August Full Moon Activation of Portals (Asia)


Please read Awakening Tara and post of 1 August for the intent, scope and how you may be part of this global initiative of becoming ONENESS.

Meditation Practice for Portal Activation (Asia)

  • Within the framework of project Awakening Tara, Asia represents the root chakra of Earth’s 3D etheric body
  • Connect with this continent through your heart. You may use photos at Photos Asia to assist your visualisation and connection.
  • Place both hands on your pubic area, connecting to your root chakra
  • Listen to Light Language Transmission from the Galactic Councils and the Elohim : click Asia Activation 1 Aug 12
  • Finally, breathe deeply for several times, until you feel your root chakra is energised and the Galactic Full Moon vibrations have been distributed across and integrated into your entire energy system

1 thought on “August Full Moon Activation of Portals (Asia)”

  1. Hello Ann! We met at your seminar here in Manila (Heaps: Moi and Gian’s group). Just wanting to say, my friends and I are supporting this effort 🙂 Just finished the Aug 1 meditation. More love and light to you!

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