Rebirthing The Lemurian Race On The Land of Mu, 22 – 23 September (Equinox), Christchurch, NZ

A calling to all starseeds of ancient Lemurian lineage:

“When The Journey is complete, the Sounds of Re-creation shall descend upon the Land of Mu. Your heart will remember its beginning and rejoice the coming of a new beginning. We bring you the promised Light, at the promised Time”

– Message from The Elohim, July 2012

Special Message for Lightworkers Connected with New Zealand…scroll down to read Significance of Bringing this Re-creation Work to NZ before 21.12.2012


Many star seeds first descended on Earth as part of the Lemurian race, remembering and fully embodying the God consciousness seeded in them through a 12-strand DNA template. Eons of years ago, they journeyed from different star civilisations to meet on one part of Earth called Mu, as a spiritual force to hold the Light for this planet that had become deeply infiltrated with fear and separation consciousness. The Land of Mu is where New Zealand now lies.

As living models of Peace, Love and Oneness, the Lemurian star people created a civilisation of advanced technology and unity on Earth by utilising their various stars’ abilities and talents. Memories of their stellar origins, missions and experiences in raising the Earth’s consciousness were held in their collective soul memory, creating what is called a Lemurian blueprint.

As the Lemurian star humans inter-mingled and inter-bred with the people of Earth, who were of the denser 3rd dimension, they began losing many of their star abilities as they were forgetting their star origins and true nature as an extension of God

(To listen to audio recording of ‘Remembering Lemuria’ Meditation Class held on 8 Feb 2012, click HERE).


During this time of re-genesis and re-creation of Life and Light on Earth, I am told by the Elohim, the creator-aspect of God, that the Lemurian star humans are now ready to awaken fully to their star lineage and to upgrade their original Lemurian blueprint to incorporate a 13th strand DNA transmitted by the Alpha Centauri star nation. “The energies of the Alpha Centauri transmission will begin to shift our brain power capacity from what is known, to what is not even at this time thought possible” (Read Judy Satori’s June and July Full Moon Transmissions available at at

This improved and upgraded version of the Lemurian DNA template, once integrated and activated within the light body of the Lemurian star seeds currently in embodiment, will greatly accelerate their contribution to the materialisation of the New Earth of the 5th dimension. The Elohim also told me that this work is critical for preparing the star-human light workers to fulfil their mission of assisting the Earth and her people in transitioning into the Age of the Galactic Mind where a new Lemurian civilisation with superbly high mental capacity will be created on Earth.


The Elohim also revealed that many of these Lemurian star humans are reincarnated in or closely connected with NZ in this life time. Through the resonance between their soul DNA and the Lemurian blueprint embedded in the energy grid of New Zealand. these descendents of Mu have been called back to NZ (the Land of Mu) for these higher purposes:

  • To begin the process of soul remembrance through the awakening of their 12-strand DNA potential, so they may contribute actively to shaping the New Earth of 5th dimension
  • To eventually assist in the transmission and transference of the Alpha Centauri genetic code among the earth people, after their own DNA template has been  upgraded to be of 13- dimensional nature
  • Once re-calibrated as having a 13-strand DNA blueprint, they will assist in bringing forth and anchoring the New Light of Creation transmitted through the stargate of Lyra on 21st December 2012 (this is the reason for New Zealand being the first country to usher in 21.12.2012, marking the beginning of a new evolutionary cycle of 26000 years for Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy ).


This is an intensive 2-day workshop commissioned and designed by the Elohim and the Galactic Council.

One highlight of this workshop is learning to re-activate the Lemurian crystal technology with the guidance of the Galactic Council and enlightened star beings. Participants are encouraged to bring a crystal for practice on programming and communicating with crystal consciousness. A Lemuria crystal is preferred but participants may choose to use other types of crystals as guided.

Channeled Teachings from The Elohim, Galactic Council of Light and Alpha Centauri star beings:

  • Story of Mu as part of the divine plan for Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Genetic attributes of the star people of Mu (Lemurians)
  • Lemurians’ contribution to Earth’s evolution in the last four Great Ages totally 102,500 years
  • Role of New Zealand, the Land of Mu, in Earth’s transition to 5th dimension by 2012
  • Properties of the genetic code from Alpha Centauri star nation
  • Significance of incorporating Alpha Centauri DNA code to the original 12-strand DNA structure of the Adam Kadmon angelic human
  • Use of crystal technology in the Alpha Centauri civilisation
  • Application of upgraded 13-strand DNA template for creating systems for New Earth : medical, education, engineering, arts, agriculture, architecture, etc
  • Your role in bringing forth New Light of Creation through the stargate of Lyra on 21.12.2012

Energy Activations

  • Activation of individual and collective soul memory of ancient Lemurian race
  • Release of past life trauma and sufferings from soul DNA
  • Transmission of the Alpha Centauri genetic code via the Galactic Command Core
  • Recoding the Lemurian 12-strand DNA template to incorporate the 13th strand DNA from Alpha Centauri
  • Coding your crystals with new information from Alpha Centauri and the Galactic Council
  • Programming your crystalline body to enhance mind capacity


Date:  22 – 23 September 2012 (Equinox)

Time:   9am to 4pm

Venue:  North New Brighton War Memorial and Community Centre

93 Marine Parade, New Brighton, Christchurch

Fees:    NZD450 per person (meals and lodging excluded)

Registration:  Email Andy at for procedures

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