Introductory Talk: The Role of Thoth and Isis In Awakening Your Divine Self” 22 April 2016, Guangzhou (with Cantonese interpretation)

(translated brochure available HERE)


An invitation from Amara Tia Ann

Both Thoth and Isis have been my spiritual teachers for the past 12 years. It has been a most fulfilling and humbling journey, learning and growing under their tutelage. Symbolising the Divine Father and Mother respectively, the close mentor-student relationship I have with these two Masters has certainly catalyzed the awakening of my spiritual gifts in healing, channeling and teaching. It is my wish that I may now serve as their conduit and messenger to trigger the same powerful transformation in you.

At this talk, you will learn about…

All is welcome, for All is One.



(this talk comes with Cantonese live interpretation)

Date:          22 April 2016. Friday

Time:         7:30pm to 9pm

Venue:       Ramdas Life Center at

Fees:          Free admission