‘The Journey Home to Lyra’ on 12.12.12 – Singapore

A Legend shared by the Elohim

 A Home Called Lyra

The Lyra constellation resides in the 11th and 12th dimensional worlds of the Milky Way Galaxy. Many star seeds currently in human incarnation have passed through the stargate of Lyra around 100,000 Earth-years ago when their souls decided to participate in the ascension plan for Earth and her people. These star seeds spent a period of time living in the Lyra star system, getting prepared for their mission as a Bringer of Light and an Agent of Hope for the indigenous races of Earth who had forgotten and forsaken their connection with God, the Creator of All. Lyra became a special home for these star seeds, a place where they bonded deeply with each other regardless of their star origin. Before they departed Lyra to descend to lower dimensional star systems and finally to Earth, the Elohim presented these Warriors of Light with an energy gift deeply imprinted in their souls and said to them, “Your soul will hear these golden words of Eternal Love again during the end of all end times. It is with these words that your heart shall find its way Home to Lyra”.

(Recommended resource on the Lyra star constellation : Book ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’ channeled by Judy Satori, available from http://www.thesoundoflight.com)

Receiving the 13th Ray through Lyra Gateway  

The evolutionary cycle for Earth within the 3rd dimensional reality will end on 21st December 2012 – the date referred to as ‘the end of all end times’ by the Elohim. This transition of Earth to the 5th dimensional envelope of light was programmed to coincide with an extremely important and rare opening of the Lyra stargate which will bring forth the 13th dimensional vibration known as The Ray of The Illuminated Heart to all civilisations and life forms within the first twelve dimensions of the galaxy (the lower heavens).

The 13th Ray is the vibratory pattern and life matrix of the higher heavens which anchors the heart’s wisdom eternally to the plane of non-duality. The Elohim describes this evolutionary process of the soul into the 13th Ray as ‘activating the third eye of the heart’  where duality no longer needs to be a learning platform for one’s mastery of Unconditional Love. Instead, duality will be appreciated and deployed as a modality of creation and  higher order living, as in the higher heavens.

Therefore, not only does 21st December 2012 mark an important completion for Earth, it also signifies an initiation into the 13th dimensional reality for Earth and all consciousness within the lower heavens.


Overshadowed by the Elohim, the Lyran High Council and the Galactic Council, The Journey Home to Lyra is a time for :

• remembering the soul’s journey across the stars before its first incarnation on Earth and in particular, to reconnect with one’s lifetime in Lyra
• awakening the ‘golden words of Eternal Love’ that are well remembered by the soul
• reconnecting with the Lyran High Council as the first spiritual mentors who nurtured, supported and prepared the star seeds for their mission on Earth
• honouring the pledge made by all Lyran star seeds that they shall be with each other again ‘during the end of all end times’ to uphold The Eternal Light Within in Service to All
• preparing the soul and its lightbody to return to the star gate of Lyra, to serve as the bringer of the Ray of the Illuminated Heart – a gift of initiation from the 13th Dimension

Teachings, messages and energy gifts from the spirit guides will be channeled using Light Language accompanied by English translations. Additionally, participants will be led into a soul remembrance process through meditations. The Elohim explained this workshop will be a reunion of the Hearts; accordingly most part of the program is expected to be delivered intuitively.

Welcome Home to Where It All Began

‘You are from the stars and to the stars you shall return.’

This message was whispered to me again and again by my guides as we approach the end of the current evolutionary cycle of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy. May it serve to navigate you on your Journey Home to Lyra.. bringing you back to the star gate where it all began. Blessings, Ann.


Date: 12.12.2012 (Wednesday), Portal Activation Day

Time: 9am to 3pm

Venue: SCWO, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore. http://www.scwo.org.sg

Fees: SGD 220 per person

Group Size: Limited to 30

Register : Email Andy at andy@acast.me for registration.

3 thoughts on “‘The Journey Home to Lyra’ on 12.12.12 – Singapore”

  1. Ellani Walker said:

    I just found this sight from Brenda’s sight that I connected to from Michael Quincy’s email. Thank you. Love and light ! Ellani.

  2. Natalie Crabtree said:

    A beautiful day… wish I could be there but I’ll send my highest self and my trusted guardains…. May we all live in love and peace forever more…..xx

  3. pleiadeanmarylou said:

    Funny… I woke up one day listening to Lyran waves by wingmakers chambers music… oh I love this!

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