Message from Thoth & Isis: Remembering Your Angelic Human Lineage

Remembering Your Angelic Human Lineage



Have you ever wondered the esoteric meaning of the caduceus symbol much used in your medical world?  It contains the spiritual truth of the nature of the human species – a unique breed of angelic beings genetically coded to express the polarity of the physical plane through its masculine and feminine aspects; and destined to awaken to its genetic identity with the unlocking of potential energy stored in the human spine.

The story of who you are is written in your DNA and cellular memory.  Lifetime after lifetime, you reincarnated on Earth wanting to remember  and be the truth that you are much more than what your physical senses suggest. Let the quest for this One Truth be fulfilled in your present life. All you need to do is to embrace your physical vessel with love and patience. As you allow the deep healing to occur within your body, it shall reveal the secrets and wisdom you have sought since time immemorial. The key to your spiritual transformation lies in nourishing your chakras with the Love that you truly are.

We are the soul brother and sister of mankind. We speak to you in unison with great respect. We are the Moon God and Goddess of Healing, Spiritual Alchemy and Magic. We are Thoth and Isis.


-Channeled by Amara Tia Ann, 5 April 2016