Dancers of Joy – 27 October 2012, Singapore


The Pleiadians – our soul brothers and sisters from the 4th dimensional (4D) reality of our galaxy – contributed greatly to the seeding and evolution of us, the angelic humans of a 12-strand DNA design. Their contribution to our genetic blueprint is the gift of a heart capable of evolving Love into Joy.

The Pleiades star system is visible on the night sky as a cluster of 7 stars. This is however only the 3D manifestation of their light body for their consciousness is much more expanded and vast than what the human mind can perceive at this moment. Like the Sirians from the 6th dimension, many Pleiadians chose to take human form about 100,000 years ago to hold the Light for Earth and to assist in seeding the human potential with the genetic attributes from star systems of higher evolution.

Joining of Hearts To Expand Earth’s 4D Light Matrix
The Pleiadians have always been a close ally and guide to Earth and her people throughout her evolutionary cycles. In fact, their contribution and support to Earth’s impending transition to the 5D envelop of Light will be extraordinary. I am told by Spirit that in the 90 days following the Equinox of 22nd September 2012, Earth will be anchored strongly with the 4D vibration emanated from the core of Pleiades as an important foundation and framework for Earth to unfold into her 5D light body on 21st December 2012. During this 90-day period, the Heart of Pleiades (Central Sun) will be joined with the Heart of Earth (Sun) to greatly expand the Earth’s 4D light matrix and accordingly, to catalyse the materialisation of our 4D genetic attribute: expanding Love into Joy.


Dancers of Joy is

  • A spiritual reunion with our Pleiades soul family and guides powered by the joy vibration;
  • A time for reclaiming and fulfilling our destiny as light beings of Joy;
  • An opportunity to serve as bringers and transmitters of the Pleiadian Light in preparation for the dawn of a 5D Earth.

Working with the Pleiadian High Council and Mother Earth, this workshop is intended to be a transformational, informative, interactive and fun experience for all.  The highlight includes an energy attunement to the Pleiadian Healing Light – a special gift for all healers and healers-to-be.


Part 1: Light Conversations with the Pleiadian High Council (Channeled Teachings)

  • The historical evolution and future expansion of the Pleiades Star System as part of the Milky Way Galaxy

  • Reason for the Pleiades’ genetic contribution of a heart capable of evolving Love into Joy

  • The fun and pleasure frequency as important impetus to the evolution of the Pleiadian civilisation

  • Ways to optimise the current 4D transitional period to experience greater joy

  • Q&A session

Part 2: Initiation To the Pleiadian Lineage of Light (Energy Activations)

  • Union of the Suns – igniting the 4D light matrix of the angelic human DNA template

  • Mapping our 4D light body with Earth’s etheric body

  • Attunement to the Pleiadian Healing Light

If the love and pleasure signature of the Pleiades star constellation speaks to your heart, I warmly welcome you to this mass initiation of Dancers of Joy!


Date:  27 October 2012 (Saturday)

Time:  2pm to 6pm

Venue: Training Room 1. SCWO Centre, 96 Waterloo Street Singapore 187967

Fees: $120 per person

Group Size: Limited to 20 participants

Registration: Please email Ann at

No matter where you are, no matter what is going on, no matter how severe events may seem to get, we want you to promise to always bring fun, love and laughter to every day of your life. Take time out to say, “Hey listen, we’re too freaked out over this. Let’s laugh for a little bit. Let’s stop and have tea. Let’s energise the pleasure frequency”quoted from “Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library” channeled by Barbara Marciniak.

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