Workshop ‘Light Synthesis’ 3 & 17 September. Singapore

“Creating flawlessly is an art of stilling the human mind, so it can be in-gathering the universal force of abundance all the time. From Being, springs forth the Becoming,” said Thoth.

Creation of any kind begins and ends with energy. The vibrational quality of the energy engaged during the creation process drives the quality of the manifested outcomes. The most potent creative force, in fact, lies in ourselves as God Beings. However, this innate stillness is often shaken and thus, our creative powers dissipated, by self-limiting thought patterns and memories buried in our unconscious mind and those which we attract from our surroundings.


  • Learning the effects of Light (that is, coding frequencies) on human thoughts and creation
  • Understanding the human mind at different levels to effectively engage it as an instrument for creation
  • Cultivating Being-ness in order to synthesis Light in the body for effective manifestation
  • Discovering your motivations and fears of Becoming what you wish to create
In short, the intended outcome of the workshop is to unleash the masterful and joyous Creator in you!

This workshop will be presented in two parts over two separate days:

Part 1 focuses on the transmissions of teachings, energy keys and practice techniques from Thoth. See program below.

Part 2 (optional) is intended as a review, refine and re-calibrate session where Thoth will provide further tips on enhancing our manifestation and self-discovery abilities, based on the participants’ Part 1 practice experiences and self-realisations. A customised group coaching opportunity not to be missed!


Part 1. Channeled teachings and meditation techniques

  • Universal purpose of creation – for God to endow Joy upon all
  • Light as an agent for creation
  • Organisation of the human mind
  • Effects of Light on human thoughts and vice versa in the process of creation
  • Keys for effective manifestation –  Light synthesis and alignment with God’s gift of joyous Being and Becoming
  • Practice techniques :
    • Being the stillness of your God Self
    • Recognise low vibrational thinking patterns in your conscious and unconscious mind
    • Discover the motives and limiting fears of what you’re desiring to create

Note: Materials will be provided to participants for the above practices and for journaling the results and self-reflections. Attendance at Part 1 is mandatory for Part 2 of the workshop.

Part 2 (optional). Review, Refine and Re-calibrate

  • Recap Part 1 main deliverables
  • Group feedback and sharing on practice techniques and observations
  • Case studies and coaching by Thoth:
    • How to minimise the hits-and-misses in your creation
    • Scanning energy field to locate self-sabotaging thoughts and memories
    • Identifying your personal theme of ‘lack and inadequacy’ through telepathic role plays
    • Re-calibrating (uplifting the frequencies) the motives of your desired creations

Note: Some extent of individual channeling is anticipated as inputs for the case studies and for refining the techniques taught during Part 1 of the workshop. To facilitate an interactive and effective group coaching by Thoth, Part 2 attendance (which is optional) is restricted to 8 people per session.

Energy Transmissions in Light Language

Programs for Part 1 and Part 2 will include Light Language energy transmissions for augmenting and reinforcing the teachings from Thoth. Details to be shared at a later stage, depending on the spiritual needs and synergy of the group co-creating the LIGHT SYNTHESIS experience.




  • Part 1 – New Moon, 3 September 2016
  • Part 2 (first session) – Full Moon, 17 September 2016
  • Part 2 (second session) – 25 September 2016 (morning only)

Time: 10am to 5pm for both Part 1 and 2

Venue: Self Awareness Society, 320C King George’s Avenue, King George’s Building, S208564 (location map at


  • Register for Part 1 only – $240 per person
  • Register for Part 1 and 2 together  – $350 per person

Deposit: $100 per person to confirm registration. Part 2 seats allocated on first-come, first-serve. Cancellation and refund policy applies.

Registration: Email Ann at Please specify participation preference (Part 1 only or Part 1 & 2).