Full Moon Meditation – Flame of Amenti. 19 August. Singapore


Deep in the Halls of Life grew a flower, flaming,
expanding, driving backward the night.
Placed in the centre, a ray of great potence,
Life giving, Light giving, filling with power all who came near it.
 The Emerald Tablet II, The Halls of Amenti
Authored by Thoth, the Atlantean
(translated by Dr. Doreal)
  • What and Where is the Halls of Amenti?
  • What is its purpose and connection with Earth and humanity?
  • How is the great teacher Thoth connected with Amenti?
  • What is the healing significance of the Flame Of Amenti?

If you feel a pull to seeking out these answers to deepen your spiritual discovery and self-healing, why not join us at the upcoming Flame of Amenti Full Moon Meditation hosted by cosmic master Thoth?

A great teacher in healing and spiritual science, Thoth will also share his wisdom in the metaphysical causes of common illnesses and diseases and empower us with the healing techniques to transcend the originating low-vibrational thought patterns. A healthy physical body is the pre-requisite for experiencing a joyous physical living and as importantly, for holding higher frequencies of light as we continue to expand the human consciousness and evolve steadily to becoming a 5th dimensional being and civilization.

I first connected with Thoth at a DNA Recoding workshop in 2004.  I believe my soul has a deep connection with Thoth during my past incarnations in Atlantis and ancient Egypt, learning and practising the science of alchemy under his tutelage.  I feel most privileged to have served as his channel at several occasions in this life time.

Truly a cosmic master, Thoth’s presence spans across a wide sector of the Universe, far beyond and deeper than the Milky Way Galaxy that Earth is part of. He is often called by The Thrice Born, referring to his incarnations as “Atlantean King Priest, Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites“, “Egyptian scribe and moon god of healing, science and magic, Thoth”; and “Greek philosopher, mystic and alchemist, Hermes Trismegistus”.

Like many evolved civilisations and enlightened beings, Thoth has contributed tremendously to the ongoing evolution of humanity by transmitting inspirational and wise teachings including The Emerald Tablets and in the process, allowing his great compassion to infiltrate and awaken the minds of Men.


I eagerly look forward to reconnecting and sharing a fruitful learning session with All at the coming full moon. All is Welcome, for All is One.


Date:  19 August 2016 (Friday). Full Moon

Time:  7pm to 8.30pm

Venue:  SCWO. 96 Waterloo Street. (http://www.scwo.org.sg/index. php/contact)

Fees:  By donation only

Register:  Email Andy at andy@acast.me to reserve a seat.