Purpose: Recalibrating Earth’s 3D Chakras for Energy Shift

Go to Awakening Tara to read about Project Background.

Update 1 Aug 2012: Other Higher Purpose of Project Awakening Tara 

Besides providing a global platform for ALL lightworkers to express and practise being ONE, my guides The Elohim expound on the two other purposes of project Awakening Tara.

Energy portals on the Earth, which we call sacred or power sites, have similar functions as the chakras on the human etheric body, that is to connect and sustain her physical body with the spiritual energies from higher realms. Energy vortices found on the 7 continents collectively support the 7 chakras of Earth’s 3rd dimensional or physical body.

Like us, the Earth is to retain her physical embodiment during and after her shift to the 5th dimension. In this sense, it is critical that the 7 major chakras of her 3D body are recalibrated sufficiently to allow a smooth and gradual upgrade of her energy frequency to 5D, which will in turn reduce the chance of major catastrophes occurring during the energy shift.

Thus, as we receive the Galactic full moon transmissions and connect with the sacred sites located on each of the 7 continents from August to November 2012, we can assist in bringing about a less ‘bumpy’ ascension ride for Earth and ourselves, come 21st December 2012.  Furthermore, given that our body is inter-connected with the Earth’s, these monthly meditations will also allow our physical and etheric body to adapt to the 5D energy with greater ease.

7 Continents and Representational Chakras on Earth’s Body 

Asia – Base / Root Chakra – Red vibration – portals activation on 1st August

Australia/Oceania – Crown Chakra – Violet – portals activation on 2nd August

Antarctica – Throat Chakra – Blue  – portals activation on 31st August

South America – Sacral Chakra – Orange – portals activation on 29th September

North America – Heart Chakra – Emerald Green – portals activation on 30th September

Europe – Third Eye chakra – Indigo – portal activation on 29th October

Africa – Solar Plexus – Yellow – portal activation on 28th November

(Source of Full Moon Dates :http://www.light-weaver.com/calendar/2009.html)

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