Retreat ‘BE JOY’ -10th to 13th November 2012, Bali (Fully Booked)

Facilitated by Ann Tay & Andy Chan, ACAST

Overshadowed by the Great White Brotherhood and the Lyran High Council

Becoming Joy

When we embrace ourselves and the world as ONE consciousness, we experience Love of the Heart. When we live by the inner knowing that we are guided by a higher wisdom, we enjoy Peace of Mind. From this space of Love and Peace, we naturally become Joy and everything we do is thus transformed into Joyous Service.

This retreat is about understanding our soul origin, appreciating the past experiences we’ve created for our soul learning and equipping ourselves to weave and live new dreams of Joy. As Earth begins her new evolutionary cycle come 2013, we too will be guided to write a new life script for ourselves. If we begin our new journey with Joy, so will Earth and her people.

Are you ready to take the lead to be the Joy you wish to experience on New Earth?

The Great White Brotherhood is the company of Ascended Masters who once lived on Earth just like we do. The term “white” refers to the brilliant aura of light that surrounds these enlightened beings. As full embodiments of the I AM Presence, the Ascended Masters rendered selfless service towards the spiritual awakening of humanity and thus achieved ascension during their final incarnations on Earth.  Despite their ascension, they have remained committed to the Divine Plan for Earth and continue to support Earth’s and our soul evolution by upholding the Christ and Buddhic Consciousness.

In this retreat, the Ascended Masters will initiate us onto the path of planetary service through their teachings, healings and sharing their ‘Earth’ experiences on transcending fears into universal love and ignorance into wisdom. Lovingly, they will guide us, the new Adepts and Initiates of Spiritual Hierarchy, to become Masters of Joyous Service for New Earth.

The Lyran High Council – These wise beings from the Lyra constellation of the 11th and 12th dimensions will share their energy gifts and techniques on weaving and living dreams on the 5th dimensional Earth. Working with their personal guide assigned by the Lyran High Council, participants will learn to create and be in their desired realities using sound and light of high vibrational frequencies. “In our world, there is no difference between dreams and realities. Let us teach you how to merge the two planes of existence into one,” said the Lyran High Council, 10 August 2012.  The retreat period was chosen by the guides to coincide with the Lyran portal opening on 11.11.2012. (More information about the Lyra star civilisation is available from the book ‘Sunshine Before The Dawn’ channeled by Judy Satori,

Our guide Thoth once explained, “An eclipse is a metaphysical and metaphorical representation of a veil, an illusion or an energy blockage. A solar eclipse serves to uncover beliefs and mental patterns veiled from higher truths”.

Earth will experience the final solar eclipse of her current evolutionary cycle of 26,000 years on 13th November 2012. This retreat, which coincides with this important date, is therefore a golden opportunity to uncover, transmute and transform outdated and unloving mental patterns under the guidance of our Soul-ar Self and the Ascended Masters.

To commemorate this special occasion and as the finale for “Be Joy“, participants will receive a New Moon Solar Eclipse initiation from Lord Maitreya and blessings from the Lyran High Council under the beautiful night sky of Bali.

The retreat program will be delivered through a variety of methodologies including channeled teachings, energy healings and activations; intuitive guidance, facilitated discussions and group activities.

‘Be Joy’ is a review and renewal journey of your soul through:


  • Soul purpose for this incarnation
  • Deepest fears remembered by your ego
  • Gifts and talents driving your soul mission
  • The Ascended Master guiding you onto the path of planetary service


  • Transcending fears through awakening and actualising Christ Consciousness
  • Guiding and influencing conscious thinking by being the Buddhic Consciousness
  • The magical formula of Christ Consciousness (Love) + Buddhic Consciousness (Higher Wisdom) = Joyous Service
  • Effective application of universal laws and truths for greater soul evolution on Earth
  • Weaving and living dreams in the Hall of Dreams of the Lyra constellation
  • Why 2013 is the year for Planetary Service


  • Appreciating and giving thanks to your past
  • Releasing fear-based memories
  • Programming the mind with high-vibrational beliefs and thinking patterns (using crystals as the energy transmitter and an extension of the human mind)
  • Imprinting new dreams of Joy onto cellular memories
  • Balancing the rational and intuitive mind as a Master of Joyous Service

Supporting Others

  • Be the mirror for each other’s talents, strengths and virtues
  • Serve as a catalyst for others’ learning and transformation
  • Empower others by accepting and honouring your privilege to Be Joy

Finale Evening 13th November 2012

Receive New Moon Solar Eclipse initiation from Lord Maitreya and blessings from Lyran High Council under the beautiful night sky of Bali.


Date: 10th Nov 2012 (Saturday) to 13th Nov 2012 (Tuesday)
Retreat starts with a group lunch on 10th November and ends late evening on 13th November.

Venue:  Ananda Cottages
Address: Jalan Campuhan, Kedewatan, Bali, Indonesia
Located in the cool, tranquil hills just outside Ubud centre.  A lovely location with rural views and surrounded by lush, green, fertile rice paddies.

Group Size:  limited to 12 participants for optimal interaction and individual attention

Fees: SGD1,200 per person, as a special gift honouring the completion of2012!

Fees include:

  • Workshop fees
  • Accommodation – Superior Room Twin Share (check-in 12pm on 10th November, check out 12pm on 14th November)
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch, 2 Tea Breaks
  • Clear quartz crystal for attunement and practice

Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Transport to/from airport to venue
  • Dinners
  • Upgrade to Single Room at additional cost as per registration policy

Registration: Email Ann at: Deposit of SGD100 is required to confirm registration.

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