Lake Ohau Photos – Third Eye Chakra of 5D Earth

Lake Ohau – photos by Donna Falconer 

About Donna – “As a geologist – geochemist  (PhD) – alchemist – natural vibrational energy healer and photographer that has a deep connection with the earth, and most especially with the Kārearea (NZ falcon), I AM well placed to receive the great gift of being shown these energy overlays”. More multi-dimensional photos available at

Christmas Day. 25.12.2012




































Photos below : Taken on 24.12.2012




1 thought on “Lake Ohau Photos – Third Eye Chakra of 5D Earth”

  1. Remembering when I was flying to Greece I remembered where I came from23yrs ago my son was with me and thoughti was a very odd Mum He now lives in Christchurch I hope to be able to come Liquid Light to you I am an energy worker,using Crystals and Crystal Bowl for the heart chakra Blessings

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