Returning to Zero-Point, 19 June 2012, Singapore

Note: The audio recording of this event is available for purchase. For contents, please read Post of 20 June 2012. For order instructions, please go to Products.

Event Invitation

Join us on this Solstice preview to receive the latest ascension teachings and energy transmissions from the Galactic Council of Light. Learn more about the ongoing  planetary shift and how it is impacting you as a Spiritual Being Having An Earthly Experience during this transitory time.

Channeled Teachings:

  • Earth’s transition to a higher order of Light from the perspective of Galactic expansion
  • Changes to your current realities resulting from Earth’s ongoing ascension
  • Bio-chemical changes to the human body during the ascension process
  • Returning to the Zero-Point as the key and the way to a smooth transition
  • Significance of the Solstice seasons of 2012: 21st June and 21st December
  • Understanding and exercising your freewill choices

Energy Activations to:

  • Reconfigure and map your light matrix to the Galactic command centre
  • Tune up your crystalline body
  • Align your core star chakra to Earth’s zero-point field

Expand your mind by connecting with the Galactic intelligence during this Solstice season !


Date: 19th June 2012 (Tuesday)

Time: 7:30pm to 9pm

Venue: SCWO Center, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore

Check out for locality map

Fees: $22 per person

Registration: Please email Ann at Seats limited to 50.

2 thoughts on “Returning to Zero-Point, 19 June 2012, Singapore”

  1. where can i purchase a recording of this class?

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