29th September Full Moon Portal Activation – South America

I am told that the continent of South America represents the sacral chakra of Earth’s 3D etheric body and Peru is one of the important gateways to entering Earth’s sacred womb. You may participate in this portal activation meditation by following these procedures.

1. Connect with Peru’s sacred sites via the photos available Here. Use your heart to connect with the energies of these places.

2. Create a space of stillness within and around you. Breathe in the abundance of the full moon energyand allow it to fill up your body. Place both hands on your sacral chakra, relax your mind and body as you listen to this light language transmission from the Galactic Council. Click Sacral Chakra Activation at Diamond Lake to listen.

Note: This energy activation was gifted to me on 26th September at Diamond Lake of Glenorchy town of NZ (South Island). Diamond Lake sits at the far north or head of Lake Wakatipu, a major lake surrounding Queenstown, South Island.

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