‘Song of the Stars’ Apr-Jun 2012


Audio message from Spirit about the Workshop:  Song of Stars Intro Speech

A Messenger and Catalyst

As a messenger, I channel Spirit’s insights and guidance through spoken words. I have also been trained by the Archangels and Elohim to transmit higher dimensional frequencies through the Language of Light to bring about accelerated changes to the human body and mind. The Masters term this catalytic work ‘en-soulment of the human incarnate’.

Invitation from Spirit

The “Song of the Stars” workshop is commissioned and designed by Spirit to assist Light Workers in their transformation to become Masters of the New Earth. I am told this work I am bringing to you is to fulfil a promise from Spirit that: when the time has arrived, you shall remember. And the time is Now.

Long before the Earth and humanity entered the current 5th World Age and evolutionary cycle of 26,000 years, you as a star seed stepped foot on planet Earth on a rescue mission. The soul aspect of you volunteered to be part of a galactic force to save humanity from its continuing fall in God consciousness. As an agent of Light, you incarnated on Earth, life time after life time, to shine your Light on Earth. As you did so, the density on Earth was slowly lifted and consciousness of humanity expanded steadily.

2012 represents a long-awaited gateway for the mass awakening of the human consciousness, along with Earth’s transition from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional envelope of light, one of Love, Unity and Peace consciousness. This is the reason for you, a star seed, to be back on Earth again – to reclaim your star lineage, remember your unique soul qualities and utilise the wisdom gained through all your incarnations to assist humanity in realising a Heaven on a 5th dimensional Earth. Your destiny is to become a leader and Master of the New Earth.

“Song of the Stars’’ is a gift from Spirit to awaken your star origin so you may, like the stars in night sky, shine the way for humanity during this time of ending and beginning. On behalf of the Elohim, Archangels, Ascended Masters and cosmic beings from the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light, I warmly welcome you to this communion under the stars.

Love, Peace and Oneness
February 2012

For Registration and Queries, contact andy@acast.me

Program Outcome

Summary:  Preparing you to be Master of New Earth

  • Appreciation of All Is One: interconnection between you, Earth and the celestial worlds
  • Application of As Above, So Below – knowledge of organisation of higher heavens, so as Master of the New Earth, you could construct 5th dimensional Earth based on same structure
  • Awakening your wonderful gifts as a star being
  • Preparing your physical and light body for 5th dimensional living
  • Highlight:  Initiation to Order of New World Servers by Lord Sanat Kumara!

Day 1, 9am to 4pm

Theme: Evolution through the World of Physicality

Opening Message from Archangel Metatron


  • You as a star seed – origination, mission, incarnation on Earth
  • Evolutionary Journey of Earth and the Galaxy
  • Soul Evolution through Physical Incarnation
  • Having Karmic-Free Body in the World of Physicality
  • 2012 Big Picture

Blessings and Energy Activations:

  • Goddess Kuan Yin – Release karmic and miasmic imprints
  • Goddess Isis – Release disempowering archetypal and ancestral energies
  • Elohim – Merging lower self with soul (death of the ego)
  • Archangel Metatron – Balancing 4 elements of physical body

Day 2, 9am to 4pm

Theme: Home in the Celestial Realms


  • Formation of the celestial worlds
  • Organisation of Spiritual Hierarchy
  • Your Star Origin – channeling of star origin and lineage for each participant
  • Your Connection with the Angelic Realm
  • Soul Memory as Extension of the Mind of God

Blessings and Energy Activations by Archangel Metatron and Elohim:

  • Awaken Soul Star Chakra
  • Reconfigure Light Body for 5th Dimensional Energy Circuitry
  • Mapping New Light Body to Light Matrices of the Higher Heavens
  • Accessing Soul Memory (Part 1) – past life abilities, talents from star lineage

Day 3, 9am to 4pm

Theme: Soul Ascension, Stepping into Soul Mastery


  • New World Order and Your Role
  • Changes to Physical and Light Body for 5th Dimensional Living
  • Awaken Buddhic or Christ Consciousness – Key to Resurrecting the Human Soul
  • Becoming Master of New Earth
  • Your Unique Gifts – Channeling of soul (star) abilities and talents for each participant

