Honouring The Goddess Magic, 18th July, Singapore

New Moon in Cancer, 18th July 2012

The zodiac sign of Cancer symbolizes the Mother of all mothers, in the same manner as Isis represents the Goddess of all goddesses. On this New Moon in Cancer, in celebration of the Ancient Egyptian New Year and the birthday of Goddess Isis, let us open our hearts to honour and embrace the Divine Feminine in all creations.

Egyptian New Year and Heliacal Rising of Sirius

July marks the New Year of ancient Egyptians, coinciding with the time of the Nile’s annual inundation and the heliacal (dawn) rising of the great star Sirius – the energy portal to the Milky Way Galaxy (As Above) and to our monad or over-soul (So Below). As we connect with the Sirius blue star in the context of her legendary heliacal rising in the Earth’s sky, we quicken the awakening our monadic self and allow our spark of light, the I Am Presence shine and rise above the density of the body.

Isis – Great Teacher from Sirius, Archetypal Representation of the Divine Mother

In some literature, July 17th marks the birthday of the Isis – a great Sirian being who descended on Earth as the Queen of ancient Egypt to spread the message of Oneness and be the conduit for the Sirius star system, a highly evolved star civilisation. Isis’ mission was also to anchor the feminine creative force into the hearts of man.

Annual Festival Honouring Goddess Magic

For several years now, I have had the pleasure and honour of being the channel for Goddess Isis for the July New Moon celebration to transmit her loving and powerful healing vibrations. For this year, Isis has guided me to invite two guest presenters to be part of a Goddess team, to beam out the Sirius and Isis blue light of nurturing transformation.

We look forward to your Loving Presence at our annual festival celebrating and honouring the Goddess Magic.


ANN: Channeled Teachings and Energy Transmissions via the Great Pyramid portal

  • Omega, the Divine Mother – The Origin, Attributes and Role of the Divine Feminine Energy During The End Time
  • Isis Speaks: Reliving the Trinity of Love through the story of Isis, Osiris and Horus in ancient Egypt
  • Energy Activations gifted by Divine Mother : Opening the Heart’s Love and Wisdom via the Great Pyramid portal

ELIONE: “Coming into Balance with the Egyptian Goddesses”

This is a poetic invocation of the 4 Eygptian Goddesses: Isis, Hathor, Maat and Sekhmat; representing the 4 elements of air, earth, water and fire.  When these elements are present and balanced, it is Divine Love that we experience and become.

Elione will perform a recital of the invocation along with playing her singing crystal bowl(s) in an evening of poetry and music for soul remembrance and enjoyment.

About Elione: Elione is a cosmic dancer, a soul whisperer swaying to the rhythm of words that call to be heard. In poetic fashion in days of yore, she channels to inspire and open doors of hearts with ears to hear the truth that the Soul holds dear. Contact Elione at Elione.Sun@gmail.com.

FANA: “Reviving the Sacred Feminine Energy“

Isis and the Goddesses incarnate the Sacred Feminine Energy which is associated with the Moon and the qualities of unconditional love, compassion, wisdom, beauty, gentleness, abundance, patience, forgiving, nurturing,intuitivity, healing, creation and power.

Goddess Quan Yin as a spokesperson for all Goddesses brought forth this information :
‘’It is time now to revive the Divine feminine energy which has been lost for a long time. The essence of the feminine energy is much needed now for the ascension in order to rebalance energies and to create a state of Oneness ”

Fana will thus share with us the fruit of life code (sacred geometry and light language) gifted by the Goddesses , Metatron and Thoth.  It will  ignite the Divine Feminine Energy in us!

About Fana : whose name means  ”United with God” in Sufi and light in Ethiopian language is the founder of the online platform “Peace, Love and Oneness”, a website gathering like-minded light-workers united to provide people with precious information, free codes and activation related to the ascension and the path to Mastery.
Her life purpose is to be a teacher and a light bearer helping people to find their way back to Oneness with the Source and remember the true Masters they are.  

She is an  intuitive oracle card and cauris shells reader and a  healer working the Violet Flame to release karma thanks to a combination of angelic reiki, crystal healing, usui reiki and Isis lotus rose healing. She is assisted by the spiritual hierarchy (the Elohim, the Archangels and Angels, the ascended masters, galactic council and the devic kingdom).  She also draws and channels sacred geometric codes, mandalas & activation.  

For further information, go to her website www.peaceloveandoneness.com (live in July) or join her Meet Up Group www.meetup.com/PeaceLoveandOneness or contact her (fana.gueye@gmail.com).

SPECIAL PRESENTATION BY ANDY: Confession of a Man – How to Survive in a World of Rising Women Power. 

Event Logistics

Date: 18th July 2012 (Wednesday)

Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Venue: Wabi Sabi Yoga,  54C South Bridge Road, Singapore 058685

Fees: $30 per person. Payment at the door

Register: Email Andy at andy@acast.me.

Please note that pre-registration is mandatory to ensure availability of seat. Thank you.

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