Workshop – Connecting with Your Galactic Lineage, 16 Nov, Dubai


– A Mini Workshop on Understanding the True Source of Your Energy


Galactic Logo


Ever looked at the shiny stars in the night sky and felt particularly close to them as if you were one of these brilliant sparks of light? Indeed you are.

We are all beings of light originated from various star systems within or outside the Milky Way Galaxy. Some of us, desiring to experience a denser form of reality for faster soul evolvement, had chosen to incarnate on Earth as a human. As we descended from the higher planes of light where we were first created and became deeply entrained in this world of matter which we call Earth, we lost conscious memory of our stellar origin and gifts. With the dawn of the Aquarian Age, we are now fast awakening to our stellar nature and creating new realities as a Star Born.


Presentation topics:

  • The Story of Creation : Born Out Of A Star
  • Interconnection of the Milky Way Galaxy, Earth and Humans
  • Ascension path of the Galaxy and the implications on the consciousness expansion of Earth and humanity
  • The stellar qualities inherent in us
  • Light Language energy activations to quicken the remembrance of your stellar origin



Date:               16 November 2015 (Monday)

Time:              7 pm to 9 pm

Venue:           Life’N One (www.

Fees:               AED 350  per participant

Register :       Contact Eda at or P: +971 4 343 6676



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