Photos – Tanzania

Photos and commentaries by Glynis Ferguson and Winifred Lai of Hong Kong, October 2012.

Glynis – “As someone who loves to experience life, Tanzania offered me a journey that was rich. The landscape, the colours, the light, the diversity of animals, the different ways of living, I felt the magnificence of the creator in Africa. It touched my heart. It touched my soul. It was beautiful. Reflecting on what the animals had to teach, how they are different to mankind, I saw that they are instinctual. They are not rational. When they are hungry they kill. We humans sometimes have the instinctual, our intuition, thrashed out of us as we grow up and are asked to behave in certain ways, to conform. What I became aware of in Africa was two different experiments in the journey of life.

Looking to beyond 2012 … it is time for mankind to reconnect with our intuition, our inner knowing. To remember that we are spirit in a human body having a human experience. To love with our mind and know with our heart, as a wise man once told me”







IMG_0390Winifred – “When I set foot in the nature of Tanzania, I felt an immediate soul connection. Connection with the land, connection with the wildlife itself is healing enough. The Tanzanians I came across have a great heart to serve, no matter it’s nature or guests whom they are serving. For me, it’s a magical place, where I would wake up with a Masai warrior and elephant in front of me, or swimming in the magnificent Indian Ocean when sun rises, or just sitting next to a pride of lions. I don’t know about the rest of Africa, but for the parts I have visited, they just breathe LIFE to me and teach me the truth of LIFE itself.”

1 thought on “Photos – Tanzania”

  1. Ya ning Tung said:

    Beautiful experiences… Thank you for sharing.

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