Photos New Zealand


Please scroll down for photos of ‘Tara Tara’ of North Island, received in August 


(A) Firodland National Park / Lake Wakatipu (South Island) (Photos Below)

Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge, NZ – “The first photo shows the mountains beyond Glenorchy, a small township which sits at the head of Lake Wakatipu.  The second is an incredible mound opposite the Flats Huts on the Routeburn Track (also near the head of Lake Wakatipu).  Both lie within Fiordland National Park and sit within an incredibly powerful vortex which my guidance reveals is aligned with the 5th Dimensional Crown Chakra of the New Earth”.


(B) Aoraki / Mt Cook,  July 2012 – contributed by Donna Falconer, NZ

About Donna – “As a geologist – geochemist  (PhD) – alchemist – natural vibrational energy healer and photographer that has a deep connection with the earth, and most especially with the Kārearea (NZ falcon), I AM well placed to receive the great gift of being shown these energy overlays”. More multi-dimensional photos available at

Photo Below- “Aoraki/Mt Cook is the pointed mountain. I refer to this matrix pattern (on right hand side and lower 1/3 of photos) as a 5D gold template …  there is also a stream of high vibration just to the left of Aoraki” – Donna

Photo Below : “Aoraki / Mt Cook – I have been told this is an ascension temple. I started being shown this last June” – Donna

Donna: Aoraki/Mt cook and Lake Pukaki in the foreground (Below)

(C) Tara Tara – Photos contributed by Annette McCorkindale and Denise Richards, August 2012

Comments from Denise: “Taratara, a ‘mountain’ in the region where I live, is found near Kaeo/Aotearoa. Annette and myself have been working with Taratara for a month nowI have been getting the sounds of Om Tara very strongly over the last 3 or 4 months.

Taratara used to feel (to me) very masculine.  It always appeared like a black rock jutting out of the landscape. Imitimidating somehow.  About  8 months ago it felt different.  I drove past it and suddenly thought…oh…it’s beautiful.  It was straighter, it looked alert, it appeared softer and there was a lightness around it.  It appeared to be communicating to another rock peak that was in a line with it, about 10 kms away.  I felt the divine masculine and feminine   being brought together through Taratara at that time.


It appeared to me to be connected also with Montsegur, the place of the Cathars in the South of France. Part of it looks like Montsegur…Taratara has many faces, you can look at it from many angles and it looks completely different.  Taratara feels to me that it holds much information.  That it is a library which, at some time in the soon-future, will be opened and we will be able to ‘read scrolls within’.  
It is no coincidence that it is called Tara tara -, the feminine is rising within it now.  Which to me is another way of saying Mu is rising. The sound Om Tara resounds through the land now. Awakening us.!”              


3 thoughts on “Photos New Zealand”

  1. Completely stumbled on here by random tonight. Great Stuff, love it all! Just so happens ill be visiting wonderful NZ in only 2 weeks, and i was Googling images of the 5th dimension, love the coincidences now 🙂

    • Dear Wayne, I am glad you found those 5D photos contributed by our dear friend Donna. You can visit her website for more of such crystallised high energy pictures. Love, Ann.

  2. mona radler said:

    … love to and for the all *(-_-)*

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