Remembering Lemuria, Full Moon Meditation 8 Feb 2012, SIngapore

10th Feb 2012 Update: The audio recording of this meditation is now available via the following links. Please note that certain parts of the channeling of Story of Lemuria  involved the use of graphic illustrations which are not reproduced here.


Remembering Lemuria

Remembering Lemuria 

Full Moon Meditation

8 Feb 2012, 7:30pm 


I have just returned from an immensely healing and uplifting retreat at Coromandel, New Zealand. One of the greatest gifts I received was the activation of the ancient Lemurian light codes in my cellular memory and the restoration of my soul to its purest form, as if having my etheric and other subtle bodies reset to their original crystalline form gifted by the Creator from the beginning of beginnings. I have been asked by Spirit to share these new energy encodings with ALL at the full moon of Feb 2012 to assist you in remembering and fulfilling your soul mission and desires.

Lemuria existed as one of the most ancient civilisations on Earth, way before Atlantis came about. Most, if not all, of the star seeds who have pledged to save the humanity from its continuing fall in God consciousness would have first taken human incarnation during the Lemurian time. Wearing a human garment, the Lemurians lived on Earth as God-like beings, utilising their supreme spiritual abilities and powers and their Love for one another and for mankind, to build a heaven on the material plane. Their mission was to realise the cosmic truth of One God, One Love in this physical reality called the 3rd dimension, thereby helping to raise the consciousness of the fallen angels – the human race.

As these star seeds began and continued with their incarnations on the earth plane of density and duality, like the humans, they too began to create negative karma between themselves under the illusion of separation from God (meaning Love and Oneness). Fear grew and became ingrained in their soul memory. For twin flames who had incarnated as Lemurians, this false sense of being separated as a unified body of light was particularly painful and often lasted for many subsequent lifetimes.

At this coming meditation, we will be joined by many beautiful cosmic beings along with Lord Sananda (Master Jesus) and Lady Nada to work on :

  • Activating the Lemurian blueprint in your DNA to awaken the ancient gifts and abilities in you as a star seed;
  • Awaken the I Am Presence in your soul memory, so you may walk the path of reunion with God
  • Release karmic miasmic patterns in your cellular memory which fuel fear in your beliefs, emotions and behaviours
  • Healing past life memory of pain of separation from twin flames and soul mates so you be rejoined with your true love, as guided by your higher purpose


Date:               8 Feb 2012 (Wednesday)

Time:               7:30pm to 9pm

Venue:             Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO)

96 Waterloo Street

Locality map at

Fees:                $22 per person

Seats available:            50

If you feel ready to reclaim and reconnect with your Lemurian heritage, this would be a cosmic gathering for you!

With Peace and Oneness,


3 thoughts on “Remembering Lemuria, Full Moon Meditation 8 Feb 2012, SIngapore”

  1. Margaret Hooton said:

    Thank you for the February Full Moon meditation. Is there any way we can get an indication of the areas of the earth being spoken of?

    All love,


  2. Thank you for your kindness in uploading the recordings here. It’s indeed a great blessing and gift.

    Love, Yoges

  3. MSL Jayantthi said:

    Hi Ann,

    Just checked out your blog. It is really so informative and uplifting. Missed yesterday’s meditation session… Looking forward to all your messages and sessions.

    Love and Light,

    ~ JAY

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