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“One shall ye be with the Masters of Mystery,
Conquerors of Death and Masters of Life.

Aye, ye shall learn of the flower of Amenti
the blossom of life that shines in the Halls.

In Spirit shall ye reach the Halls of Amenti,
and bring back the wisdom that liveth in Light. 

≈The Emerald Tablets, The Keys of Life & Death 

(Translated by Dr. Doreal)



There is a healer in every one of us, borne out of our primodial connection with the Cosmos and Earth. Our body has been crafted with the natural intelligence to self-generate and live through time and dimensional shifts, including the current planetary shift which we are all part of. However this know-how of the body has been lost along with the downfall in consciousness of Man. According to Thoth, the Keys to resetting the body to its initial design and abilities lies in the Halls of Amenti. Many of us were trained and initiated by Thoth and the Great White Brotherhood in our past incarnations to access the knowledge of the Keys of Life & Death , so we may help ourselves and those whom we serve to recode the body for adaption to the fifth dimensional frequency  of New Earth. The New Human Body is about reviving our soul memory as great healers, alchemists, physicians, magi and priests in fulfilment of our mission to support the ascension of the human body.



Thoth describes this workshop as a healing clinic for anyone with a special interest in the alchemy of life and a burning desire to support others in healing and activating their bodies to the fifth dimensional level.  If you feel you had been trained as a healer by Thoth or other Ascended Masters in your past lives, you are likely to find this ‘revision course’ (especially, retrieving the Keys of Life & Death from the Halls of Amenti) a powerful activator and upgrade of your soul’s understanding of the human body.  As this is an intensive workshop, having prior training and exposure to energy healing would be an advantage, though not essential.



16 hours of teachings, intensive energy activations, healing demonstrations and practices.

Channeled Teachings

  • The Human Body – a perfect mirror of Heaven on Earth
  • Natural intelligence of the body to regenerate itself – how, why, for how long
  • Pre-mature degeneration of the body and physical disorders – primary cause
  • Effect of earth’s changing magnetic field on human physiology
  • Physiological changes following an expanded chakra system for 5D living:
    • Blood and Circulatory System
    • Immunity and White Blood Cells
    • Central Nervous System
    • Endocrine System
  • Decoding Emerald Tablet ‘s Keys of Life & Death to support physiology changes
  • Restorative power of Halls of Amenti
  • Healing techniques for
    • Activating diamond light body of divine love
    • Preserving and extending regenerative power of the body
    • Recoding 4th, 5th and 6th strand of Star Human DNA template to support new physiological functions of body
    • Rebalancing thought patterns underlying common diseases and illnesses


Attunements, Energy  Activations and Healing Practices

  • Attunement by the guardians of Halls of Amenti :
    • Ignition of ascension flame
    • Retrieval of Keys of Life & Death
  • Recalibration of flower of life in body cells
  • Reprogramming central nervous system to support chakra expansion and stabilise physiological changes
  • Activating soul memory and knowledge in energy healing
  • Subject to time availability, demos and practices of healing techniques mentioned above


Workshop Materials to be Provided

  • Handouts to facilitate learning and note taking
  • Crystal pendant for attunement to Thoth and guardians of Halls of Amenti

As this workshop involves live channeling, the topics and order of presentation at the actual workshop may differ slightly from the outline above, depending on the needs of the audience and as directed by Thoth and other Spirit guides present.



I first connected with Thoth at a DNA Recoding workshop in 2004.  I believe my soul has a deep connection with Thoth during my past incarnations in Atlantis and ancient Egypt, learning and practising the science of alchemy under his tutelage.  I feel most privileged to have served as his channel at several occasions in this life time. I am looking forward to transmitting his great wisdom at The New Human Body.

Truly a cosmic master, Thoth’s presence spans across a wide sector of the Universe, far beyond and deeper than the Milky Way Galaxy that Earth is part of. He is often called by The Thrice Born, referring to his incarnations as “Atlantean King Priest, Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites“, “Egyptian scribe and moon god of healing, science and magic, Thoth”; and “Greek philosopher, mystic and alchemist, Hermes Trismegistus”.

Like many evolved civilisations and enlightened beings, Thoth has contributed tremendously to the ongoing evolution of humanity by transmitting inspirational and wise teachings including The Emerald Tablets and in the process, allowing his great compassion to infiltrate and awaken the minds of Men.



