The Song of New Atlantis – Testimonials

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Singapore Workshop, 21 & 22 May Vessk Full Moon 

“Thank you so much for yet another Mind and Soul expanding experience with Song Of The New Atlantis. As a traveller with ACAST and the Company of Light, I am always deeply encouraged to find my thought-patterns aligning and affirming naturally with the teachings and energies that come through every session. This particular workshop has given me deeper energetic roots, a broader Spiritual perspective, a stronger magickal body and a bigger WIll-fire in my heart to engage with my path and the path of humanity’s growth. I found the activations to be vivid, enlivening and timely for my ‘lives’ in its current states. I am happy and grateful to be part of this bigger Design. Thank you again and I look forward to future programs!”

– Paul Pereira, Singapore, Metaphysics, Sound, Art, Literature


“I enjoyed the workshop tremendously and the energies, support and discussion from everyone is very encouraging for me to grow to next level. Definitely will continue to meditate regularly, Being One and, anchor and expand the New Atlantis energy.  Thank you very much for the beautiful experience.”                              

 Chel-C, SIngapore


Auckland Workshop, 19 & 20 March (Equinox)

How I loved being at Song of Atlantis with everyone, all such beautiful people, for such an auspicious moment in time of gifting us with the New Atlantis programmes.  Amara-Tia Ann, whom I have the deepest honour, respect and admiration for brought us important information from the Spiritual Hierarchy, connecting us with our God consciousness through our higher heart chakra.   

What a very special moment in time Song of Atlantis has been for me.  My life has so much more meaning and I feel at peace with myself knowing I am one with everyone bringing in Light and Joy to all people and all life upon this Earth.  I have always wondered what my true purpose is here on earth and now I don’t need to have that constant nagging thought which made me feel insecure about myself.

Not only was this weekend the best course I’ve ever been to, having a private session with Amara Tia Ann has profoundly changed my life for the better forever. I am deeply content.” – Diane Lowe, Canterbury, New Zealand. 


It is difficult for me to put words to the enormity of my experience at this workshop. I left feeling radiant and cleansed, inspired and joyful, nourished and enlivened.

I was drawn to attend by some unconscious magnetic pull and really had no idea what I would discover or experience. But what Amara Tia held and channelled was a magnificent mix of magic, science and divinity. The music and song offered by Annwyn and Raeul enriched the teachings and were teachings and channellings in themselves.

It all seemed to offer great hope for the planet and for people. The extraordinary promise and vision of the first Atlantean pioneers appears not only possible but has now begun to unfold and anchor. It is wondrous and beautiful!  I feel touched and blessed, humbled and deeply honoured to have been a part of something so immensely wondrous and beautiful. Thank you – the time has come.”    

 Blessings, Ruth (Wellington, NZ)