Solstice Meditation: Song of the Earth. 21 Dec. Singapore



Earth, the greatest school for soul evolvement

As a 3rd dimensional planet and consciousness, Earth provides the best learning place for our soul’s evolvement beyond the illusory fear of lack, limitations, and separation from Oneness. It is through the dual nature of our experiences created on Earth that we learnt to uncover the truth of All is One connected through Love and from there on, continue to thrive towards becoming the higher qualities of peace, harmony, and joy on our spiritual journey.

As we await excitedly a new year unfolding, let us not forget to express our gratitude to Mother Earth and the elements world for having contributed enormously to our soul growth and ascension throughout our incarnations.

Together, let us present Song of the Earth to our great Mother and to humanity.


Teachings from Master Lady Nada and other Ascended Masters

  • Significance of 2016 as a planetary year of completion
  • Importance of the elements (air, water, fire and earth) in constituting the human body and supporting physical health
  • Working with Earth for your ascension
  • Relevance of human history, traditions, and lineages to the expansion of human consciousness and our soul evolution
  • The year 2017 – dawn of a new numerological cycle for planet Earth
Planetary Healing and Group Meditation led by Master St. Germain
  • Earth healing
  • Group healing through elements re-balancing in the body
  • Prayers of love and appreciation for the world
  • Wishing under the Solstice sky – setting intentions for 2017



Date:  21 December 2016 (Wednesday)

Time:  7pm to 9.00pm

Venue:  SCWO. 96 Waterloo Street. (

Fees:  By donation only

Register:  Email Ann at to reserve a seat. Seats limited. Registration is mandatory.