Workshop : Be Love, Be Loved. 26 & 27 September. Singapore

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Purpose of Soul Mate Relationships on Earth

All is love.

All life forms on and beyond Earth are created out of the Love consciousness – a force eternally uniting the created and the Creator. As a result of being entrained in a reality of form (“Earth”) for many incarnations, our true essence of Love and Oneness is being camouflaged by the illusionary identity of materiality and separation. Correspondingly the relationships we attract tend to reflect the same illusion of separation and thus, fear.

Our journey back to Oneness is about confronting and rising above the illusionary fears of being separated from Source or Love. When we are ready to fully transmute and transcend residual fears not balanced in previous life times, we will attract our soul mate (or for some, twin soul) into our reality as the final test before our grand graduation from the Earth school of duality.  In such cases, our soul mate mirrors almost perfectly the most stubborn, persistent and hard core fears residing in our human consciousness.  The reward for embracing, working through and uplifting our fears reflected in a soul mate relationship is bliss… a union with the Love consciousness that birthed us, an outpour of joy. Only when we are re-joined with Love, can we truly love our soul mate and the world, thus allowing us to always experience Be Love, Be Loved’.

Workshop Sponsors and Intention

Overshadowed by the Goddesses of Love and Lords of Karma, namely Aphrodite, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Hathor, Kuan Yin and Lady Nada, this workshop is intended as:

  • a platform for learning all about soul mate relationships
  • a healing space to uncover and transcend our deepest fears of being love and being loved
  • a temple of divination and prayers for attracting a purposeful soul mate relationship
  • an opportunity to strengthen and honour our soul mate relationships

If you are ready for a soul mate reunion (romantic or otherwise) or are looking to empower the relationship with your soul mate, let the Goddesses entrain and support you in Be Love, Be Loved!

Workshop’s Auspicious Timing

‘Divine timing rules,’ as they say.

This workshop will be energetically supported by two auspicious astrological / astronomical events: the Libra full moon and a total lunar eclipse (also the final eclipse in 2015).

The full moon energy stimulates healing of subconscious memories and the re-patterning of our subconscious beliefs and feelings. The zodiac sign Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and Libra itself symbolises relationships and goodwill.

A lunar eclipse is a portal for transmitting heightened planetary and cosmic energy to either reinforce our emotional strengths or bring to light (out of the eclipse) our emotional fears.

All in all, the timing for this workshop, chosen by the Goddesses, is simply Perfect!


Channeled Teachings

  • Love as the universal creative force
  • The art of giving and receiving love
  • All about soul families and soul mates
    • Origin of soul families and soul mates
    • Characteristics of soul mate relationships on Earth
    • Soul groupings: Choice or destiny? Permanent or changeable?
    • Soul mate reunion on Earth: Pre-destined or a matter of manifestation?
    • Soul mate and twin souls: Same or different?
    • Karma between soul mates: Blessing or curse?
    • Happy ending in soul mate reunions: Reinforcing vs negating factors
    • Self-love as a powerful force for attracting soul mates: Why?

Energy Work – Meditations, Regression, Healings and Activations

  • ‘Be One with Venus’ – attuning to Goddess Aphrodite through the Venus doorway
  • ‘Once Upon A Time’ – past life regression led by Lady Mary Magdalene on accessing memories of Earth experiences with soul mates
  • ‘Out From My Shadows, Into the Light’ – identifying and healing karmic fears of giving and receiving love, under the guidance of Lady Nada and Goddess Kuan Yin
  • ‘My Soul and I’ – activating Soul Star Chakra for soul mate attraction, recognition and rebalancing soul mate relationships, gifted by Goddess Hathor
  • ‘Wishing Upon The Moon’ – prayers, moon rituals and visualisations led by Goddess Isis on materialising a purposeful soul mate reunion

The above is a broad guideline provided by the workshop sponsors at this stage. The actual energy transmissions depend on the synergy and needs of the group co-creating the workshop experience.

Group Activity

I AM the Love that You Are  – practising telepathic connection with your soul mate through a proxy body


Date:  26 & 27 September 2015 (2-day workshop)
Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse

Time:  9am to 4pm

Venue:  Self Awareness Society, 320C King George’s Avenue, King George’s Building, S208564 (location map at

Fees:  $420 per person. $100 deposit required to confirm your registration.

Register:  Email Ann at

Participants’ Testimonials

“In less than ten months, I’ve attended three workshops from Ann and Andy already, finding clarity each time I do. The “Be Love, Be Loved” workshop sent me connecting within myself, discovering a new paradigm of healing through soul families. It took me to an amazing journey of self discovery and enlightenment. The delightful presence of the Goddesses provided the base energies to anchor on every segment of the workshop. It simply is breath taking! And if you are open to the energies, I believe the workshop is more than two days, as what we’ve experienced. The day before and after the workshop is quite a revelation as well!”                           – Miqo Dionisio, Lightworker, Philippines

The workshop has deepened my understanding of soulmate relationship. Ann was very engaging and articulated the teachings from the Goddesses very well with a great sense of humor and “lightness”. I experienced heart opening and being more expressive of my feelings and creativity with the connection to Hathors’ energies. Dancing in the joy of light and sound! Thank you Ann!                                          -Betty Lim, Singapore


“An enchanting weekend attuning to the loving energies of the 6 Goddesses. Practical meditations to manifest and connect with soulmates, , and also fascinating information on the nature of soulmates, twin flames, and soul families.”    – Yee Fun, Singapore

“My experience on the workshop it is relevance and appropriate for anyone at whichever level of consciousness & whichever path one is on..The Goddesses can tune in to individual basis to support them when the need arises.. I am speaking from my experience & perspective of a shamanic path, where some process during the workshop have been realign and refocus energetically  to my path & for my need.” – CP Loke, Malaysia

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