30 September Activation of North America Portals – Mt Shasta

This is the suggested meditation technique if you wish to participate in activation of Earth’s heart chakra represented collectively by the energy portals of North America.

You may use the Photos of Mt Shasta as an energy bridge, connecting you with Earth’s heart  chakra.

  1. Center yourself through deep breathing, focusing on holding the peace and balance in your heart chakra
  2. Through your heart, feel the full moon vibrations slowly infusing your body
  3. Have your awareness on your heart chakra as you listen to this energy gift from the Elohim and the Galactic Council (click Mt Shasta Activation)
  4. Relax your mind and body to facilitate the full integration of this galactic energy transmission

Lake Ohau, New Zealand

I was guided to be at Lake Ohau (NZ’s third eye) to receive this energy download from the Galactic Centre on 27 September 2012. See photo below. In the background of Lake Ohau sits Mount Cook – the throat chakra of NZ.

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