Workshop – Spirituality 101, 13 & 14 Nov, Dubai


A Course on the Science of Spirituality

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This is a teaching programme designed to assist us in understanding and appreciating our spiritual nature from the angle of science and logic.  As the human consciousness becomes increasingly entrained with the galactic vibrations coming from the heart of the Milky, we’ll be guided to participate in the re-creation of Life on a New Earth with an advanced mental potential. However, such an expanded mental capacity can be utilised optimally only with a good foundational understanding that Science and Spirituality are two sides of the same coin.

In tandem with Earth’s ongoing transition to the higher frequency of light known as the 5th dimension, humanity has begun entering into the Age of the Galactic Mind where spirituality will become an integral part of New Earth living through the common knowledge of science. Accordingly, Spirituality 101 is intended to fulfil this educational need for All who are ready to receive this body of knowledge from the enlightened beings from the higher worlds.

A wide range of topics will be taught and discussed in this course to facilitate the participants’ understanding and application of spiritual science in their daily living and thereon, prepare them to maximise the heightened mental power catalysed by the Galactic vibrations enveloping Earth. The program will be delivered using a combination of channeled teachings, energy activations and group meditations.

Spirituality 101 is designed to benefit anyone interested in the field of spiritual science. No pre-requisite knowledge of any kind is required.



Day 1 Theme: You as a Spiritualised Energy

Teaching Topics

  • Spirituality defined in energy terms
  • Relationship between energy, consciousness and creation
  • How is creation impacted by dimensional frequencies
  • Your journey as a soul from the energy perspective
  • Understanding karmic imprints as energy leakages and breakages
  • Duality explained in terms of energy vibratory patterns
  • The physical body as ‘solidified’ energy patterns
  • Spiritual enlightenment as the science of optimal energy utilisation and expansion

Healings & Energy Activations

  •  Awaken soul abilities through soul braiding
  • Release karmic energy imprints from cellular memory
  • Balancing polarised energies in the physical, emotional and mental body


Day 2 Theme : Engaging the 5th Dimensional Mind for Earth Living

Teaching Topics

  • Purpose of Earth’s transition to the 5th Dimensional (5D) reality
  • Difference between a 3D and 5D consciousness from the perspective of energy optimisation and expansion
  • New calibrations to the human mental body for 5D living
  • Inter-connection between the 5D human mind and Galactic Mind
  • Expanded abilities arising from activating a 5D mental body
  • Related changes to the human emotional and physical body
  • Application of 5D mind to enhance Earth living: telepathic communication, memory extension, thoughts materialisation, physical and emotional wellness etc
  • Becoming a Master of Compassion as the path towards spiritual enlightenment


Energy Activations

  • Align the mental, emotional and physical body
  • Re-calibrate the mental body with 5D energy frequency transmitted from galactic core
  • Expand mental potential through energy encoding from Alpha Centauri star system



Date:               13 – 14 November 2015 (Friday – Saturday)

Time:              9am to 4pm

Venue:           Life’N One (www.

Fees:               AED 2500 per participant. 50% deposit required to secure your registration.

Enquiries:     Contact Eda at or P: +971 4 343 6676


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