31st August, Blue Moon Portal Activation (Antarctica)

Scroll down for the Portal Activation Procedure.

Light Language Codes for Activating Earth’s Throat Chakra Through Antarctica

Channeled by Fanny Yip, Hong Kong (email: yykfanny@gmail.com)

31 August 2012 – Portal Activation Procedure (Antarctica)

  • Connect with this continent through your heart. Place your right hand on the drawing to assist you in transmitting the Galactic vibrations to this place.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your throat chakra
  • To listen to Light Language Transmission from the Galactic Councils and the Elohim : click Antarctica Activation.
  • Before you emerge from the meditation, breathe deeply for several times until you feel the Galactic and Full Moon energies are fairly dispersed across and integrated into all 7 chakras on your etheric body

The Other Light Language Drawing Fanny Did

This other LL drawing was channeled to activate my chakras, so I could connect with the Elohim, Galactic Council and various star beings as a purer channel for seeding God consciousness onto Antarctica.

Here are Fanny’s interpretations of the numbers 77, 88 and 44 appearing on the drawing.

– connect to God Will with faith and peace, without fear
– truth of the Universe/God
– vibrations coming through are from beyond 13th dimension
– power, strong will, quick manifestion
– soul actualization aligned with God’s will, faith, truth
– oneness within universe (accompanied by all other star beings from different dimensions)
– new form of relationships forming in the galaxy
– to explore telepathic communication
– speak of God’s truth
– to communicate with and from the heart
– enhanced inter-star communication

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