Course – Isis Alchemy Healing, 25 May, Hong Kong (with Cantonese translation)

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In May 2005, I received a message from Goddess Isis that I would design and teach a healing program to connect more people to the ancient Egyptian healing arts as a means of re-igniting the divine love in us, thus re-discovering our healing power. I recorded these messages in my journal and waited for things to unfold. Nothing happened in the subsequent 2 ½ years.  Finally in January 2008, during my morning meditation, I was led to the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza to receive the encodings from Isis as the key to attune others to the Egyptian divinities as their healing guides. I launched the Isis Alchemy Healing Course in March 2008 and have since introduced this school of healing to several students from different countries.

In 2011, the course was expanded to incorporate attunement to the Sirian High Council, along with additional healing programs on activating our 5th dimensional body and renamed Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course. Course details available at Self-Study Kit.



This is a course for those wanting to learn a healing modality and possibly feeling a special connection with the ancient Egyptian healing arts.  No prior knowledge in energy healing is required.



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Of Egyptian lineage, the Goddess Isis is often associated with healing, magic and the lunar energy. She is also known as the Goddess of 10,000 names as it is believed that all goddesses are an aspect of Isis, the Divine Mother. Osiris, another Egyptian deity, is known to be Isis’s husband and brother. Osiris works with us on soul healing and balancing of the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energy within us. In this course, participants will be given an attunement to these two divinities and henceforth become able to channel these energies effectively for the benefit of self-healing and healing others.



  • This is a powerful healing program deploying symbol, mantra and colours for:
    • Chakra re-balancing
    • Releasing negative karmic memories and energy patterns
    • Soul healing and soul fragments retrieval
    • Energy protection
  • This healing modality can be practiced on self and others to improve our health and expand our consciousness at all levels, thereby deepening connection with our soul purpose and quicken remembrance of our past life gifts and talents
  •  Through the initiation and energy attunement, participants will gain a heightened awareness of their innate healing ability and their lineage with the Egyptian divinities and healing traditions



This is a one-day intensive course, involving teaching, group healing as necessary, initiations, demonstration of healing techniques and practice sessions, if time permits. A healing manual will be provided to each participant.

Each participant is encouraged to bring along a clear quartz terminator crystal for attunement and the healing practice (not mandatory).  Course fees do not include provision of the crystal.



  • Principles of Healing
  • Human Energy System
  • Introducing Egyptian Deities – Isis and Osiris
  • Energy Attunements
  • Demonstration of Healing Techniques (see section BENEFITS for healing techniques)
  • Hands-on Practice (subject to time availability)



Date:               25 May 2015 (Monday)

Time:                9am to 4pm

Venue:            Karma Consultants 

Fees:                HK$1700 per participant. Deposit of HK$500 to confirm registration

Register:         Jenny Kam of Karma Consultants, email

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