29 October Activation of Europe Portals

This is the suggested meditation technique if you wish to participate in activation of Earth’s third eye chakra represented collectively by the energy portals located in Europe.

You may use the Photos of UK Sites as an energy bridge, connecting you with Earth’s third eye.

  1. Center yourself through deep breathing, focusing on holding the peace and balance in your heart chakra. Allow this sense of inner balance to permeate across your entire body.
  2. Gently, start to feel the full moon vibrations slowly infusing your body
  3. Bring up the image of the Europe continent in your third eye chakra. Continue to place your awareness on the third eye as you listen to this energy gift from the Elohim and the Galactic Council (click Europe Activation 29 Oct ). As you and the Earth are one consciousness, by energising your third eye chakra, the same is achieved for the Earth
  4. Remain in a totally relaxed manner, allowing the energy transmission to be integrated into your light body.

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