Project “Awakening Tara”

(Go to Recalibrating Earth’s 3D Chakras for Energy Shift for further explanations on project intent and purpose)

Becoming ONE Consciousness

Earth will transit to a new envelope of light known as the 5th Dimension on 21stDecember 2012. Along with this planetary energy shift, the human consciousness can potentially experience an unprecedented expansion. Beings who resonate with the new energy frequency of Earth will embody and express the 5D qualities of Love, Peace and Oneness.

What we think, we become. Accordingly, what we collectively think about, becomes our group consciousness and reality very rapidly. To energise the frequency of Oneness as we run up to December 2012, my spirit guides the Elohim have requested I launch a global initiative: “Awakening Tara”. Tara is the spiritual name of the 5D Earth.

Energy Portals on the 7 Continents to be Activated

During the Golden Age of Atlantis, the Atlantean star-humans remained energetically and spiritually connected with Source, or the Creator of All, despite having descended on Earth. Back then, 7 sacred mountains were identified as representing the 7 pillars of wisdom or spiritual laws governing Golden Atlantis. Together, these 7 mountains held and disseminated the 5th dimensional frequency of Golden Atlantis throughout the continent.

I am told by the Elohim that the 7 sacred mountains of Golden Atlantis are represented metaphorically by the 7 continents on Earth; namely Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Australia/Oceania and Antarctica.

The energy portals on each of the 7 continents are already, and will continue to be, activated by ascension energies coming from the Galactic Core as we approach 21stDecember 2012. Once fully activated, these power places will serve to hold, integrate and transmit the 5th dimensional energy frequency across Earth through her meridian lines, similar to how Golden Atlantis was energetically supported by its 7 sacred mountains.

Project ‘Awakening Tara’

One the following Full Moons prior to 21st December 2012, the Galactic Council and the Elohim will work with me to activate the energy portals on the 7 continents:

  • Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius, 1st and 2nd August – Asia and Australia/Oceaniarespectively
  • Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces, 31st August – Antarctica
  • Full Moon in Libra/Aries, 29th and 30th September – South America and North America respectively
  • Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus, 29th October –  Europe
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini, 28th November – Africa

The Elohim explain that by applying the intent of All is One and One is All, the activated power place(s) of the particular continent will trigger similar activation of the energy vortices of the other six. Light Language sound vibrations will be used as the medium to perform the distant portal activation.

Join in ‘Awakening Tara’

To energise and demonstrate the principle of Oneness as the foundation of a 5D Earth, regardless of which part of the world you are in, you are invited to participate in Awakening Tara by:

  • Contributing photos and short descriptions of the sacred sites of your residential continent. Ideally you have visited these places recently or plan to visit them in the coming months. Please email the materials to
  • Joining in the full moon meditations with the Galactic Council and the Elohim by listening to the energy transmissions, while connecting with the particular continent / power sites images. The photos and the light language energy activations will be available on the ACAST website for free on the specified Full Moon dates;


  •  Sharing the news of this initiative of Oneness with your loved ones. To receive updates of the full moon transmissions and accompanying resources efficiently, they can choose to follow the ACAST blog at

‘Awakening Tara’ begins on Full Moon 1st and 2ndAugust

The Elohim have asked that we kick off Awakening Tara on 1st August via Singapore as a representation of Asia, given that this global initiative was launched from this tiny island sitting on an energy vortex.

Australia/Oceania has been identified as the next continent to receive the August full moon activation.

If you feel attracted to be part of Awakening Tara and are residing in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand or any part of Oceania, I look forward to receiving your photo contribution of a power site(s) of either places before 1st August. Please email, along with a brief write up about the place(s).

Becoming One We shall Be

As we countdown to 21st December 2012, let us assist in Awakening Tara and ourselves to ONENESS through our collective intent and joint actions.

May You be Love, May They be Peace, May We be One.Many Blessings

Ann and Andy

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