The Flame of Shamballa, Singapore, 8 March 2012

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Shamballa, City of Light

Shamballa, the ancient home of Lord Sanat Kumara is located in the etheric realm over the Gobi Desert in China. This retreat, once physical, has since been withdrawn to the etheric octave, or heaven-world. It is also the etheric ashram for the Great White Brotherhood and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

What was significant and special about Shamballa is the Three-Fold Flame that burns continuously on the altar of the main temple. This flame, exuding the essence of God – Love, Power and Wisdom, was brought by Sanat Kumara when he descended on Terra (planet Earth) together with 144,000 light warriors on a mission to revive human’s God consciousness. That was a period of total darkness and great density on Earth when the human race had forgotten its connection with Source, the All That Is. Sanat Kumara and his troupe of light bearers had safeguarded the Three-Fold Flame ever since, patiently waiting for the return of a golden age on Earth when man will once more remember and embrace his Godly nature through the awakening of his divine spark and the Three-Fold Flame imprinted in his etheric heart.

I was told by Sanat Kumara that many of the Light Workers presently in incarnation are the souls or soul extensions of these original 144,000 light warriors. As Earth prepares herself to ascend to the 5th dimensional body of light, paving the way for humanity to usher in a new golden era, this is the opportune time for the 144,000 souls to commune and energise the Three-Fold Flame of Shamballa – may the City of Light shine its brightest to touch the heart of every man!

About the Master Teaching Class

I am pleased to serve as the channel for Sanat Kumara and Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha at this full moon event. We will be joined by the Chohans of the 7 Rays, Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, the Elohim and the Archangels.

These great Masters will offer the following teachings and energy transmissions:


  • Establishment and evolution of Shamballa
  • Science and magic of the Three-Fold Flame gifted to all children of God
  • Legend of the 144,000 warriors of light
  • 2012 Planetary Awakening of Christ/Buddhic Consciousness – Role of Shamballa and its guardians

Energy Activations and Healing

  • Awakening your soul contract
  • Etheric connection with Shamballa
  • Re-igniting Three-Fold Flame in the 3 heart chakras
  • Firing the unity matrix of light for the 144,000

Welcome Back!

In your deepest memory, you may recall the beauty and magnificence of Shamballa for you had journeyed there in your early days on Earth. In the sacred space of your heart, you may also remember the sight of the ever burning Three-Fold Flame. The City of Light awaits your return!


Date: 8 March 2012 (Thursday)

Time:  7:30pm to 9pm

Venue: To be advised

Fees: $22 per person

Email Ann to register:

1 thought on “The Flame of Shamballa, Singapore, 8 March 2012”

  1. Kim Chng said:

    Thank you for conducting the workshop! I was very blessed to be able to connect n rediscover my soul contract – to bring joy to children n help the poor!
    I have realised that I was moving away from my mission n now I’m back on track again! Thanks Ann!

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