“One of the most wondrous outcome from The New Human Workshop was the cysts in my ovaries disappeared. An affirmation of Thoth’s message I received during one of the practices. The connection I have with Thoth and the knowledge received continues to expand after the workshop to include other life forms, the Earth, the eco system and our body.  I may not know how to articulate some of the information received yet it brings me comfort, joy and excitement to be able to connect the dots. I have known and attended Ann and Andy’s workshops for 8 years now.  Till today, I am still in awe and deeply appreciative of their dedication and passion in bringing knowledge and healing to humanity.” May Chan, Singapore, March 2015 

“It was a great joy and privilege to attend the New Human Body Workshop led by Thoth and channelled by Amara Tia over the Equinox weekend. The topics covered (accessing the Halls of Amenti, human physiology, metaphysical reasons for dis-ease, healing techniques gifted by Thoth, Sirians and Pleiadians) were fascinating and illuminating. It was a great and unique learning experience, conducted with the care, love, humour and professionalism that is typical of Amara Tia and Andy. I came away from the workshop equipped with new healing skills, a deeper connection with Spirit and supercharged by the activations at a cellular and energetic level.” – Dorothy Chan, Singapore, March 2015

“Hey Ann, Andy, Thoth + Gang, thanks so much for the New Human Body workshop! I now see my own body with brand new eyes, one that appreciates its amazing intelligence, wisdom and natural attunement to the cycles of death and rebirth. For me, the workshop has enhanced my Mind, Body and Soul, and has helped me truly appreciate the overarching mission of Light to bring more light into every life in the Universe. The activations in particular has shifted my energy pattern and consciousness towards greater clarity, power and confidence to carry on this unique journey as a human being. I cannot thank The Forces enough for sharing all the Love and Wisdom with us, so that we can grow together as The Unified Diversity of God.” – Paul Pereira, Singapore, March 2015

“Over a magical 2 days during the Equinox, I had the great pleasure of attending the New Human Body Workshop, facilitated by Ann Tay. Ann channeled deeply profound and yet extremely practical knowledge and advice from Thoth and other ascended masters. The atmosphere in the room was electrifying; it was almost like Thoth speaking directly to me! I lost count of how many activations and new healing techniques we have been taught in the workshop – there must have been over 10 in total. I have no doubt that I will still be processing and learning from the teachings for years to come.” – Yee Fun, Singapore, March 2015

“I am so glad I attended the first session of The New Human Body in Singapore over the Equinox, Super Moon and Eclipse. I highly respect Ann Tay as a powerful healer and teacher. The teachings she channels in her own unique way ( if you have never heard someone speaking and being ” light language”, you have to attend this workshop!) are unique and always very precious and empowering and it was the case again for this workshop empowered by Cosmic Master Thoth.

As a channel myself, I know how high the frequencies are when working with Thoth and that it requires so much love and preparation to hold his energies for a whole week-end.  So thanks for this gift of the New Human Body workshop. The decoding of the Emerald Tablets, the secrets of the Halls of Amenti and the Flower of life were enlightening!  This workshop also offers a bridge between physical symptoms and their metaphysical reasons, opening the possibilities to new forms of healing. It was packed with new healing tools, together with powerful light language activations. To me, it was the best workshop which expounded the principle that whether on a physical level or quantum level, everything is connected and is One. I would recommend it to anyone who is a healer or is willing to get a better understanding of ones’ ailments or is looking to receive powerful healing tools and activations.” – Leantara Shah, Singapore, March 2015

“I was excited to learn from Thoth and especially with Amara Tia Ann as the pure and humble channeller and with Andy who supports in other matters to make us participants feel most comfortable and relaxed. It was an immense privilege to be seated with other eager and like minded participants, who were all paying rapt attention to and our shared laughter with teachings by Thoth, the Sirians, the Pleidians and many other Ascended Masters, certainly brought forth a high vibration group frequency in the class. The attunements and healing sessions were to my view, very personal to each person’s experience appropriate to their spiritual journey. In this insightful and profound experience of learning about the coming New Human Body and its many gems of knowledge, tools and practices to healing, I came away with the knowing that the application and understanding of this knowledge would take weeks and months, for me to observe, reflect, ponder and refer back to the materials as I seek clarity on the blueprint of the New Human Body and how I can heal people I know and love” – S. Yeo, Singapore, April 2015



Click on hyperlink for logistics and registration information


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