Blessings and Energy Activations:

  • Mother Gaia – Mapping new body to Earth’s crystalline matrix and unity consciousness grid
  • Lord Buddha and Master Jesus – Awakening Christed / Buddhic Body
  • Elohim and Archangel Metatron – Accessing soul memory (Part 2)
  • Inter-Galactic Federation of Light – Remembering your star language
  • Archangel Michael – Gift of energy protection
  • Lord Sanat Kumara – initiation to Order of New World Servers

Closing Message and Blessings from Archangel Metatron

Workshop Fees

US$ 333 per person for Sydney and Hong Kong;  S$410 per person for Singapore

US$100 or S$ 120 deposit to confirm registration


Singapore: Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) Center, 96 Waterloo Street, http://www.scwo.org.sg/

Click for Registration Form and Payment Policy (You will need both to complete your registration)

For Further Information and Queries, contact andy@acast.me



June Lunar Eclipse Workshop in Singapore:

“It’s a life-changing experience for me. With the gentle support from fellow participants, I was able to delve deeper into myself. On the second day, I knew what I’m aligned to and was given the clarity to joyfully carry out my work. I’m also more conscious now about being my own master and stop playing the victim to thoughts and emotions. Even after the workshop, life is providing me with more information about what was revealed. I’m glad I attended the workshop – what I gained is more than what I could have expected. Thank you Ann & Andy for sharing the Light.” – Richard Oon, SIngapore

“I feel more centered after going through the process of the workshop. A combination of knowledge about the universe, planets, numbers, and shapes, with individual channeling ease me in moving forward. Big thanks to Ann and Andy for the big help along the journey. This workshop is a God-Sent gem. I’ve gotten a few ideas to work on, am very excited and happy about it everyday now, feels like I’m finally doing something I want to do that is meaningful and purposeful.” – Vern, Singapore

Vesak Weekend Workshop in Hong Kong:

” I got really excited when I saw the lessons that would be taught at Ann’s
“Song of the Stars” workshop in Hong Kong on her blog.  And true enough, the
learnings were so profound and the activations were extremely powerful.  I
am now slowly feeling the positive effects of these activations —
immeasurable love, joy and peace towards myself, others, Mother Earth and
the whole Universe. Ann has a very kind and genuine heart and a pure channel for the Higher Beings of Light.  Her energy and vibration are that of love and light ” – Maura, Manila

Song of the Stars is one of the miraculous moments in my life as the divine answers many queries about what’s going on in my life via the clear channel of Ann Tay. Life and who I am suddenly become clearer. I enjoy the articulation of Ann on the abstract as well as scientific messages from above. The best kind of lesson I ever wanted. Highly recommended” – Winifred, Hong Kong

Easter Weekend Workshop in Sydney:

I am very grateful for Ann and Andy for coming to Australia. As a facilitator, I find Ann to be generous of a deep capacity to share, to channel from the highest realms and in empowering us to change…  Ann embodies integrity, honesty, self awareness and purity of channel and connection. There is no ego, only a balance and alignment in her that stands strong in the Truth…  With this workshop,  Ann has given us really practical skills and techniques to percolate and develop. I feel I’ve graduated from a meandering stream to a river with a current, with a sense of flow and direction.  I would 100% recommend it. ~ Kerry

I take away a lot of self knowledge…it’s helped me find the passion for the 5th Dimension and understanding my part and contribution in it. ~ Christine

It’s been a privilege to be part of the group. What I got from this workshop is understanding of my place and role, and the way forward, in terms of what I need to focus on, what I need to practise. ~ Sharif

The workshop has given me the opportunity to put experiences that has occurred in my life especially my spiritual journey for the past two years, in such a strong, reinforced and definite way. Not only it gave me an important ending and beginning of my journey, it has helped me to open an important key within my heart – Home. I am grateful for Ann’s delivery of the messages with absolute purity and integrity and her love and support in every moment throughout the past three days. I have gained much knowledge, reconfirmation and reinforcement of evolution of humanity. The clarity has helped me in remembrance of my true essence. Being with the group also helped me in reinforcing my belief in accepting others differences and uniqueness, while we are individual and yet we are one. This workshop has come so timely for me ~ Lisa. 

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