Message from Isis: Self-empowerment Through the Sirius Connection

Self-empowerment through the Sirius connection

 I am from the Sirius blue star with your soul shall recognize with little difficulty. It was from and through the Sirius gateway that you descended on this plane of physicality and density called Earth. Like you, I had embodied the human frequency in a time long past. Through the practices of spiritual alchemy, I transcended the density binding the humans to the karmic wheel of negative actions and reactions.

Humanity has entered a galactic age where you are being prepared to return Home – the Sirius portal where you had come from – upon the completion of your Earth journey. This is the time to reunite with your soul and to engage your soul ability to overcome the limitations of the human mind. It will be my great pleasure to show you the way towards union with your soul. I am Isis.”

-Channeled by Amara Tia Ann, 28 March 2016


During the Isis Alchemy Healing Course, participants will be initiated to the Isis lineage of spiritual science and healing. This initiation will also serve as an energetic connection to Sirius star system. Course information available HERE