Workshop: The Song of New Atlantis (Mar-Jun)

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This workshop series were completed in June over the Solstice. Read post-workshop review by Amara Tia Ann HERE. 

TESTIMONIALS on workshop experience, HERE 



Atlantis : A Myth or A Reality Buried In Time?

The answer is only known to your heart. If you feel an instantaneous recognition to the name Atlantis, Archangel Metatron invites you to feel into what he has to share.

The Atlantis project, commissioned by the Elohim, first materialised on Earth around 150,000 years ago. It was an experiment to anchor the star genetic codes on Earth through the star-human race, so the latter could serve as the energy catalyst for Gaia’s (3rd-dimensional Earth) transition to the 5th dimensional envelope of light at the destined time. The experiment completed some 50,000 years ago through seemingly, a catastrophe which caused the Atlantis continent to sink and disappear from Earth. In truth, the event served as a mass exodus for the Star-Atlanteans who had accomplished their mission for Earth, so they may return to the stars.

New Atlantis Awakens Along With 5D Earth

Between the period 21 December 2012 to 21 December 2015 (36 months), Earth progressed into the 5D frequency belt as planned. So did many of the Star-Atlanteans who have chosen to reincarnate during this pivotal time to further their work, supporting humanity to awaken its inherent genetic attributes of love and joy. They will do so expediently and effortlessly through the New Atlantis program accessible from the memory grids of Earth.



Spiritual hosts Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and the Cosmic Angels describe The Song of New Atlantis as “a revolutionary upgrade program for all Star Seeds and Earthangels”.    

A 2-day event packed with esoteric and cosmic knowledge presented through a combination of channeled teachings, energy activations, sacred sounds and celestial music, Song of New Atlantis is about reconnecting with your Atlantean past and being showed the way and energy tools to become a pioneer of New Atlantis.



Channeled Teachings by Amara Tia Ann

Day 1: Archangel Metatron speaks on the ancient Atlantis experiment

  • Origins of the Atlantis experiment : what, why, where
  • Achievements of the Atlantis Ages : what, how
  • Star systems seeding the Atlantean star-human race
  • The Atlantis communities
  • Disappearance of Atlantis : an illusionary 3rd dimensional reality
  • Atlantis program: reference to Emerald Tablets and Keys of Enoch

Day 2: Archangel Michael speaks on Birthing the New Atlantis

  • Relation to Earth’s transformation to a 5D body of light
  • Blueprint of New Atlantis : differences from Atlantis of 3D Earth
  • Retrieve New Atlantis program : how, where
  • Reincarnated Atlanteans vs First-time Atlanteans: difference and implications
  • Formation of New Atlantis tribes : your role and contributions by our star children
  • Dissolution of linear time: celebrating New Atlantis as current reality

Energy Activations through Light Language, Sacred Sounds and Celestial Music

A series of energy activations will be gifted by the Archangels to augment the channeled teachings and integrate the underlying vibrations in the participants’ physical and subtle bodies.

Sacred Sounds will be deployed as the one of key transmission vehicles by Amara Tia and distinguished Sound Masters & Healers (read more under respective schedules & registration details for Auckland, Singapore and Hong Kong workshops).

# As this workshop involves live channeling, the topics and order of presentation at the actual workshop may differ slightly from the outline above, depending on the needs of the audience and as directed by the Archangels and other Spirit guides present.


SCHEDULE and Registration Details