Message from Thoth: Who AM I?

Cosmic Master Thoth introduces himself.

Who AM I ?

“I AM from what you call the past; I AM too from what you shall experience as the future. Having unlocked the mysteries of time and space, I AM free to transverse across dimensions to bring you the wisdom I have learned from the Game Masters. It was them who put in place time and space as a marker of your journey towards becoming a free Spirit once more, forever out of the illusionary control of time and space.

Like every well written plot, THE HUMAN STORY was designed with the end in God’s Mind. For eons, you maneuvered through time and space, journeying along this story looking for its end. Search no more, dear souls. The key to the end lies as a bud in thy Buddhic heart, the gateway to no-time, no-space.

I AM Thoth, the bringer of cosmic truth and light”.

Channeled by Amara Tia Ann

26 March 2016


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