Solstice Meditation with Archangel Michael. 20 December. Singapore

{Post-event update: go to article ‘Celebrating Joy With The Angels On This Solstice‘ to access the channeled materials shared}

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The Morphing Period

Earth began unfolding a higher dimensional aspect of herself known as the 5th dimension (5D) on 21st December 2012. I am told it will take 36 months from that date for Mother Earth Gaia to stabilise and settle properly into her 5D envelope of light, thus fully revealing her 5D identity as Tara. The coming Solstice of 21 December 2015 marks the completion of this morphing period.

Celebrating THE DAWN with Archangel Michael

Every ending brings a new beginning.

To usher in a new cycle of 36 months (evolution of consciousness occurs in cycles), I have been asked by the respectable Archangel Michael to put together a special Solstice Meditation. He shared that the upcoming communion is about preparing us to BE the next wave of spiritual leaders, grounding the frequencies of love and joy fearlessly to fulfil our personal soul contracts of becoming the Love Avatars of the Aquarian Age.

Teenagers and young adults who feel a close affinity with Archangel Michael and his legion of angels are especially welcome to be part of the Solstice celebration. You will discover the significance of your role as the spiritual leaders of New Atlantis.

THE DAWN awaits you with hope, vibrancy and joy. See you there!


Channeled teachings from Archangel Michael

  • Relevance of 36-month expansionary cycleS in the context of achieving quantum leap in consciousness
  • ‘Future’ realities on Earth for the next 36-month cycle, on an individual and collective basis
  • Difference between Love and Joy frequencies as energy catalysts for transforming the human consciousness
  • Who and what is a Love Avatar
  • Love Avatars of the Piscean and Aquarian Age : Difference and Similarity
  • Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow teenagers and young adults as the spiritual leaders of New Atlantis

Energy Activations Gifted by the Cosmic Angels

  • Awaken the Christ Consciousness of Love in our cellular memory
  • Align and activate the nervous system to the higher programming of Joy
  • Revive memory of Atlantis crystal technology in Akashic record
  • Planetary healing –  ‘Gaia and Tara as One Body of Light’
  • Special energy gift for our youngsters – the leaders of New Atlantis
  • Free healings for all participants (subject to time availability)


Date:  20 December 2015 (Sunday). Pre-Solstice

Time:  2pm to 4pm

Venue:  Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation (SCWO). SCWO Center, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967

Fees:  Free Admission. By donation only.

Register:  Email Ann at