FLOURISH Workshop – March to June 2017

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New Workshop Hosted by Archangel Metatron

and the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light 

– Channeled by Amara Tia Ann –


2017 Ushers in Inter-Galactic Ascension Force

The fuel that sustains and expands consciousness is vibrational frequency. When entrained with the appropriate energy frequency, consciousness has the ability to evolve and be activated to its soul potential at an accelerated speed.  Such an opportunity will be made available to Earth and humanity in 2017 as a result of highly potent inter-galactic energy frequencies streaming into our local Sun system.

I am told by Spirit that the 2017 window for a quickened spiritual awakening will be as powerful, if not more transformational, than the harmonic concordance of 2004.  Not only does 2017 begins a new numerological cycle for the planet, it is also the ‘time’ where Earth, the Pleiades Central Sun and the Sirius Great Central Sun will form a perfect alignment with the heart of a multiple-galaxy system. It is this rare geometric formation among these related bodies of light in 2017 that will provide the impetus and stimulus for humanity to FLOURISH as a treasured member of the Milky Way Galaxy. In particular, the transmission of the 13th Ray of Heart Illumination, facilitated by the anticipated portal-openings across the multiple galaxies, shall trigger a phenomenal awakening in many

This Workshop Is About

  • Optimizing the ascension window of 2017 to seed powerful new beginnings for one’s evolutionary path
  • Receiving the energy keys for an accelerated activation of the star-human DNA potential and preparing the physical body to undergo these genetic changes safely
  • Deepening one’s understanding of the Law of One by appreciating the sacred design and connections of Earth and other bodies of light – Sun, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy and other galaxies within the local universe
  • Ascending to the 13th Ray of the Illuminated Heart
  • Serving as a conduit to facilitate an accelerated awakening of humanity



packed with leading-age information & transformational energy transmissions

(A) Channeled Teachings from Archangel Metatron and other Guides

  • Introducing Metatron and the Inter-galactic Federation of Light
  • Living in a cosmos designed in sacred geometries and powered by Light
  • Organisation of our local universe and the relationship between its constituent bodies of light (galaxies, sun systems, planets)
  • Earth as the gateway for cross-galactic evolution
  • Creation of the human species from an inter-galactic expansion standpoint
  • Significance of the Metatron’s Cube in the human divine blueprint and human energy structure
  • Firing up the star-human DNA and implications to the human body
  • 13 spheres in the Metatron’s Cube – doorway to 13th dimension and Ray of Illuminated Heart
  • Year 2017 – seeding seeds for transformational growth and consciousness expansion for humanity

(B) Meditations , Planetary Healing and Light Language Activations

  • Initiation to the kingdom of the Archangels
  • Activating the Metatronic vibration in Core Star chakra
  • Alignment of 12 chakras to the galactic core
  • Receiving inter-galactic transmissions for firing up dormant DNA strands
  • Healing practice on preparing the body for genetic changes and energy shifts
  • Gift of the 13th ray from the Chamber of Light-Ascension
  • Sharing energy gifts with humanity

Note: As the workshop involves a large extent of live channeling, the topics presented in each session may differ slightly from the above outline, as directed by the guides and in accordance with the spiritual needs of specific groups.


workshop schedules

SINGAPORE (workshop completed)

Date:  18 & 19 March 2017 (pre-Equinox)

Time:: 10am to 5pm on both days

Venue: Self-Awareness Society

Fees:  S$440 per participant. Deposit $100 required to confirm registration.

Register: Email Ann at anntay@acast.me


HONG KONG (workshop completed)

(this workshop comes with Cantonese live interpretation)

Date:  13 & 14 May 2017 (in conjunction with Vesak Full Moon)

Time:: 9am to 4pm on both days

Venue:  Dragonfly, 11/F., Willie Building (偉利大廈), 222-224,

Des Voeux Road Central

Fees:  HK$3500/person

Register: Email Dragonfly Manager Ms Traci Ng at Tel (852) 9691 6858 or email:

tracy@dragonfly-now.com to register and enquiries


GUANGZHOU (workshop completed)

(this workshop comes with live Cantonese interpretation)

Date:         20 and 21 May 2017  

Time:         9:30am to 4:30pm

Venue:       Ramdas Life Center at http://blog.sina.com.cn/ramdas

Fees/Registration:  Email Sirius at iam_sirius@hotmail.com for all enquiries



Date:         10 and 11 June  2017  

Time:         9am to 4pm

Venue, Fee & Registration:  Email Maura Francisco at  maura_fran@yahoo.com for all info