Channelled Teachings and Blessings from Ascended Master Sanat Kumara and his twin flame, Venus
  • Love from the Pleiades Constellation – Energy gifts for Opening the Heart Chakra
  • Group Activities


Date: 6th June 2012 (Wednesday)

Time: 7:30pm to 9pm

Venue: SCWO Center, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore

Fees: By Donation

Registration: Please email Ann at anntay@acast.me

A Night with Aphrodite is a gift of Love from ACAST. Let us join hearts to welcome the awakening of the Love Goddess in us!

With Love, Peace and Oneness

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