Workshop – Healthy Chakras, Happy Mind. 15 Nov, Dubai


– A Mini Workshop on Living Joyfully Through Your Energy Body

Chakra Logo


We, as energy beings, are much more than what the physical body suggests. Constantly connected with the Infinite Intelligence which some call Spirit or God, our purpose on Earth is to uncover the unlimited potential in us and to live our essence as love and joy. The chakra system in our body is a pathway towards realizing this purpose. The healthier our chakras – spinning vortices of life force energy – the faster we may realize our God potential and a happier person we become.

Presentation topics –

  • What are chakras
  • How do chakras affect our thoughts, emotions and physical health
  • Divine purpose of the human existence
  • Experiencing happiness of the Mind through a balanced and expanded chakra system
  • Meditation practices for maintaining the health of your chakras



Date:               15 November 2015 (Sunday)

Time:              7 pm to 9 pm

Venue:           Life’N One (www.

Fees:               AED 350  per participant

Register :       Contact Eda at or P: +971 4 343 6676



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