Healing Course : Living Your Star Light. 8 October. Singapore


A few words from Amara Tia Ann

This intensive healing course was first introduced to numerous participants in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia in 2013-2014. I see this workshop as an ongoing ‘healers’ recruitment drive’ by the tripartite alliance of the Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus (PSA) star nations. Indeed, our brothers and sisters from the neighboring star systems are calling out to souls who are prepared and willing to now serve as their conduit in bringing through the higher vibrations of love, unity and oneness to the human race.

To capitalize on the unique growth opportunity presented to humanity in 2017 (read more on multi-galactic geometric alignment at FLOURISH), I’ve been asked by the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light to re-launch this course which will incorporate the latest and most advanced galactic vibrations into the initiations and healing protocol.

I look forward to welcoming you on board the network of PSA healers.

August 2017



We become the vibrations we embrace and energise consciously.

To actualise our multi-dimensional or stellar qualities, the most natural way is then to surround and infuse ourselves regularly with star energies aligned with our soul purpose and the divine plan for Earth. Serving as a channel and messenger for these star nations is one effective way to bring about such entrainment and expansion of ourselves as a star human.

To this end, LIVING YOUR STAR LIGHT is an intensive healing course commissioned by the High Councils of Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus to initiate and awaken the ‘star healer’ in us, that is our natural ability to transmit energy frequencies and intelligence across different dimensions to enable an accelerated soul expansion and transformation for ourselves and those whom we serve.

This workshop is an offer from the star nations of Pleiades (4th Dimension), Sirius (5D/6D) and Arcturus (7D) to equip you with the knowledge and energy keys to serve as one of their messengers on Earth. It will be overshadowed by the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light as the overarching supporting energy.



Anyone who:

  • Aspires to rapidly expand his healing capability by becoming a channel for the star systems Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus
  • Is passionate about teaching and sharing the divine plan for humanity
  • Desires to reconnect with his stellar lineage to experience his gifts as a celestial being
  • Resonates with all the above intentions

Prior training or experience with energy healing is preferred but not critical. All that is required is an alignment of your heart’s wishes with the course intent.  




  • Becoming A Star Human With A Thinking Heart – Understanding the anatomy of the star human from his DNA blueprint


  • Heart over Mind – Awakening the lotus heart as the pre-requisite of becoming an expanded consciousness


  • Rising of the Twin Stars – Revealing karmic connection between Tara (5th dimensional Earth) and the Pleiades as twin souls


  • Say Bye to Negative Implants – what are negative implants and how do they limit your mental capability and thus your healing potential



  • Energy attunement to your personal Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian healing team


  • Healing techniques gifted by the Pleiades High Council:
    • Karmic healing – release old Piscean program of “To love is to sacrifice”
    • Touching Hearts, Awakening Senses – Pleiades gifts of (a) activate heart chakra; and (b) healing emotional debris to awaken one’s sensuality, empathy and the higher senses of the body, namely clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience


  • Healing practices gifted from the Arcturus High Council:
    • Mental body reprogramming – release negative implants and activate new Aquarian (Maitreya) program in causal body of “I think, so I AM”
    • From Crystal Clear Thinking Comes Dynamic Arcturian Healing – Using the crystalline matrix in your energy body to purify the mental body for unlocking advanced Arcturian healing codes


Both Part 1 and 2 will be taught during the course. Printed course notes will be provided.



Date:              8 October 2017 (Sunday) 

Time:              10am to 5pm

Venue:            ONE Heart Holistic Center, 37 Tembeling Road, Spore 423580

Fees:                S$230 per participant. 30% fee discount for repeat attendees.                          Deposit $80 required to confirm seat. . 

                        Class limited to 15 participants. Priority booking extends to new participants.

To register:     Email anntay@acast.me



About Amara Tia Ann

Ann began her spiritual work as a channel and healer in 2005, soon after experiencing a powerful awakening in July 2004, catalyzed by the Venus Transit.  Since then, she has worked with a wide spectrum of spiritual energies and highly evolved beings, including the Elohim, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Christed Star Beings and various Councils of Light to transmit high frequency sound and light codes (Language of Light) and advanced spiritual knowledge to support the evolution of Humanity.

Ann was conferred the spiritual name ‘Amara Tia’ by one of her spirit guides, Lord Buddha on 29 December 2012. It means “of the emerald diamond”. The intention is for her, in fulfilling her role as a channel for Spirit, to bring through spiritual knowledge calibrated with the highest frequency of love (emerald heart) and of absolute purity and clarity (diamond). Since 2012, Ann has channeled numerous workshops, courses and group learning events and shared them across different parts of the world. More information on Ann and the numerous channeled materials she has published over the years are available at the ACAST website www.acast.me.


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